Take My Breath Away

Chapter 1462 - Extra Stroy About Damian (Part One)

As Matthew had said, five years later, Angelina was brought back to the Huo family from the welfare house. Although she didn't hold the same status as Erma, she was still regarded as almost like a biological daughter to Matthew and Erica in the eyes of everyone else in the family.

Since there was no spare room on the third floor when she came, she had to stay on the second. However, afraid that she would be scared and all alone in there, Boswell and Damian told Matthew that they would move their rooms from the third to the second floor to make her company.

As time went by, Damian became a well-known pianist described as the prince of the piano by his fans. While he was still studying, he participated in several piano performances and graduated from the school of music when he was only twenty-two years old.

Most of the time, his family would only hear from the young pianist through the TV.

After he had gone abroad at the age of twenty-two, he had been living there for five years now. For some reason, he hadn't returned home in these past five years.

When he was twenty-seven years old, Erica gave him an ultimatum. She said she would break off all relations with him if he didn't show up at home for Angelina's birthday that year. Damian then took the first plane to Y City, and once he landed, he hurried back to the Huo family's house.

It was Angelina's birthday, and the first time in years that Damian was coming back from abroad, so the Huo family decided to organize a dinner at home.

Therefore, the servants had spent the entire day decorating the first floor for the party. In the end, there were even balloons with the words "Happy Birthday Angelina" hanging from the living room ceiling.

By dinner time, almost everyone was on the villa's ground floor, except the two girls upstairs and Damian, who hadn't come home yet.

At last, the prince of the piano walked into the living room. He hugged every family member present and then asked in confusion, "Where are Erma and Angelina?"

"Damian! I am here!" A crisp sound came down the stairs.

Soon, two girls hand in hand showed up at the corner of the staircase.

Erma wanted to run downstairs and give her brother a hug, but considering the girl around her, she gave up the idea temporarily. She said out loud, "Ha-ha, look at Angelina's makeup. Haven't I outdone myself again?"

Immediately, everyone's eyes fell on the girl next to Erma. Besides the exquisite makeup Erma had done on her, Angelina wore a blue starry dress with her long hair tied up into a delicate princess bun.

"Erma, I can't believe you asked Angelina to be your model again," Erica asserted helplessly.

Her youngest daughter loved to do other people's makeup and hair. Since Angelina had always been so obedient, she had become Erma's model from an early age.

Colman approached the two girls and praised Angelina exaggeratedly, "Oh, Your Highness, you're so beautiful. Erma, you're a fabulous makeup artist!"

Erma bared her teeth and raised her chin as she said, "Colman, you're so sweet. I'll do you a haircut next time. I promise to make you the brightest star in Y City."

With a smug smile, he smoothed his short hair and answered, "I'm already the brightest star in Y City. But if Erma Huo dresses me up, I'm sure I'll attract young girls from all over the world, won't I?"

"Of course! Colman, you have to trust yourself and me!" As they finished walking down the stairs, Erma gave Angelina's hand to Boswell and then ran to hug Damian, who she hadn't seen for a long time.

Raising one hand to his chin, Boswell stared at Angelina and said thoughtfully, "Well, I have to admit that Erma really succeeded this time. Angelina looks beautiful like this."

Damian glanced at his brother and swallowed the compliment he was about to give Angelina.

In his camouflage uniform, the cool and handsome Edmond put his phone away and stood up before saying helplessly, "Erma, stop bullying Angelina."

Calmly, Angelina looked away from a certain man as she turned to Edmond and shook her head. "No, no. She didn't bully me."

"Edmond, it's not every day that you manage to come home. Do you want Dad to beat you up now that you're here?" Erma snorted at him. Edmond and Erma were twins and were often found quarreling as they grew up. Of course, Matthew always took his daughter's side, so every time the twins had a fight, he would teach Edmond a lesson.

When Edmond was sixteen, Matthew sent the naughty boy to a military school in order to ease his stubborn temper. However, now it seemed that it was a useless thing to do.

At that moment, Edmond seemed to have sensed a cold gaze towards him and quickly changed the topic. "Hurry up. I'm starving. Beautiful princess Angelina, come and cut the cake!"

From the sofa, Adkins put down the newspaper in his hand and stood up as he glanced at his brothers and sister. "Let's cut the cake. I have something else to do later," he said.

"Adkins, you are always so busy!" Erma complained, holding his arm.

She felt that among her five brothers, the eldest was always the busiest one.

Stroking her hair, Adkins asked her affectionately, "Do you think everyone can work by fits and starts like you?"

His sister was just like his mother. A naughty soul whose passion for anything didn't last very long.

In response to his question, Erma stuck out her tongue awkwardly at him and said, "It's not every day that we get to have Damian at home, and now you snitch me like this. Do you want him to scold me or something?"

Hearing her words, Damian chuckled and pinched the tip of her nose. "You little fool."

As they began to move towards the dining room, Angelina lifted the hem of her dress and caught up with Damian. "So, how many days will you be staying this time?" she asked.

Damian slowed down so she could keep up with him and said, "About a week. How are you doing in your studies?"

Angelina nodded and obediently reported, "Not bad, thanks to Boswell. He often tutors me."

An odd emotion briefly flashed through Damian's eyes, but it was gone long before she could point out what it was. "Great."

Boswell looked back at the two and commented, "Angelina has always wanted to learn to play the piano. If you're at home, you could teach her yourself. In fact, I think you should stay in Y City for good instead of going back abroad."

"It doesn't matter, Boswell. Damian is probably busy. I can learn from the piano teacher," Angelina said hurriedly. She didn't want to cause Damian any trouble.

Damian smiled but didn't say anything.

Angelina's birthday was a happy one. Except for Carlos and Debbie who were on a trip, the whole family gathered at the villa to celebrate with her.

During the meal, Angelina received gifts from everyone.

But only when she got back to her room, she started opening them. The first one she picked was the pink handbag Damian had given to her.

In the beautifully packaged gift box, there was a lovely glass piano model with keys crafted in black and white crystals. Although the style was gorgeous, it wasn't over the top.

Angelina carefully caressed the piano model, unwilling to let it go.

Later at night, after she unwrapped all of the gifts she had got, she took out a handbag from the cupboard before leaving her room. Making sure that there was no one else in the corridor, she knocked on the door across hers.

Damian had just taken a shower when he opened the door. Surprised to see Angelina standing there, he asked in confusion, "Angelina. What's wrong?"

Avoiding his gaze, Angelina put her busy hands behind her back and walked into his room. "Damian, first, I want to thank you for my birthday gift. I really love it."

Before closing the door, Damian took a look at Boswell's room. The door was closed.

"You're welcome. I wasn't at home in the past few years so I couldn't celebrate your previous birthdays. This time, I could make it."

Angelina took out the bag she was hiding on her back and handed it to him. "This is my gift for you. Please, don't refuse it!"

Damian, however, didn't make any mention to take the bag. "No, you don't have to..."

Realizing that he was about to refuse her, Angelina quickly pushed the bag into his arms and said, "I've learned how to knit. Since it's starting to get cold in the country you've been living in, I thought you could use a scarf. So I made it for you. I hope you like it, Damian! Now go to bed!"

Afraid that he would refuse her gift again, Angelina rushed out of the room before he could say anything.

However, as soon as she closed the door behind her, she ran into Boswell, who had just walked out of his room. "Angelina, are you looking for Damian?"

Startled, Angelina shook her head. "No, no. I'm just passing by."

Looking at the girl running back to her room, Boswell was confused. After all, he had seen clearly the moment she came out through Damian's door.

He intended to go downstairs to get some water, but instead, he knocked on Damian's door and opened it next. "Damian, what's going on with Angelina?" he asked in confusion.

Still standing where Angelina had just left him, Damian didn't have the time to put the bag away when his brother walked in. Nonetheless, he explained, "There was something she wanted to talk about."

"What's in your hand?" Boswell asked casually.

Damian was silent for a moment. Then he walked over to Boswell and handed him the bag. "It's a gift from Angelina."

"A gift for me?" Boswell took the handbag even more confused.

"Why didn't she give it to me herself? Why did she have to do it through you?"

"Maybe... she is shy," Damian answered.

"Shy?" Boswell burst into laughter. "Why is that silly girl shy about this?"

In his eyes, Angelina had always been silly.

But now it seemed she has just outdone herself. If she wanted to give him a gift, she could just hand it to him directly. Why did she have to do it through Damian?

Damian shook his head and didn't say anything.

Boswell didn't wait for an explanation, either. He just left with the bag in his hand next.

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