Take My Breath Away

Chapter 1459 - Extra Stroy About Gifford (Part Six)

Wesley covered his face with one hand and took his granddaughter from Blair's arms with the other. "Don't tell anybody he's my kid anymore. Gifford's too stupid to be one of mine," he said in a quiet voice.

When his wife gave birth to their children back then, he didn't act like Gifford at all.

Gifford was a military commander with thousands of soldiers under him. Wesley couldn't help but wonder if he got his rank because of favoritism. They liked Wesley, so they gave special favors to his kid.

Blair pulled Gifford over and spat, "What do you think you're doing? Didn't the doctor say that Chantel's in the delivery room for observation? You can't get out of bed and walk as soon as you have a child. They'll let her go when she's ready."

Fortunately, Chantel was wheeled out of the delivery room at this moment. Seeing her wife, Gifford ran over excitedly, picked her up from the bed and kissed her again and again, ignoring everyone else around them.

'Awesome, she's here now. Thank God!'

The crowd couldn't help but cover their eyes. How could Gifford show off his love for his wife at the door to the delivery room? It was so inappropriate!

Chantel had not regained her strength yet. She blushed and whispered, "Let go of me. They're staring at us!"

After confirming she was fine, Gifford gently let Chantel lie down again.

Later, Wesley told Erica about it. As his sister, Erica knew the day his wife gave birth to their baby, Gifford cried like a fool and even threatened the doctor.

Gifford's second child was a girl. He held her in his arms excitedly, dancing around the room. Now the whole world knew Chantel had given birth to a daughter.

Their child was scarcely 100 days old when Gifford and Chantel finally held a wedding ceremony.

The wedding and reception were grand affairs, with music, food, dancing and alcohol. Not to mention tons of flowers. Just like he promised her. They didn't invite too many people. Except for Gifford's and Wesley's military friends, they only invited a few friends and family.

Before the start of the Lunar New Year, Sheffield officially took command of the Violet Eagles.

Since then, the three women—Chantel, Erica and Tessie—were no longer members of that organization. But they were still respected in the gang, and they told their former comrades in arms that they always had their backs.

After the Lunar New Year

It had been more than a year since Chantel had been the subject of tabloid gossip. The paparazzi caught her getting a hotel room with another guy. Since that time, she'd been proposed to, given birth to a daughter, and gotten married in an ostentatious celebration. What a year!

Chantel finally posted a status update on Weibo, which said, "Hi guys. This is actually Chantel Ye.

Today, I want to give a shout out to my fans who have been there for me since I first started. And I need to let you in on something.

I want to thank my parents-in-law and two sisters-in-law. Without them, I wouldn't have found my own happiness so soon. Yes, I'm married.

We got our marriage certificates a few years ago, but we didn't actually get married then. He held a wonderful wedding for me a while ago.

My husband is a great guy. He's sometimes childish and sometimes mature. He is twelve years older than me. As a result, when we are together, he is always the one taking care of me and putting up with me.

He always tells me he wishes he met me years ago. He says if we met earlier, we'd have more time together.

He maintains that I fell in love with him first and he finally fell in love with me later. He wants me to be his one and only.

But I can't tell you who he is. He can't be in the limelight because of his job, and I respect that.

The reporters once reported that I got a hotel room with a man, and that was him. I was on a business trip, and he just happened to be there.

The reporters said I gave birth to a kid not long ago. That much is true. We have a son, born back when we got our marriage licenses. And we have a daughter, born a few months ago. I'm sorry that I haven't been on here as much as I want. I left it to the press to report on things, and I should have told you guys first.

He proposed to me, too. Got down on one knee.

That day, he gave me a large bouquet of pink roses and told me that he wanted to plan a wedding for me. He said it might not be too fancy, but he would try to make it first-rate and really something else.

So we had a wedding.

And he was right—it was awesome. We both chose a wedding dress together, and he chose the venue to hold the wedding and reception in. The place was full of my favorites, pink roses and perfume lilies, and the floor was covered with blue roses, meaning a lifetime of love.

He is not a very romantic person, he's pretty dumb when it comes to love. He won't say sweet words to me at all.

But he proposed to me on one knee in front of so many people heedless of who he was, and gave me a wedding I'll never forget. I'm happy.

Now I'm part of a fantastic family. I have a set of in-laws who are very good to me, a husband who loves me a lot, two great sisters-in-law, and a pair of cute kids.

I'm so happy!

I want to make this work. You may not see me around a whole lot. But I'll take parts in a TV series here or there when I get the chance. After all, I like acting. I don't want to give up my career completely.

Thank you for your support through all of this. Thank you for your company and love along the way.

I'm sorry. I got emotional writing this.

Hope you don't mind."

She also posted nine of her wedding photos. She was clad in a wedding dress and Gifford wore a white suit. In the photos, she was facing the camera. He lowered his head, intending to kiss her, or looked up at her. In a word, his face couldn't be seen clearly in any of the photos.

And there were pics of her children, of course, their faces were not exposed.

The influence of this Weibo post was beyond everyone's expectation. Chantel's name had been trending at number one for three days before giving way to other, timelier topics.

In the eyes of her adoring fans, it looked like she was happy now. And her husband was good to her. She wanted to have time to enjoy it, and to work on her marriage. She might even quit acting, and stay home to look after her husband and her kids.

Her fans felt sorry for her, but at the same time, they were happy for her. After all, she really found her own bliss, didn't she?

Erica quickly ran to her comment area and commented, "Dear sister-in-law, I'm here.

Wishing you and my brother a happy life together!" Well, Erica let the cat out of the bag with that comment. Everyone knew who Chantel's husband was now.

The fans were gobsmacked. Chantel and Erica were not only good friends, but also sisters-in-law.

And they found out that Chantel had married the youngest, most valiant, battlewise colonel. No wonder she kept a low profile all the time.

What was more, for the people who said that Chantel was Matthew's mistress, this piece of news was like a bucket of cold water in the face. She was not Matthew's mistress at all. But she was his sister-in-law.

At the height of her career, Chantel gave up her bright future decisively and chose her family, which was a great idea.

Checking out the Weibo post, Gifford sighed silently. So, to her, he must seem like an old man who didn't know the first thing about romance.

This was outrageous! Airing details about her private life on the Internet? Making him look bad? She even claimed he never said sweet words to her.

Gifford was not convinced. For the rest of his life, whenever he had the chance, he would hold his wife and whisper in her ear, "I love you, my lovely wife. You are the woman I love most in my life. You are my star, and you are my light..."

Chantel would always look at him with disgust and say something he didn't like, such as, "Shocking an old man like you would even learn how to say those sweet words." But at the same time, he could see she was happy. There was a glint in her eyes that told him so.

As time went by, every time before she could open her mouth to pour cold water on him, Gifford would kiss her lips until she couldn't say those hurtful words anymore.

Several years later, when Gifford retired, he spent all his time with his wife.

He stayed by her side while she did everything she wanted to do. Occasionally, she'd get a movie role, and he found something that he could do there too—as pyrotechnician and armorer. He'd handle the explosions, simulated bullets, flames and smoke. He made sure all weapons were licensed, and taught the crew and cast how to use them safely. Wherever Chantel went, he'd be there.

The cast and crew were always joking with him, asking him if he was afraid his wife would run away, because he always kept an eye on her.

Gifford refused to admit it. "She asked me to come here because I'm good at what I do. I shoot things, I make them go boom. Might as well do that here and get paid for it. Besides, she doesn't trust me around these beautiful actresses. Honey, it's your break. Come here. I just picked up some fruit for you. Take a load off."

His courteous look was not as complacent as when he said that his wife was afraid he would run away with other women.

Chantel pulled his ear and said, "You're talking smack about me again, aren't you?"

"No. honey, you are so beautiful. How could I ever do that? Come on, let me feed you fruit like an empress."

They had been showing off their love for each other like this the whole day. Everyone else got goose bumps, turned and left decisively. No one wanted to stick around for the public displays of affection.

Looking at the man who was now ingratiating himself with his wife, probably no one would associate him with the valiant and battlewise prince charming of the past.

Chantel wiped her hands with a wet tissue, "Well, I can do it myself!"

"No way. I hate feeling useless." 'She couldn't steal my job, ' he thought.

Chantel had no choice but to read the script over again, and accept his loving hands feeding her the fruit.

Back when she was on bedrest after the childbirth, he said that he would feed her fruits for the rest of her life and stay with her forever. He would follow her wherever she went.

Now, he was really doing it.

After a long time, when Gifford's and Chantel's hair turned grey and they lost all their teeth, as long as Chantel was there, Gifford would be around nearby.

He would always accompany her wherever she went.

This was his way of showing his love for her—he kept her company for the rest of his life.

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