Take My Breath Away

Chapter 1458 - Extra Story About Gifford (Part Five)

Many passers-by stopped as they saw Gifford, a handsome military officer standing in front of a woman holding a large bunch of flowers. Once they realized that woman was Chantel, a lot of people immediately took out their phones to register the moment.

Then, all of a sudden, Gifford knelt on one knee, surprising not only Chantel but everyone else.

To her astonishment, he opened the brocade box, revealing a huge diamond ring inside. The precious gem shone brightly in the sun, and Chantel was misty-eyed as soon as the light hit her eyes.

Gifford shouted for everyone to hear, "I love you, Chantel. Please, marry me!"

Who could have ever thought that a low-key man like Gifford would act as a young boy declaring his love for Chantel in front of so many people?

"Say yes! Say yes!" The crowd was very enthusiastic. Before the heroine could react, they were already urging her to say yes.

"Chantel, say yes! Say yes!"

Chantel would be lying if she said she had never wondered how Gifford would propose to her. As the dreamy girl that she was, she had fantasized about her love-life and future countless times before.

In her imagination, a low-key man like Gifford would propose to her at their home or whenever there were just the two of them.

Or he would end up not even proposing to her at all.

After all, she didn't think he loved her anyway.

But reality proved her wrong and brought happy tears to her eyes. Not only did Gifford propose to her, but he also did it in public. Holding the diamond ring, he shouted once more, "Chantel, I love you."

Chantel was so moved that her voice was choked with sobs, and she couldn't say anything. She had waited too long for this moment.

Maybe she had fantasized about it from the day she followed Gifford into the Li family house. She was just a girl at the time, and it was nearly impossible for a girl not to dream.

Gifford was outstanding both in his career and looks. Not surprisingly, he had countless girls who wanted to marry him too. What was more, Chantel felt safe around him.

She had to admit that when she told Erica she wanted to have Gifford's child, she didn't do it just to make his parents happy. She also had her own selfish reasons.

She wanted to marry him. In fact, she was willing to take off her beautiful coat and abandon the dream of being a star so she could stay at home to look after her husband and children. She wouldn't even mind if she had to wear an apron and cook for him for the rest of her life.

Under the expectation of the crowd, Chantel temporarily put the flowers aside. Then she walked step by step towards the man who took her out of the village and fulfilled her dream.

She hugged and kissed him on the lips before she replied happily, "Gifford, I love you too, and I want to marry you." After saying that, she burst into tears.

Surrounded by applauses and screams, Gifford took out the diamond ring he had just bought and put it on her finger. It fit just right.

Since Gifford had long wanted to buy her a diamond ring, he had measured the size of her finger while she was asleep in the course of many nights.

At that moment, the two helped each other back on their feet. Afterward, Gifford held her in his arms and said, "I want to give you a proper wedding, Chantel. It may not be too high-profile or have too many people in it, but I'll try my best to make it memorable."

Sobbing, Chantel nodded, "Okay."

She was willing to be by his side with or without a wedding, but now that he promised her they would have a memorable ceremony, she felt overjoyed.

Not so far away in the crowd, an energetic old man snorted coldly, "He finally came to his senses." 'But I have to say that he's smarter than I used to be, ' he thought to himself.

The woman in a cheongsam by his side rolled her eyes at him and said, "He really has inherited your low EQ. If I hadn't told Chantel to make him jealous, he wouldn't have proposed to her so soon."

Wesley nodded and said, "Okay. My wife is the smartest!"

"Of course!" Blair was never humble in front of Wesley.

Soon, the video of Chantel getting proposed by a military officer was spread all over the Internet, and after that, almost the whole country got to know about the actress's engagement. At the same time, news such as it was a shotgun wedding, or she had given birth to an illegitimate child or even that she would marry into a wealthy family went viral for a while.

Nevertheless, Chantel didn't come out to explain the situation, nor did she hold a press conference.

The people online were confused and had no idea what on earth was going on. All they knew was that she got proposed by a military officer and said yes. But wouldn't she ever give a public statement about it?

In fact, Chantel didn't mean to hide anything. She was just waiting for a more suitable opportunity to come forth with a statement.

In early autumn, it was almost time for Chantel to give birth.

Therefore, she had canceled all her work and was solemnly focused on nourishing herself and her fetus in the Li family house.

Gifford, on the other hand, became the busiest one in the house. As long as he had a chance, he would go back home from wherever he was in the country.

He was acting like a young man in love. Whenever he was back, he would always spend time with his wife. This went on for a long time, and even Hugo started to protest.

Evidently, he didn't like that Gifford was monopolizing his mother, but the latter didn't care about the child's protests and kept on pestering Chantel.

Even Wesley was beginning to squint his eyes at Gifford. On a certain occasion, he called his son out. "You're a man in your thirties, but refuses to leave your wife alone as if you were a teenage boy. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

Gifford raised his eyebrows and answered, "No, I'm not. Even if I were in my eighties, I would stay close to my wife!"

Wesley was rendered speechless. But frankly, he didn't want to admit that he had such a shameless son. His shamelessness reminded him of Niles.

One day, Gifford ran back home in a hurry. He went upstairs and then downstairs but didn't find Chantel. When he asked a servant about his wife, he was informed that she was sunbathing in the back garden.

There, Gifford found the pregnant woman on the swing. Unwilling to beat around the bush, he asked straightly, "What's going on with the Violet Eagles?"

Upon hearing his voice, Chantel opened her eyes and greeted him, "Hey, you're back!"

Gifford nodded as he stood beside the swing. Then he held her chubby face in his hands and said, "Chantel, I never thought you would have the guts to set up the Violet Eagles with that troublemaker!"

He had tried his best to protect his family from Erica but failed. As it seemed, his wife was misled by her anyway.

With a smile, Chantel squeezed his wrist. "Don't worry, honey. The Violet Eagles' members never do anything wrong. Just relax!"

She knew that he hated any type of offender. How could she go against his moral code?

"How can I not worry? Your belly is so big. Why can't you behave yourself? It seems you're itching to be taught a lesson!" Gifford said and deliberately pulled a long face. "I can't believe you are a gang leader. Are you going to stand against me?"

"Of course not..." Chantel began to say, but all of a sudden, her face contorted in pain. Covering her belly with one hand, she cried, "Honey! My belly... It hurts..."

Gifford's face changed dramatically. "Honey, What's up? Is it the baby? Is our baby coming out now?" He looked at her big belly in panic. Was he too hard on her that he ended up scaring her and the baby? He couldn't help but regret confronting her.


Fortunately, Gifford could keep himself relatively calm as he took out his phone from his pocket and dialed Blair's number. "Mom, my wife is in labor! What should I do?"

Gifford had to admit that mothers were truly magic beings. They not only had a hard time to bring their children up, but they also kept guiding them forward in their time of need.

Blair had just left home to buy some fruit for her daughter-in-law when she got Gifford's call. After listening to what he said, she told him calmly, "What do you think? Take her to the hospital! I'm heading there with your dad now! Don't wait for us. Let the maid go with you first."


After putting his phone away, he picked up the woman in labor and called the maid before they rushed to the hospital.

Since this was Chantel's second baby, the delivery wasn't as hard as the first time. Therefore, the doctor came out in less than twenty minutes to greet Chantel's family with a crying newborn in his arms.

"Chantel's family, are you here? Chantel's family..."

"Doctor, I'm Chantel's husband!" Sweat trickled down Gifford's forehead as he ran over to the doctor. From the moment Chantel was sent to the delivery room, he worried about her the whole time he was left in the waiting room.

"Your wife has given birth to a healthy newborn. Mother and daughter are safe," the doctor informed.

Gifford glanced at the baby in his arms and then looked at the delivery room where the doctor had come from. "Where's my wife? Why hasn't she come out yet?"

Gifford's reaction amused the doctor. "You take the baby first. The mother has to wait for a moment before she can come out."

"Why does she have to wait? What's up?" Gifford's heart skipped a beat.

"She is fine..."

"Since she is fine, why does she have to wait?"

The doctor didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Yet he explained to the anxious man, "We have to deal with her first..."

"Deal with her? How?"

"Such as the umbilical cord and placenta! Sir, don't you want to have a look at your daughter?"

Luckily, Wesley and Blair got into the hospital in time to watch the scene from afar. Immediately, Blair hurried to rescue the doctor from Gifford as she held her granddaughter in her arms. "Gifford, what are you doing?"

Gifford, who had always been a tough man, turned to his mother with tears in his eyes. "Mom, Chantel hasn't come out yet. She was crying hysterically when she got in there!" He had never seen his wife crying so miserably before.

Blair patiently explained, "It's okay. Women are always like this when they give birth. But look at your baby. She's already here. Chantel will be here soon as well. Don't worry."

Despite his mother's words, he was still anxious. How could he not be? He only had one wife. If anything happened to Chantel, where would he find another woman who was as obedient and lovely as her?

Once he noticed the doctor was about to leave, he grabbed him and shouted angrily, "Doctor, don't go. Why hasn't my wife come out yet? Tell me!"

The people around him were all speechless.

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