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Chapter 34 - Betting Everything

Chapter 34: Betting Everything

Felix walked rapidly through the crowd while changing his disguise, which he used to scam the frauds, into a new one.

Since the moment Felix stepped inside the UVR, he was using a disguise to keep his utmost security while shopping or even offending someone. He didn't want to get discovered and hunted in real life.

If it was not for this feature, most commoners wouldn't dare enter the UVR, where they could get bullied constantly by people with a higher background than them.

The only ones who ignore this feature and walk proudly in the UVR were those who trust their strength to protect themselves or members of strong families and Bloodline Clans.

This was why the majority of public markets in the UVR had at least 90% scammers trying to swindle the shoppers' coins in one way or another.

However, just because those swindlers had a disguise on their faces, it didn't mean that the authorities couldn't locate their real living address. After all, the products they used for their scam needed to be delivered to the buyer no matter what.

If so, it would be quite easy for those backgrounds to fish them out of their holes, if they followed such a lead.

Even so, the scammers were still running a rampage within the UVR. After all, they could just bully the commoners who had no one to rely on, earning their coins.

This blatant disregard to The SGA authority finally pushed the alliance into taking things into their own hands. They created SGA markets, both in public and online.

Those markets promised absolute trust in the truthfulness of their products. Anything bought inside their markets gets verified and authorized by professionals before the seller even advertises it.

So one could have peace of mind while shopping without the constant pressure that what he bought was fake.

But how could those capitalists in the alliance miss such heaven-sent opportunity to earn coins from the commoners effortlessly?

Thus, they announced a statement that every product purchased in their markets had a 20% increase on its original price, to pay for the experts' assistance during the verification process.

Just this rule alone single-handedly turned off the majority of commoners' expectations towards the promised SGA Market.

Because scammers in public markets only increase the original price by 10% to 20%. It was up to the buyer to figure it out and negotiate the price down.

As for cases like the scam that the gang did? They were rare and few within the UVR. Since not everyone had the smarts and the balls to pull it off on an heir of an influential family.

Meanwhile, The SGA Market might have promised them authentic items, but a 20% increase in price was still a scam, just more in the open and upfront.

So most commoners and bloodliners preferred to rather take risks while shopping in the public markets than to give the SGAlliance, the satisfaction of obtaining their hard-earned money that easily.


In the Gambling Den, Felix pressed the bet button on Solid Wall and laid back on the chair in a relaxed manner.

He never expected to meet the Five S Gang, who scammed him out of his hard-earned 650,000 SC in his previous life.

He always kept this bitter memory close to his heart because of the large setback it had inflected him.

He was planning to use those coins to buy a rare rank tier 2 bloodline, but after he got scammed, he got stuck in the purification realm for an extra year.

This was the reason he instantly recognized the fat seller's voice even within the noisy crowd, as he was the one responsible for cheating him out of his money.

But now all is good, he got his coins back and even with a quite substantial bonus. He was not complaining at all, especially after betting that 8 million he had on Solid Wall.

If he won his bet, he would earn a whopping 80 million SC at once. This capital could last him for quite a long time if used properly.

This was the reason gambling on games was popular, specifically, ones that include a large number of players.

The winning odds might be almost impossible, but if someone managed to win, he would truly strike a windfall.

Felix's memories of the future could earn him as much as he desired without worrying about his betting information getting leaked. SInce the only one who knew about those details was the Queen AI.

She was bound by the rules to keep everyone's private information to herself.

"The only thing left now is to watch the game tomorrow and hope that everything goes as planned. Otherwise, my memories are going to fuck me over."

He mumbled as he entered a hover cab, planning to head towards the resources market to prepurchase the potions that would ease up the integration process and let him awaken quicker and safer.

He shivered inside the cab as he remembered his previous awakening that lasted for 20 torturous minutes because he didn't manage to use those potions.


7 minutes later...

"Boss, do you have Awakening Pain Relief potions?" Felix asked politely the moment he stepped inside a small cozy shop.

"Let me check handsome." A middle-aged woman smiled and stood up, heading towards the back of the store.

2 minutes later she returned and shook her head, "Sorry handsome, I am out of stock."

She quickly added after seeing his disappointed look, "The next shipment from the Forsythia Witch Empire will arrive 15 to 20 days later. I could register your name on our waiting list and call you the moment we obtain the items if you would like to wait."

"Alright, I want to pre-purchase 10 bottles. I will pay tomorrow the full amount upfront." He nodded in agreement and offered, "Let's sign a contract now."

The lady boss's eyes brightened up and tapped on her AP Bracelet, displaying a holographic contract in front of Felix.

"I have requested the Queen to put conditions and terms, entailing that tomorrow you have to pay 100,000 SC for ten bottles of Pain Relief upfront. 15 days later when I obtain the stock, I will send them to your real address free of charge."

Felix smirked those terms and said composedly, "Change the term 'when I obtain' to, you will guarantee that the bottles arrive at my address safely without problems." He extended a finger and added, "Plus, any problem that happens during the delivery will be counted as you breaking the contract, thus paying me a fine of double the amount that I paid for."

The lady boss chuckled while covering her mouth and said, "Fine by me. But I want to change the term 'any problem that happens during the delivery' to, 'problems that happen during the delivery will be counted as both of us breaking the contract, thus splitting the fine 50% 50%."

"You have a Deal."

Felix agreed calmly and signed the contract by etching his unique ID code on the empty signing space of the contract.

The moment the signing process finished, the lady boss broke the tense atmosphere by praising him with a smile.

"You are good, lad. To even counter-attack by adding that heavy fine, in case of problems happen during the delivery. Since you can simply claim that the bottles that you received were damaged, thus having me pay 200,000 CS for it, while also giving you the bottles. Truly a vicious move."

"Still not as vicious as you, boss." He scoffed, "The moment you added the term 'when I obtain the stock'. You never planned to admit that you received it after I come to check my bottles. You can simply say that the shipment got robbed by pirates, thus removing yourself from the contract restrain, while also taking my coins."

After saying his piece, he turned around and walked towards the exit.

Signing a contract in the resources market was the same as signing one with the devil. The shopper must always keep a lookout for loopholes, and wordplay lest he realizes too late that he paid to get screwed over.

The Boss lady observed Felix's retreating back and thought, 'He must have gone through a painful contract experience before to keep him on his toes like this.'

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