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Chapter 33 - Joining The Scam

Chapter 33: Joining The Scam

Felix managed to stop the young lad from transferring the coins at the last second.

He then rushed tearfully towards the dumbfounded seller who had no idea that he had a nephew.

Felix hugged him tightly and wailed, "Uncle, I can't let you sell your precious treasure that you risked your life to obtain, for merely 6 million SC."

He sniffed during his speech and continued, "While its true value is much higher. I can't allow it and I am sure even my cousin would not accept that you are trading your lifework over some petty amount of coins, that won't even treat her fully."

He blew his nose using the shirt of the dumbfounded seller who just kept standing in shock after the script went haywire.

Just as he opened his mouth, trying to deny Felix crap, a bone-chilling whisper invaded his ears, sending Goosebumps through his back.

"You better play along, Mr. One. Or else I will expose your scam and gang making sure that you have no place to do your fraud business anymore."

Felix added another threat to pressure Mr. One into making a choice quicker. "Don't test me, lest I advertise your real faces throughout the UVR."

The Old man's mind kept repeating just one word ' impossible, impossible...'

Felix didn't let him carry on his daydream in front of the crowd, lest he ruins their play, by pinching his waist without being seen.

"My, my dear nephew, it's not like I have any other choice. The only thing valuable in my possession is this Epic rank Tier 2 bloodline, and if I don't sell it cheaply to earn money as fast as possible my daughter will truly die." He clutched his heart in anguish and added, "I can't let that happen. My pride means absolutely nothing to me in front of the safety of my princess."

The old bastard truly was a professional swindler to get into character automatically after Felix broke him off from his absent-mindedness.

"There must be another way Uncle, must be! Even If I allowed you to sell it with 6 million, it meant nothing compared to the 10 million operation fees. You are still missing 4 million."

"How are you going to get it, TELL ME HOW?" Felix shook Mr. One from his shoulders while roaring emotionally with bloodshed eyes, over the miserable fate of his cousin.

It turned out Felix's acting techniques were not worse than Mr. One.

Then both of them hugged each other and started sobbing next to the dismayed handsome young man, who had no idea how things turned this way.

The crowd around them kept increasing, trying to see who's causing this ruckus.

"Sigh, I can't look at this injustice in front of my eyes without doing anything." The red-haired elder approached the hugging duo and touched the bracelet of Mr. One. "This is the least thing I can do. Please accept my goodwill. Otherwise, my heart won't be at peace."


A sudden sound resonated from the bracelet, followed by the Queen AI saying, "100,000 CS has been successfully accepted."

The moment the Queen made her announcement, the entire crowd went silent. Their minds couldn't process how one can donate that much money just to help a stranger.

Yet the greatest shock only arrived after the kind lady said firmly, "I as well can't let such a young lady get abused like this and then die unjustly. I will donate 500,000 CS to support her recovery."

She tightened her fists and added, "This is my way of supporting all the women in the universe who lives unjust lives under the tyranny of men."

This time the crowd truly went wild, after seeing with their own eyes that kind people were not extinct in the UVR.

They felt their heart opening up and accepting that not everyone is evil and looking for a way to scam them of their money. So they all started to donate small amounts as well, showing their good-heartedness.

At this point, anyone who didn't chime in even a few bits of coins will be treated negatively within the crowd.

"I donate 300 SC."

"Me 1000 SC."

"300 SC here."

"I will give 5000 SC, my name is Bodai. Girls add me on VR Chat. I am rich."

"Open the way for this daddy. The only thing I, your father does not lack is money. I donate 700,000 SC for the beautiful lady to have successful operation. Those rapist bastards are truly bringing the image of us heirs to the dirt with those actions."

A flamboyant young master, wearing lavish clothes and followed by two servants brushing his blue long hair gently behind him, said arrogantly.

"Young master Jordan is truly the most generous person in the Universe. I bow to your kindness."

The servant behind him automatically started boot licking, while brushing Jordan's hair absentmindedly.

His boot licking level had reached the peak, as his subconscious began doing the work for him.

"I can't agree more, Brother Jordan. Because of them, everyone despise us now whenever we go." The young man who almost bought the bloodline sighed. "Even though we live our lives uprightly, holding the teachings of our families in high standards, commoners still fear us and avoid us like plague. Just because some black sheep were caught doing horrible things."

He lifted his head and stared at the crowd gathered in front of him. He then took a deep breath and spoke emotionally.

"Truly reputation is the most fragile thing in the Universe, and to fix it. I Lucas heir of the Ethanon Family will add 2 million SC extra on the previous 6 million, to apologies over the misconduct of those black sheep. The only thing I wish for is, to let everyone knows that we heirs of prestige families are upright and kind just like everyone else." He bowed his head respectfully and requested, "Please spread what happened today to your friends and families. That's my only request."

Everyone cheered and chanted his name loudly after his speech.

"Young Master Lucas, we trust your character."

"I love you, young master." "Lucas" "Lucas" "Lucas".....

The Uncle and nephew due did not break out of their character even after hearing Lucas's speech. They just kept going back and forth within the crowd, touching their bracelets and earning quick coins.

Felix quickly approached Lucas with a hidden glint after seeing that Mr. One was far away collecting donations.

"Young master, you are truly the brightest star in the Universe. No one can reach your heart magnitude. With this money my cousin can finally live to see another day, I am grateful, I am truly grateful." Felix hugged the young master with watery eyes while rubbing his snot on Lucas's clothes.

Lucas replied with veins popping from his forehead, trying his best to hold his displeasure, not to ruin the good image he just spent 8 million SC to build.

"Don't worry, I am just giving back to the community, please accept the payment."

He touched Felix's bracelet, transferring 8 million all at once to his bank account.

Felix neither smiled nor broke out of character after seeing that amount in his account. He just hugged Lucas tighter and kept thanking him, over and over again, until Lucas had enough and escaped his grasp, bailing away with the bottle in hand.

Felix turned behind him and gloated mockingly, the 5 swindlers who were all on this play to scam the naive young masters who come to visit the market once a year for enjoyment.

It was easy to scam them because they get everything they need from the family. And even if they wanted to buy something they use secure channels to do so, provided by the family as well.

The moment the 5 scammers saw Felix's mocking eyes, they knew they were all exposed.

The Elder with red hair, the kind lady, the young junior, the first scammer who was exposed, and finally Mr. One.

All of them were on this hustle, and each had an important role to play.

The fat seller job was to lower the defenses of spectators since no one would expect to have two scammers next to each other and even more for one to expose the other.

Mr. One job was to obtain the goodwill of the customers after saving them from getting cheated, thus earning him a good man tag in their heart, which will make his sob story more believable.

The kind woman's role was to use her kindness as a weapon to make the first move and assist Mr. One in his sob story.

The young junior role was to display the bloodline information that exists in shady website to the customers and explain it to them using his childish naivety.

Finally, the red-haired Elder role was to intervene whenever there was a complication throughout their script. Like Felix acting as the nephew to earn some profit from the scam as well.

That's what they assumed. However, Felix never had the intention to just earn some profit, but take everything home.

Unfortunately, the gang didn't know that the sheep they added to their operation due to his threats, turned into a wolf that devoured everything, leaving them only the bones, which are the small donations the old man was collecting happily before.

Felix winked at them one last time, as he slowly submerged himself in the crowd until his figure could not be seen anymore.

The only thought that coursed through their minds, as they saw him disappear was,

'We were royally fucked.'

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