Superstars of Tomorrow

Chapter 505 - Manager

Chapter 505: Manager

Many people thought of Fang Zhao as a good-natured person. Nobody had seen Fang Zhao lose his temper before. However, nobody knew that Fang Zhao had once been on equal footing with the Founding Era Great Generals. There was no way he could be soft-hearted.

Fang Zhao went through the other areas of the island before returning to the house. His icy cold gaze gradually disappeared, replaced by his normal placid expression.

The cannon fire in the distance had gradually quietened down as well. This battle had arrived abruptly and concluded just the same.

After everything had calmed down, Fang Zhao contacted the Inter-planetary Fund’s medical team to arrange for a checkup and treatment for Zuo Yu, Yan Biao and Nanfeng.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu had gotten hurt defending the house. Nanfeng hadn’t suffered any harm except for the problem with his eye. His man-made left eye had malfunctioned. The medical team gave him a temporary disposable eye for him to use.

However, even this sort of disposable eye also cost several hundred thousand yuan. Nanfeng wouldn’t have used it if he had had to pay for it himself. Fortunately, this was considered a work-related injury that was covered by the Inter-planetary Fund.

After removing his scrambled eye, Nanfeng placed it carefully in a box. After all, it cost more than a million yuan. Nanfeng had initially thought he would be able to use it until he was old. However, it was now damaged and couldn’t even be resold for much money. Nanfeng had no intention of selling it and decided to keep it as a memento.

When dawn broke, the sea surrounding the island had already been cleaned up. The Inter-planetary Fund personnel then started to restore the island.

Troops who had participated in this battle didn’t leave. They would continue to be stationed in the vicinity of the island until Little Bear left.

Fang Zhao let Yan Biao and Zuo Yu rest before looking towards Nanfeng. “Come with me.”

Nanfeng followed Fang Zhao to the study apprehensively.

“I didn’t want you to know about all of this,” Fang Zhao said. “I know you have your career plans. If you chose to leave, not knowing would be the best for you.”

Nanfeng actually had some grievances at first, but he understood what Fang Zhao meant. Knowing too much was dangerous. If he had wanted to just remain in the entertainment circles purely as a manager, not knowing all these secrets would be much easier.

But now, he was in the know and had personally witnessed all these. All he could say was that it was bad luck. If he had come during the day and left before it got dark as always, he would still be oblivious to it all.

Fang Zhao continued, “There are two contracts to choose from here. Think over them and make a choice. You can’t leave the island until you have made your choice.”

“Understood.” Nanfeng’s eyes well up and his voice became raspy. “Boss, I know you are doing this for my own good. I will contemplate seriously!”

Nanfeng brought both contracts to his own room and went through them seriously.

One consisted of “compensation for psychological damage and work-related injuries”. The compensation for psychological damage was understandable. Nanfeng had suffered a great shock last night which could very well leave a long-lasting psychological scar.

The compensation for work-related injuries was for Nanfeng to buy a new artificial eye to replace the damaged one. The sum was a lot. It was more than enough to get one that wasn’t any worse than the previous one.

Nanfeng was touched to tears when he saw the amount of compensation. While wiping away the snot from his nose, he flipped to the second agreement and continued to go through the written contents.

Nanfeng blinked several times, then reread every word carefully for fear that he was seeing things.


I can convert?

Nanfeng was both delighted and at a loss.

Do I take the money, sign a confidentiality clause and leave? Or do I just sign the agreement to become a manager?

While at a loss, Nanfeng opened the electronic file of the letter he had saved. He looked through the contents in silence for some time, then clicked delete.

He wouldn’t have to use this anymore regardless of whichever choice he made.

Fang Zhao had given some time for Nanfeng to calm down and analyze the pros and cons before making the choice.

Nanfeng didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t leave the island now, nor did he have any other tasks. Nanfeng didn’t look at the chats on his communications device either and decided to head out for a walk to clear his head.

When he stepped out, he noticed that Yan Biao had just come out from his room as well.

“Not catching up on sleep?” Nanfeng asked.

Yan Biao shrugged. “I couldn’t fall asleep so I came out to take a look. How about yourself? What did Boss say to you? Are you still going to resign?”

Nanfeng shook his head. “Boss asked me to consider a few options. I also don’t know how to choose.”

“That’s fine. Calm down first and use your new outlook to make a career plan.” Yan Biao patted Nanfeng on the shoulder and looked towards the door. “If you are alright now, you can bring Curly Hair out for a walk around the island. Perhaps it can help you realize new things.”

Nanfeng… Nanfeng didn’t dare.

He had witnessed Curly Hair devouring humans last night. There was no way Nanfeng wouldn’t be afraid of being in close contact with such a dangerous creature. But when he thought about the manager agreement… Nanfeng thought, Why not give it a try?

He had to try it before knowing whether he could accept this position.

If he could withstand the pressure of walking this sort of dog, then it wouldn’t be much of a problem.

If he couldn’t accept it, then he could only choose the first contract and leave with the money.

Curly Hair was getting ready to head out when Nanfeng decided to come out. Fang Zhao had instructed Curly Hair to sweep the fringes of the island once. After he was done, he would be allowed to play games!

Nanfeng went up and stopped Curly Hair. He took a deep breath and mustered his courage. “Curl, Curly Hair! I’ll go together with you.”

Curly Hair thought about it. If he discovered anything, Nanfeng could be his witness.

“Alright, awoo! But you have to run faster!”


Nanfeng glanced at the cupboard beside the door out of habit when he thought about walking the dog.

“There are Inter-planetary Fund personnel still near the island. We will need the leash…” Nanfeng suddenly realized he sounded stupid.

If Curly Hair wanted to bite someone, would a slender rope hold him back? He could bite through a mecha, let alone a leash!

As he glanced at the leash in the cupboard, Nanfeng felt that the leash was so brittle.

“Hurry up, Nanfeng!” Curly Hair urged from outside.


Nanfeng could no longer be bothered with the leash and hurried out. He had to watch Curly Hair carefully and not let him bite other people.

Thus, Curly Hair scampered ahead while Nanfeng followed behind.

As he watched Curly Hair, Nanfeng was curious. How could a small dog like this become such a huge robotic monster? Was he an extraterrestrial breed? Or a product of Inter-planetary Fund experiments?

However, if he were the experimental product of Inter-planetary Fund research, then surely he wouldn’t be the only one. Furthermore, Fang Zhao already had Curly Hair before making a name for himself.

Did that mean Curly Hair was some unknown extraterrestrial life form?

The frightening scene of the huge robotic dog stomping on mechas flashed through his mind, and Nanfeng recalled some things that he had never noticed.

When Fang Zhao had moved into the new place, Nanfeng had bought an alloy chair capable of supporting the weight of an elephant as a gift for Fang Zhao. A few days later, that chair had been completely flattened. Nanfeng hadn’t thought too much about it, but now, he reckoned that it had been stomped on by the “dog”.

While on their rounds, they came across a small Inter-planetary Fund team responsible for restoring the island. Curly Hair immediately stuck out his tongue and started panting as though he was tired from all that running.

Nanfeng: “…”

I will no longer be deceived by this facade anymore!

An act! It’s all an act!

This dog had undergone advanced studies together with Fang Zhao at Huangzhou Academy of Art. However, while Fang Zhao had studied music, this dog had studied acting!

This dog acted very well at all times. Curly Hair could seamlessly switch between different personas. Even Nanfeng had been fooled!

After the Inter-planetary Fund personnel were out of sight, Curly Hair retracted his “tired dog” form and picked up speed.

“Curly Hair!” Nanfeng called out.

Curly Hair glanced over suspiciously. “Awoo?”

Although he found it rather awkward, Nanfeng’s nervousness receded slightly seeing that Curly Hair seemed easy to talk to.

“Don’t rush off. Let’s talk for a bit. Otherwise, we won’t get to chat anymore after I leave,” Nanfeng said.

Curly Hair was initially disgruntled at being called back, but he was shocked upon hearing the latter half.

His dog eyes shimmered with tears, and he whimpered reluctantly. “Don’t go, Nanfeng!”

If Nanfeng left and a new person was brought in, Curly Hair would have to act as a pet dog once again. Snacking would become harder, and he wouldn’t be able to game openly!

Nanfeng finally discovered the truth after great difficulty. How could he be allowed to leave just like that?!

Furthermore, Nanfeng was quick-witted, and Curly Hair could seek him out if there was something he required. Yan Biao and Zuo Yu weren’t as good as Nanfeng in this aspect!

Perhaps if Fang Zhao confiscated his game consoles again, Curly Hair could still use Nanfeng to satisfy his cravings in secret. That retro handheld console from Planet Yin came from Nanfeng’s contributions! And, he could play games while out on walks!

Meanwhile, in Nanfeng’s mind, Nanfeng was extremely touched.

Look! What a great dog!

Treating him well hasn’t been in vain!

This isn’t the reluctance of a pet to part with its owner. This is recognition of my ability!

This proves that my importance cannot be replaced!

Nanfeng’s self-confidence soared.

I, King Nanfeng, have come back to life!

The scales have tipped in my favor.

Becoming an official manager, standing even taller, higher wages, and even more pressure…

But, is there anything that comes without pressure? Pressure is proof of great responsibility!

Only this sort of job is fitting of I, King Nanfeng!

The word “Manager” is calling! My hot blood is soaring!

How exciting!

Besides, no matter what happens in future, I also have backers!

A superhuman boss, and an insanely powerful… dog.

What else can faze me?!!

My outlook and perspective is no longer the same. Looking back, the me from last night is really too naive.

So what if I don’t have musical talent?

Can those with an academic background compare with me?!

Do they have as strong hearts as me?!

Are they as capable of walking a dog as me?!

Who can even compare to me?!!

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