Superstars of Tomorrow

Chapter 503 - Nanfeng——

Chapter 503: Nanfeng——

Nanfeng’s whole mind was a chaotic mess.

But, as an elite who had once served on Planet Baiji, Nanfeng still had the ability to steady himself despite having left the force many years ago.

He even had some slight doubts about his life. He had always thought himself as a core member of the team, but from the look of things, the truth was really cruel. No wonder Yan Biao and Zuo Yu always seemed like they were hiding stuff whenever he was holding the dog.

Nanfeng wanted to slap himself.

Where’s my keen insight?!!

Has it degenerated?!

Nanfeng couldn’t help asking, “Did you all know already?!”

Yan Biao said, “…That’s not important.”

Since Nanfeng had already seen what was happening in the front yard, Yan Biao no longer kept it from him.

“Don’t bother about the front yard and just guard the house. All you have to do is get rid of any intruders who manage to sneak through. Be careful with the rocket launcher… It’s best if you don’t get caught up in the front yard!

“Logic goes out the window when that dog gets excited. He might not be able to differentiate between friend or foe. If you accidentally hit the dog with a rocket, he might come after you! Staying in the house is the safest!

“If the defense doesn’t hold and too many enemies sneak through, go run to the front yard and shout Curly Hair’s name loudly. He can protect you. Remember, you must shout loudly! Otherwise, he might overlook or accidentally injure you!”

Nanfeng’s trembling intensified.

He took deep breaths to calm his thumping heart. His thoughts that were running wild.

No matter how great the shocks were, he still had to suppress them at such a time.

Since the “dog” was on their side, those firing at the “dog” were the enemy.

The Inter-planetary Fund troops weren’t important. All they needed was their very own… dog.

With this line of thought, Nanfeng felt more relieved.

“Alright… alright. I’ll stay in the house. Let me know if you guys require support on your side. Cough… Brother Biao, will this Curly Hair… really recognize me if I shout loudly?”

Doubts remained as Nanfeng watched the robotic monster rampage in the front yard. Did the killing machine still retain its rationality? Would it stop to save him?

Yan Biao fell silent. He didn’t know whether Curly Hair would recognize Nanfeng. However, those were Fang Zhao’s instructions.

“Don’t worry. He will surely recognize you.”

Nanfeng relaxed slightly. He trusted his old comrade Yan Biao very much.

As he continued watching, the robotic monster swatted aside a mecha, looked over and began wagging its tail.

Nanfeng: “…”

Nanfeng had a bad feeling.

He saw that monster raise its head and howl at the moon. Then, he heard the mechanical buzz of machinery.


The mechanical voice left Nanfeng scared witless.

Nanfeng’s entire body was frozen stiff. After having just calmed down, his mental state was obliterated again.

It… it talked!!!

Nanfeng stared, flabbergasted at the scene outside the window.

He saw that “dog” excitedly stomp on a few invaders once more.


“I’ve made a good contribution again!

“I caught another one. Awoo!”

Then, it bit another mecha and dragged it around like a stuffed toy.

The mecha clattered on the ground. Sparks and smoke appeared from dislodged parts.

Nanfeng: “…” His soul had left his body.

At that moment, he suddenly recalled the words he had told Curly Hair not too long ago.

Curly Hair, Boss will be happy if you do good deeds. He may even reward you.

Bite if you find one! Bite both if there are two! Bite as many as you can! I will take responsibility for any issue!

Nanfeng wished he could turn back time and return to that moment.

Why did I have to speak this nonsense?!

Curly Hair was oblivious to Nanfeng’s emotions. He remembered what Nanfeng had said about “making amends by doing good.” Feats in battle had to have witnesses too! Who could verify his deeds if all the surveillance cameras malfunctioned? Fang Zhao was in the back yard, while Yan Biao and Zuo Yu were on the two sides. He didn’t have any other friends here to bear witness.

Thus, Curly Hair was very happy when he noticed Nanfeng looking over. With a witness, he wouldn’t have to worry that his efforts at destroying the mechas going unnoticed.

Curly Hair killed and devoured humans as well as mechas.

Nanfeng: “…” His soul continued to leave his body.

After Curly Hair got rid of all intruders in the front yard, reinforcements from the Inter-planetary Fund arrived. No other hostiles were detected in the vicinity of the house for quite some time.

Fang Zhao also received a message from the Inter-planetary Fund. Their mission was complete, and all that remained were some trivial matters that didn’t concern him. The crisis was over.

Fang Zhao briefly informed the other three of the situation and instructed them to clear the battlefield. They were to get rid of any remaining intruders who had snuck through the defenses. Fang Zhao himself had to head to other areas of the island to check if there were any hidden enemies.

In the front yard, Curly Hair transformed back to his pet dog form. Wagging his tail happily, he came running back to the house, then found himself locked outside.

Curly Hair glanced at the tightly sealed door, then looked up towards the second floor window. “Open the door. Awoo!”

Nanfeng ambled down. He mustered up his courage and carefully inched over to the closed main door. He opened it with shaking hands.

He stared at the small pet dog he was so familiar with.

It was still the same Curly Hair.

Yet, it wasn’t that Curly Hair.

When it came close, Nanfeng’s knees buckled. He slumped to the ground.

Curly Hair ignored Nanfeng and rushed straight into his room. Moments later, he came out and circled around the main door.

“Where’s my tag? I left it to hold the door open.” Curly Hair couldn’t find his own dog tag.

Shivering, Nanfeng quickly drew out the dog tag from his pocket and handed it over with both hands. “This… it was better to close the door.”

“No, if intruders made it in, I would be able to rush into the house and clean them out! If these thieves really wanted to enter, would a closed door make any difference?”

Nanfeng: “…”

This dog even has rather astute logic!

Nanfeng added, “I was actually worried that your dog tag would be damaged. I was keeping it safe.”

Curly Hair was delighted when he heard that. Upon seeing that his dog tag wasn’t damaged, he no longer cared about Nanfeng closing the door.

The smoke and fires in the vicinity of the house were already starting to disperse.

Yan Biao and Zuo Yu were cleaning up the battlefield. They had suffered some minor injuries. After a while, they came over to the front yard to check things out.

Seeing the scattered wreckage, Yan Biao exclaimed, “Curly Hair has gotten stronger again. Consuming those power ores weren’t a waste at all.”

Nanfeng: “…”


What ore?

Were power ores meant to be eaten?

Nanfeng asked hesitantly, “Is there anything else I don’t know about?”

Yan Biao looked towards him with furrowed brows and an open mouth. He asked, “What happened to your eye?”

Nanfeng touched his slightly protruding left eye. “Nothing, it’s probably just a little damaged. I’ll change it when I get back.”

The blow he had suffered was too great. His exquisite top-of-the-line smart left eyeball which he had purchased for more than a million had gone haywire.

An eyeball worth more than a million!

Nanfeng rubbed his face.

He never thought that there would actually be a day he could accept such an expensive eyeball spoiling in such a calm fashion.

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