Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 322 - Chapter 322: Imminent Disaster!

Chapter 322: Imminent Disaster!

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The next morning.

Country Noodle.

At the Strand Hotel, in the dining room on the first floor.

Yang Luo and Bujie were having breakfast.

Many people in the restaurant were discussing animatedly.

“Have you heard? Last night, Zachary actually died in his manor!”

“Isn’t that so? It’s said that none of the hundred plus bodyguards in Zachary’s manor survived, and Zachary himself died in his room!”

“Do you think this was done by Grondor? After all, Grondor and Zachary have been fighting for so many years, wanting to kill each other!”

“Although this is very likely, we can’t spout nonsense without evidence!”

“Now that Zachary is dead, I’m afraid no one will be able to go against Grondor in the future!”

Bujie took a bite of the hot dog and smacked his lips, “Brother Yang, who exactly is your friend? He’s really powerful.

We killed so many people last night, but we’re actually not even investigated.”

Yang Luo smiled and said, “My friend is the Stone King of this country. He’s naturally very powerful.

“It can be said that there’s nothing in Country Noodle that he can’t do.”

“Stone King of Country Noodle?!”

Bujie was shocked. He clicked his tongue and said, “Brother Yang, you’re really not an ordinary person. You even know such a person.

If I follow you, the future will definitely be exciting.”

Yang Luo shook his head and said, “1 can’t guarantee if it’s exciting, but if you follow me, you’ll definitely be in danger in the future.

Therefore, you have to consider carefully. Do you want to follow me or continue being a carefree monk?”

Bujie met Yang Luo’s gaze and said, “Brother Yang, since the first time I saw you last night, I’ve already decided to follow you.

You are my great opportunity. Only by following you can I find a direct path that belongs to myself.

Even if I really die accidentally in the future, 1 won’t regret it.”

Yang Luo was stunned when he heard the resolve in his tone, “Alright, 1 respect your choice.”

At this moment…

A call was made to Yang Luo’s phone.

Yang Luo took out his phone and saw that it was Grondor, so he picked up the call.

“Mr. Yang, Brother Jin and I are already at the entrance of the hotel.”

Grondor’s voice sounded.

“Okay, I’ll come out now.”

Yang Luo replied and hung up.

“Stop eating, let’s go!”

Yang Luo said to Bujie before getting up and walking out of the hotel.

“Brother Yang, where are we going?”

Bujie finished his cup of milk and chased after him.

When they walked out of the hotel, they saw a convoy parked at the entrance.

Grondor and Jin Yumin were already waiting at the door.

Seeing Yang Luo come out, the two of them hurriedly welcomed him.

“Good morning, Mr. Yang!”

“Mr. Yang, how was your rest last night?”

Yang Luo smiled and said, “Thank you for your hospitality. I rested well last night.”

“Eh, this young master is?”

Grondor looked at Bujie.

Jin Yumin was also puzzled.

After all, Yang Luo was alone last night. Unexpectedly, after a night, there was actually another person beside Yang Luo.

Yang Luo introduced, “This is my friend. His Dharma name is Bujie.”

Then, Yang Luo introduced them to Bujie, “These two are my friends, Grondor, the Stone King of Country Noodle, and Jin Yumin, the jade tycoon of Country Noodle.”

Bujie greeted them warmly, “Mr. Grondor, Mr. Jin, hello!”

“Hello, Master Bujie!”

Grondor and Jin Yumin also greeted him.

Since he could be called a friend by Yang Luo, this young monk must not be an ordinary person.

Grondor said, “Mr. Yang, the plane has been arranged. Let’s go.”


Yang Luo nodded in reply.

Then, Yang Luo and the others got into the car and drove away from the hotel.

On the way…

Jin Yumin said, “Mr. Yang, if my brother hadn’t told me what happened, 1 wouldn’t have known that Zachary was actually killed by you.”

Yang Luo said, “Originally, 1 didn’t want to bother with Zachary, but who knew that this guy insisted on provoking me? 1 could only kill him.”

As he spoke, Yang Luo asked Grondor, “Mr. Grondor, did this cause you any trouble?”

Grondor said, “It’s a little troublesome, but it’s fine.

I’ve already sent people to destroy the evidence and connections. No matter how the higher-ups in Country Noodle investigate, they won’t be able to find anything.”

Yang Luo nodded and said, “It’s good that 1 didn’t cause you too much trouble.”

Jin Yumin chuckled and said, “Mr. Yang, what are you talking about? This is not considered troublesome.

Moreover, you killed Zachary and killed a powerful enemy for him. My brother can’t be happier.”


Grondor also laughed heartily and said, “Brother Jin is right. Zachary is always going against me. I’ve long wanted to kill him.

It was just that I could not find any excuse, so 1 did not make a move.

Now that you’ve helped me get rid of this guy, Mr. Yang, you’ve helped me a lot.”

Yang Luo nodded and said, “Mr. Grondor, I won’t always stay in Country Noodle in the future, so I’ll have to trouble you to take care of my two jade mines.”

“That’s not a problem.”

Grondor laughed heartily and said, “I’ll transfer the money earned from these two jade mines to your account each time. Don’t worry.”

After a pause, Grondor suddenly thought of something, “By the way, Mr. Yang, how do you want to deal with the Imperial Jade Glass that was opened last night? Did you sell it or something?”

Yang Luo thought for a moment and said, “Mr. Grondor, please help me find a good jade craftsman to forge a batch of jewelry for me. I’m going to give it to someone.”

Grondor nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll arrange for the best master to forge a batch of jewelry for you.

After it’s built, I’ll send someone to deliver it to you.”

Yang Luo smiled faintly, “Alright, thank you.”

As they chatted along the way, they unknowingly arrived at Dawn Mountain Manor.

After driving into the manor, Yang Luo and the others arrived at the airport.

There were six helicopters parked at the airport.

Yang Luo, Bujie, Grondor, and Jin Yumin sat in one of the cars, while the bodyguards sat in the other five.

Not long after…

The helicopter took off and left the manor.

Bujie asked curiously, “Brother Yang, where are we going now?”

Yang Luo said, “Of course it’s to do business.”

“What business?”

Bujie became even more puzzled.

Yang Luo smiled mysteriously and said, “You’ll know when you get there.”

The helicopter flew for more than an hour before arriving above a manor.

The manor was built on the top of a mountain. It occupied an area and was even more luxurious than the Dawn Mountain Manor.

After the plane landed at the airport, Yang Luo and the others got off the plane.

A group of people greeted them. The leader was a middle-aged man with dark skin.

The middle-aged man smiled and said, “Boss, the car is ready. We can go to the jade mine at Mount Pagang at any time.”

Grondor nodded and said to Yang Luo, “This is the person-in-charge of the jade mine on Mount Pagang, Jacques.

Getault Mountain is situated within the jade mine of Mount Pagang.”

“I see.”

Yang Luo nodded in realization.

“Jacques, how are the experts sent a few days ago? Did they manage to subdue the monsters in Getault Mountain?”

Grondor asked.

Jacques sighed and said, “Boss, those experts haven’t come out since they entered Getault Mountain. I’m afraid they’re probably dead now.”

Grondor frowned and said, “Let’s go and take a look..”

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