Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 321 - Chapter 321: The Storm Arrives!

Chapter 321: The Storm Arrives!

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At the same time…

Dawn Mountain Manor.

In the study.

Still clad in his pajamas, Grondor hung up the phone.

He held his phone and sat in front of the desk in a daze.

Because he didn’t know how to deal with Gesang, he could not sleep, so he wanted to stay in the study for a while.

However, he did not expect to receive such shocking news in such a short period of time.

Zachary was dead!

His old rival of many years had died just like that!

If it was anyone else who said this, he naturally wouldn’t believe them.

However, he had no choice but to believe what Yang Luo said to him.

Tonight, he was completely convinced by Yang Luo.

This was a god-like man!

At this moment…

His cell phone rang.

He picked up his phone and saw that it was Donbamu, so he picked up the call.

“Dad, just now, I received shocking news. Zachary is dead. He died in his manor!

It’s really great. That bastard Zachary is finally dead!”

As soon as the call went through, Donbamu’s voice came through, his voice filled with excitement.

Grondor said calmly, “1 already know.”

“Ah?! You already know?”

Donbamu exclaimed in surprise, then hurriedly asked, “Could it be that you know how Zachary died?”

Grondor said, “Of course 1 know. However, you don’t have to ask too much about this matter. I’ll handle it.”

With that, he hung up.

After hanging up, Grondor thought for a moment and made calls one after another.

After all, Zachary was a famous figure in Country Noodle, a jade tycoon who could compete with Grondor.

Now that Zachary had been killed, it would definitely cause a huge commotion in the upper-class society of Country Noodle.

Tonight’s Country Noodle was destined to be chaotic.

At around two in the morning.

In China.

Jiang City.

In the Jiang family’s villa.

Although it was already midnight, the Jiang family’s manor was brightly lit.

The entrance of the villa was also filled with luxury cars.

At the same moment…

The main hall of the villa was filled with people.

Other than the Jiang family, the heads of the He family, Song family, Zhao family, Liu family, and other families were also present.

The head of the Jiang family, Jiang Maolin, who was sitting at the head of the table, glanced at everyone present and said, “I called everyone here so late at night because 1 have something important to announce.”

“Old Jiang, what’s the matter? Why did you mobilize so many people?”

The head of the He family, He Yunshan, asked with a smile.

The others also looked at Jiang Maolin in confusion.

Jiang Maolin said, “Now that the time has come, we can attack the Su family and the Qin family.”

As soon as these words were spoken…

Everyone present was instantly dumbfounded.

They clearly did not expect Jiang Maolin to call them over to talk about this.

Although they had already agreed that they would join forces to attack the Su family and the Qin family and annex all the assets of the Su family and the Qin family, making the Su family and the Qin family disappear from Jiang City…

However, because Jiang Maolin kept saying that the time was not right and asked everyone to wait a little longer, they held back until now.

“Old Jiang, are we really going to fight?”

The head of the Song family, Song Zhaoen, asked excitedly.

“Of course it’s true!”

Jiang Maolin nodded and said, “Previously, I kept saying that the time wasn’t ripe because I felt that we didn’t have enough chips!

“But now, we have enough chips, so we can start moving!”

As he spoke, he pointed at the two old Daoist masters and four middle-aged Daoist masters sitting on his left and said, “These six are the Daoist masters of the ancient martial arts sect, the Mystic Yin Sect.

These two are the elders of the Mystic Yin Sect, Daoist Priest Xuan Kun, Li Xuankun, and Daoist Priest Xuan Yu, Chen Yunan!

Elder Li and Elder Chen both possess mid-stage Martial Highness Realm cultivation!

These four were the Four Great Protectors of the Mysterious Dark Sect, Daoist Priest Huang Long, Zhang Shoujian, Daoist Priest Huang Tian, Qian Zhishun, Daoist Priest Huang Shan, Wu Zhengde, and Daoist Priest Huang Yang, Ma Haicun!©

The cultivation of these four guardian Daoist masters are at the late-stage Grandmaster Realm!

For this operation, the six Daoist masters will help us!”

“Hello, Daoist masters!”

He Yunshan, Song Zhaoen, and the others cupped their hands and greeted the six respectfully.

Although their families were very powerful in Jiang City, they could not compare to these ancient martial arts sects.

Even if this Mystic Yin Sect was not a large sect, it was still an existence that they could only look up to.

Li Xuankun, who had white hair and a youthful face, nodded. He stroked his beard and said arrogantly, “We were originally here to avenge Junior Brother Zhang.

However, since Mr. Jiang has asked us for a favor, we’ll help him along the way.”

Jiang Maolin said respectfully, “Daoist masters, as long as we succeed this time…

In the future, every year, our major families will provide money and supplies to the Mystic Yin Sect.”

Li Xuankun stroked his beard and smiled, “That’s good to hear. From now on, we’re on the same side.

As long as you provide our Mystic Yin Sect with money and supplies, our Mystic Yin Sect will provide you with protection.

If you have any trouble in the future, feel free to tell us.”

Jiang Maolin smiled and said, “Thank you, Daoist masters!”

Jiang Mingyu said excitedly, “Daoist masters, we have a deep grudge with Yang Luo. Now that you’re here, we finally see hope of revenge!

Daoist masters, please get rid of that kid and avenge us!”

“That’s right.”

He Yilin, who was sitting in the wheelchair, gritted her teeth and said, “We must make that kid beg for death!”

“Yes, I must tear that kid into pieces to vent the hatred in my heart!”

“Ever since that kid appeared in Jiang City, we’ve been suppressed by him. We can’t breathe. We have to kill him!”

“Kill him! Kill him!”

He Jiahao, Song Chengyou, Zhao Tianheng, and the others also roared.

Li Xuankun smiled faintly and said, “Even if you didn’t say it, we would have done it.

“This kid killed our Junior Brother Zhang. We naturally can’t let him off.”

Chen Yunan smiled coldly, “Since that kid could kill Junior Brother Zhang, he must have some strength.

“However, with us around this time, even if this kid has extraordinary abilities, he will definitely die.”


Jiang Mingyu and the others nodded heavily with smiles on their faces, as if they could already see the scene of Yang Luo’s tragic death.

“Alright, Yang Luo is just a restless factor in our operation.

With the Daoist masters around, killing this kid will be as easy as blowing off dust.”

Jiang Maolin waved his hand and pointed at Pei Enze and the five middle-aged men and women sitting on the right. He smiled and said, “Everyone, other than the six Daoist masters, Young Master Pei from the Three Xiang Pei family will also help in this operation.”

Pei Enze nodded and said, “These five with me are my Pei Clan’s Five Elements Protectors: Golden Eagle, Wood Wolf, Water Star, Fire Qilin, and Earth Mountain.

They are all mid to late-stage Grandmaster Realm cultivators. With the help of our Pei family, everyone can rest assured.”

“Alright, alright. With the help of the Daoist masters and the Pei family, our operation will definitely succeed!”

“We have so many families and so many people working together. This time, the Su family and the Qin family are finished!”

“After dividing up all the assets of the Su family and the Qin family, our various families will definitely be able to reach a higher level!”

All the Patriarchs present had flushed faces and were very excited.

They could almost see the bright future of their family.

He Yunshan suppressed the excitement in his heart and asked, “Old Jiang, when should we start?”

Jiang Maolin looked at the time and said, “It’s almost three in the morning. We’ll start at dawn!”


Everyone responded in unison.

Jiang City was about to welcome a huge storm!

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