Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 143 - Chapter 143: Poison Doctor King!

Chapter 143: Poison Doctor King!

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Huang Tai’an sucked in a breath of cold air, “Is Old Sun really poisoned by this Nine Lives Powder?

“I’ve only seen this Nine Deaths Powder in an ancient book. I’ve never seen anyone who can really refine it!”

Seeing that Yang Luo only took Sun Boren’s pulse and knew what poison he had been poisoned with, the few doctors present were instantly shocked!

It seemed that this young man was indeed quite capable!

Cao Jisheng shook his head and said, “I’ve never even heard of this poison. No wonder 1 couldn’t detect it.”

Han Shouli also said, “I’ve never seen it before either. This poison is really strange. It’s actually concocted from ten raw Chinese herbs.”

Yang Luo said with certainty, “The person who poisoned him must be an expert at using poison!”

Huang Tai’an looked at the doctors and asked, “Do you know who poisoned Old Sun?”

“I don’t know.”

A doctor shook his head and said, “Yesterday evening, Master said that he was going out to meet a friend. When he returned tonight, he suddenly collapsed.” “Master, can you cure this poison?”

Huang Tai’an hurriedly asked.

The others also looked at Yang Luo expectantly.

“Of course 1 can. It’s just a little troublesome.”

Yang Luo replied, “I’ll detoxify Elder Sun now.”

As he spoke, Yang Luo waved his right hand and retracted all the silver needles on Sun Boren’s chest!

Then, Yang Luo mobilized the True Qi in his body and used the Nine Needles of Heavenly Dao to shoot out the silver needles!

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Silver needles flew out one after another and accurately pierced into the various acupuncture points on Sun Boren’s chest!

Soon, nine silver needles pierced into the nine acupuncture points on Sun Boren’s chest!

Buzz buzz buzz!

After stabbing the acupuncture points, the nine silver needles trembled violently and even flickered with dazzling golden light!

Seeing this scene, all the doctors present were stunned!

Even Huang Tai’an, Cao Jisheng, and Han Shouli, who had seen Yang Luo use the Nine Needles of Heavenly Dao, were still extremely shocked when they saw it again!

Through the Nine Needles of Heavenly Dao, they actually saw the phenomena of One Absolute, Two Dualities, Three Talents, Four Divisions, Five Elements, Six Paths, Seven Stars, Eight Trigrams, Nine Palaces, Ten Directions, and so on!

As for the few doctors present, they were even more dumbfounded and shocked to the extreme!

“This, what kind of acupuncture technique is this? Isn’t it too magical?!”

“Yeah, I’ve never seen such a magical acupuncture technique!”

A few doctors exclaimed.

“This is the Nine Needles of Heavenly Dao.”

Huang Tai’an replied.

“What?! This… this is the Nine Needles of Heavenly Dao?!”

A doctor was shocked and his face was filled with disbelief.

“Could it be the Nine Needles of Heavenly Dao, ranked first on the Divine Needle List in China?!”

Another doctor asked in surprise.

“That’s right.”

Huang Tai’an nodded.

Hearing Huang Tai’an’s affirmative answer, the few doctors present were so excited that their breathing quickened.

To everyone who studied Chinese medicine, it was an extreme honor to be able to see such legendary acupuncture techniques.

Not to mention the number one Nine Needles of Heavenly Dao!

For a moment, all the doctors present stared at the nine silver needles on Sun Boren’s chest. They didn’t even dare to blink.

As the silver needle trembled, a foul-smelling black liquid flowed out of the silver needle.

Moreover, when the black liquid seeped out, the black color on Sun Boren’s face dissipated and gradually regained its color. Even the black patch on his chest gradually faded.

Time continued to flow.

When the nine silver needles stopped trembling, Yang Luo waved his hand and retracted the nine silver needles.

Yang Luo threw the silver needles back into the needle box and said, “Alright, Elder Sun’s poison has been cured.”

“That’s it?!”

An attending doctor asked in surprise.

Cao Jisheng said, “Since Master has already said so, then it must have been cleared.”

But right after he finished his sentence!

Sun Boren slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh my god, he really recovered!”

“This is too amazing. Master was cured in less than half an hour!”

“Mr. Yang’s medical skills are too amazing. He’s simply a living Hua Tuofj!”

A few doctors exclaimed in admiration. They were already full of admiration for Yang Luo.

They finally understood why the four Divine Doctors of Jiang City would acknowledge this young man as their master.

This young man had such extraordinary medical skills. He was indeed worthy of being the master of the four Divine Doctors in Jiang City.

Sun Boren looked at everyone in confusion and asked, “Master, Old Huang, Old Cao, Old Han, why are you here?

Am I not dead?”

Huang Tai’an said, “Old Sun, if Master hadn’t taken action to resolve the Nine Deaths Powder in your body, you would have died long ago.”

Sun Boren sat up and cupped his hands, “Thank you for saving my life, Master!”

“Elder Sun, since you call me master, I’ll naturally save you. There’s no need to thank me.”

Yang Luo waved his hand and asked, “However, I’m very curious. Who poisoned you?”

Sun Boren didn’t answer. Instead, he fell silent.

Cao Jisheng urged, “Old Sun, tell us quickly!”

Han Shouli said, “Old Sun, that person drugged you with the Nine Deaths

Powder. He clearly wants to l<ill you!”

Sun Boren let out a long sigh and said, “This is all my fault.”

“How is it your fault?”

Huang Tai’an asked in confusion.

Yang Luo and the others were also puzzled.

Sun Boren said again, “It’s a long story…”

Yang Luo said, “It’s fine, Elder Sun. Take your time. We’ll listen.”

Sun Boren slowly said, “When 1 was ten years old, an old Chinese doctor who was traveling said that he was the successor of the Mystic Medicine Sect. He felt that my aptitude was not bad, so he took me in as a disciple of the Mystic Medicine Sect and taught me medical skills and mystic techniques.

Accompanying him were a senior brother and a junior sister. The senior brother’s name was Du Kongqing, and the junior sister’s name was Jiang Yumo.

We learned Chinese medicine and mystic techniques from that master and were as close as real siblings.

However, as time passed, Senior Brother Du and 1 fell in love with Junior Sister Jiang.

One day, Senior Brother Du and 1 expressed our feelings to Junior Sister Jiang, but she still chose me in the end.

It was precisely because of this that Senior Brother Du turned against me and left the sect. Before he left, Senior Brother Du said that he would come one day to take my life.

For the next 50 years, Junior Sister Jiang and I never saw Senior Brother Du again.

“However, Junior Sister Jiang and 1 later heard that there was someone with the title of ‘Poison Doctor King’ in the Chinese medicine world. We asked around and found out that it was Senior Brother Du.

Unexpectedly, just yesterday, Senior Brother Du actually came to Jiang City and asked me out for a meal.

1 was so happy that I went to the appointment.

It’s a pity that Senior Brother Du still hasn’t forgotten his hatred and poisoned my wine. I couldn’t cure this poison at all…”

It was only after hearing Sun Boren’s story that Yang Luo and the others understood what was going on.

Yang Luo did not expect this old man to have such a love-hate relationship when he was young.

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