Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 142 - Chapter 142: Nine Deaths Powder!

Chapter 142: Nine Deaths Powder!

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Jiang Xinyue said to the nurses, “You guys can leave first.”

The nurses nodded and left the ward.

After the nurse left, Jiang Mingyu’s eyes were bloodshot as he said angrily, “Originally, Hua Mei Biomedical was about to go bankrupt, but 1 didn’t expect it to be revived!

All our plans have been disrupted. Damn it, really damn it!”

He let out a long breath and asked, “Xinyue, how’s the situation at Ding Sheng Biomedical now?”

Jiang Xinyue frowned and said, “Not good.”

“What do you mean, not good?”

Jiang Mingyu’s expression darkened, “Tell me the company’s situation truthfully. Don’t hide anything.”

“Yes, Big Brother.”

Jiang Xinyue nodded and braced herself. “Brother, from 1 a.m. last night until now, the sales of our products have fallen like a cliff. They’ve fallen by five percentage points, and they’re still falling!

The bosses who had ordered from us and the people who had bought our products are now asking for a refund!

What’s more, everyone online is comparing our products to Hua Mei Biomedical’s new products. Everyone is saying that our products are inferior to Hua Mei Biomedical’s new products in every way!

At this rate, Hua Mei Biomedical will probably regain the market in Jiang City!”

After hearing Jiang Xinyue’s report, Jiang Mingyu’s expression darkened and he remained silent for a long time.

Jiang Xinyue asked carefully, “Big Brother, what should we do next?”

Jiang Mingyu took a few deep breaths and tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart. He said, “Go and do four things now.

Firstly, hire a group of fake reviewers to create public opinion online later. Tell them that Hua Mei Biomedical’s new product has huge side effects!

“Second, lower the price of our products and hold various preferential activities to stabilize sales!

Thirdly, try your best to stabilize those bosses and the public. I would rather give compensation than let them return the goods!

Fourth, think of a way to cut off the raw materials of Hua Mei Biomedical so that they can’t continue producing products!”

“Alright, Big Brother!”

Jiang Xinyue nodded and said, “However, Big Brother, I’m afraid we can only temporarily stabilize the unfavorable situation for us.

If we want to continue suppressing Hua Mei Biomedical, we have to think of a way to continue developing better new products.”

“Of course I know that. Don’t worry, I’ll contact that ancient Chinese medicine family in the capital and continue to buy other secret recipes.”

Jiang Mingyu replied, “Just do what I tell you to do.”


Jiang Xinyue nodded and left the ward.

After Jiang Xinyue left, Jiang Mingyu muttered sinisterly, “Su Qingmei, don’t even think about fighting me!”

Inside Hua Mei Biomedical.

In the assistant’s office.

Yang Luo was sitting in his seat and cultivating with his eyes closed.

After cultivating for a while, he felt that it was not very helpful, so he stopped cultivating and fell into deep thought.

During this period of time, he would cultivate every night.

However, ever since his cultivation level stepped into the late-stage

Foundation Establishment realm, there were no signs of further breakthrough. It was probably impossible to rely on the Spirit Gathering Pill alone as well. Therefore, he thought of setting up a “Spirit Gathering Array” around Villa No.

8 of the Imperial River Court to gather the spiritual qi of heaven and earth in the villa for his cultivation.

Back then, that old fart had set up a Spirit Gathering Array in the mountain to help him cultivate.

However, the key was that the Spirit Gathering Array needed spirit stones as the eye of the array.

Now that the spiritual energy on Earth was so thin, where would there be spirit stones?

Yang Luo had also thought before of using jade to replace spirit stones. However, the spiritual energy contained in ordinary jade was too thin. It could not be compared to spirit stones at all.

The only thing that could replace spirit stones was top-grade jade.

However, setting up the Spirit Gathering Array required a lot of top-grade jade.

Where could he find so many top-grade jades?

Even if one wished to buy it with money, they might not be able to buy it.

This was a big problem.

Just as Yang Luo was deep in thought, a voice sounded in his ear.

“Assistant Yang, Assistant Yang!”

Yang Luo retracted his thoughts and turned around to see Xu Yan standing in front of him.

“Assistant Xu, what’s wrong? What’s the matter?”

Yang Luo asked in confusion.

Xu Yan smiled and said, “Assistant Yang, President Su gave me a bonus of

10,000 yuan last night. I’ll return the money to you now.”

Yang Luo shook his head and said, “Assistant Xu, I already said that there’s no need to be in such a hurry to return the 10,000 yuan. Take it and use it first.” “That won’t do!”

Xu Yan shook her head and said, “Assistant Yang, I’ve never liked to owe people favors!

“So, Assistant Yang, give me your account number!”

“Then… alright.”

Yang Luo smiled helplessly and gave Xu Yan his account.

Soon, 10,000 yuan was transferred to his account.

But at this moment, a call came to his phone.

The caller ID was Huang Tai’an.

Yang Luo quickly picked up the call and asked, “Elder Huang, why are you calling me so early in the morning? What’s the matter?”

Huang Tai’an said anxiously, “Master, quickly come and see Old Sun. He’s about to die!”

“He’s dying?! What do you mean?!”

Yang Luo was stunned.

Huang Tai’an said, “I don’t know what happened to Old Sun, but he was poisoned.

The key was that this poison was too fierce. Old Cao, Old Han, and I are unable to detoxify it.

“Now, we can only keep Old Sun alive for the time being. If we don’t detoxify him, Old Sun will die.”

Yang Luo frowned and asked, “Where are you guys now? 1’11 come over now.” Huang Tai’an said, “We’re at the main shop of Old Sun’s medical center, the ‘Mystic Medical Pavilion’!”

“Alright, I understand.”

Yang Luo replied and hung up.

After hanging up, Yang Luo said to Xu Yan, “Assistant Xu, I have something to

If President Su asks later, please inform her.”


Xu Yan nodded in agreement.

Then, Yang Luo left the company in a hurry. He took a taxi and went straight to the main shop of the Mystic Medical Pavilion.

More than twenty minutes later, Yang Luo arrived at the main shop of the Mystic Medical Pavilion.

Under the lead of a medical staff, Yang Luo went all the way to a room on the third floor.

“Master, you’re finally here!”

“Master, quickly take a look. What’s wrong with Old Sun?”

“We only know that Old Sun was poisoned, but we don’t know what poison he was inflicted with!”

Seeing Yang Luo arrive, Huang Tai’an, Cao Jisheng, and Han Shouli welcomed him.

Hearing the way the three of them addressed Yang Luo, the few doctors in the room and the medical hall staff who sent Yang Luo up were stunned!

What was this situation?

This young man was actually the master of the three Divine Doctors?

The staff of the medical center left the room with a stomach full of shock and confusion.

“Divine Doctor Huang, Divine Doctor Cao, Divine Doctor Han, is this Mr. Yang really your master?”

A middle-aged doctor asked in surprise.

“Of course!”

Cao Jisheng nodded and said, “Not only us, but even your master, Old Sun, is

Master’s disciple!”


“How… how is this possible?!”

The doctors were dumbfounded. They did not believe it at all.

Huang Tai’an said, “If even our master can’t save Old Sun, then no one in Jiang

City can save him.”

The few doctors were naturally skeptical of Huang Tai’an’s words. They planned to see what ability Yang Luo had.

Yang Luo didn’t say anything else. He walked straight to the bed and glanced at Sun Boren, who was lying on the bed.

At this moment, Sun Boren’s chest was pierced with more than ten silver needles. His lips were dark, his face was black, and his chest was pitch-black. Yang Luo said in a deep voice, “He was indeed poisoned!”

“Master, what poison did Old Sun get?”

Han Shouli hurriedly asked.

“I’m not sure yet. I’ll take Elder Sun’s pulse first.”

Yang Luo replied and grabbed Sun Boren’s pulse to take his pulse.

A few minutes later…

Yang Luo retracted his hand and said, “Elder Sun is poisoned with an extremely rare poison. This poison is called the Nine Deaths Powder!

This poison was concocted from ten types of highly toxic Chinese herbs!

“They are: raw strychnine, raw aconite root, raw aconite, raw white monkshood, raw arisaema, raw pineilia ternata, raw croton tiglium, raw euphorbia kansui, raw caper spurge and raw gamboge!”

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