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Chapter 135 - Chapter 135: You Hurt Him!

Chapter 135: You Hurt Him!

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“Yes, yes, yes. Mr. Yang, come with us when the time comes!”

Qiao Jinsong also took over and said excitedly, “Mr. Yang, if you can represent our Jiang City’s Martial Alliance in the competition, Jiang City’s Martial Alliance will definitely rise domineeringly and enter the top ten!

“Moreover, with your strength, you will definitely be able to obtain a position on the Earth Ranking!”

Chen Qingshan said, “With Mr. Yang’s strength, how can he only obtain a seat on the Earth Ranking?

In my opinion, Mr. Yang is qualified to enter the top ten of the Earth Ranking!”

“Of course. Mr. Yang is so strong. Not to mention the Earth Ranking, he even has the possibility of breaking into the Heaven Ranking!”

Yuan Shichuan also chimed in.

For a moment, all the hall masters looked at Yang Luo expectantly.

Yang Luo pondered for a moment and said, “I originally couldn’t reject everyone’s kind invitation.

However, I really have no intention of participating in the martial arts competition now.

Therefore, I hope everyone can give me some time to consider.”

Hearing Yang Luo’s answer, everyone looked dejected.

Hong Yunzhi waved his hand and said, “Since Mr. Yang has his own considerations, don’t persuade him anymore.”

As he spoke, he looked at Yang Luo and said, “Mr. Yang, think about it carefully.

If you could become an expert on the Earth or Heaven Rankings, there would be many benefits.

After you’ve considered it, you can contact me at any time.”


Yang Luo nodded in reply.

The meal lasted until around 11 pm.

Although Hong Yunzhi and the others could hold their liquor well, they all drank too much because they were in a good mood today.

Fortunately, the various martial arts schools had sent people to pickup Hong Yunzhi and the others.

Yang Luo rejected everyone’s good intentions and walked out of the cafeteria alone.

When he arrived at the entrance of the cafeteria, Yang Luo let out a long breath of alcohol and forced out the alcohol in his body. He prepared to call Su Qingmei.

Unexpectedly, Su Qingmei called first.

The call connected.

Yang Luo hurriedly asked, “Qingmei, are you done?”

“You’re Yang Luo?”

However, the person who spoke was not Su Qingmei, but a low male voice.

Yang Luo narrowed his eyes and asked in a low voice, “Who are you?”

The other party threatened, “Kid, don’t care who 1 am. Su Qingmei is in my hands now.

If you don’t want to see anything happen to her, quickly come to the place 1 specified.”

Yang Luo was certain that Su Qingmei had been kidnapped.

A cold glint flashed in his eyes, and the anger in his heart surged.

Who exactly kidnapped Su Qingmei?

The Jiang family, the He family, the Song family… or the Liu family?

Su Qingmei was the eldest daughter of the Su family. No matter how bold these families were, they wouldn’t dare to kidnap Su Qingmei openly, right?

Could it be someone from the four major chambers of commerce?

No, logically speaking, Jiang Tianlong and the others had already been completely subdued by him. How could they still have the guts?

Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that they were desperate and wanted to take the risk.

Another possibility was that it was an assassin who had received a bounty on the dark web.

Yang Luo’s mind raced, but he couldn’t think of who had kidnapped Su Qingmei.

He tried his best to remain calm and said coldly, “If you want money, tell me a number and I’ll send it to you.

However, the premise is that Qingmei’s safety has to be guaranteed.

Otherwise, no matter how many of you there are, none of you will survive.”

The other party chuckled and said, “Kid, stop scaring me here. I won’t fall for this!

Don’t worry, we don’t want money. We just want yourself to come over!

Also, you’re not allowed to call the police. Otherwise, you can forget about seeing Su Qingmei again!”

With that, the other party hung up.

Yang Luo called again, but the other party did not pick up the phone again.

Soon, a text message was sent.

The address was displayed: Long Island Villa, Villa 10.

Yang Luo put away his cell phone and hailed a taxi straight to Long Island Villa…

At the same time…

Long Island Villa, Villa 10.

There were many burly men guarding outside the villa. All of them looked fierce. They were clearly people on the wrong side of the law.

The main hall of the villa was brightly lit.

Su Qingmei, whose hands and feet were tied, was sitting on the sofa.

However, Su Qingmei was not afraid or nervous. Instead, she looked at the two women sitting on the sofa opposite her in confusion.

These two women were Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting.

After signing the contract tonight, she prepared to go home.

Unexpectedly, the car was stopped halfway and kidnapped here.

After knowing that it was Liu Yuwei and Liu Yuting who had kidnapped her, she was dumbfounded and had a stomach full of questions.

At this moment, a scar-faced man walked towards Liu Yuwei and said, “Miss Liu, I’ve already told that kid according to what you said.”

Liu Yuwei asked, “Is he coming?”

Scarface replied, “Don’t worry. That kid is very nervous about this woman. He will definitely come.”

“That’s good.”

Liu Yuwei nodded, “After this matter is over, I’ll give you five million yuan to leave this place.”

“Thank you, Miss Liu.”

Scarface smiled and thanked her.

Su Qingmei stared intently at the two of them and said, “Liu Yuwei, Liu Yuting, what exactly do you want?

Do you know that what you’re doing is a crime?”

Liu Yuting sneered and said, “Miss Su, we naturally know that this is a crime, but so what?

However, as long as we don’t kill anyone, with Young Master Jiang backing us, nothing will happen.

As for what we want to do, don’t you know?

We did this to make Yang Luo kneel down and apologize in front of us and lower his head to us!”

Liu Yuwei also said fiercely, “We’ve had enough of that dog during this period of time!

Moreover, this guy clearly had the ability to save my grandfather, but he refused to save him!

1 hate him, I hate him to the core!”

Su Qingmei sighed deeply and said, “Why can’t you find the reason on yourselves?

When Yang Luo came to Jiang City, if you even treated him slightly better, he would not leave your grandfather in the lurch.

Although I hadn’t spent much time with him, I understand him quite well.

He’s actually very kind. He’s a doctor and has the benevolence of a doctor. He would never leave someone in the lurch. It’s you guys who have hurt him…”

“Shut up!”

Liu Yuwei roared at Su Qingmei, “We didn’t capture you here to listen to your lecture!

You’re the eldest daughter of the Su family, a first-rate family in Jiang City. How can you know the hardships of our third-rate family?

Although outsiders think that we’re a wealthy family, we’ve always been on tenterhooks, afraid of being suppressed by second-rate families and first-rate families!

That’s why I want to marry into the Zhao family and hope to lead our Liu family into the ranks of a second-rate family. Is there anything wrong with what I’m doing?!”

Su Qingmei frowned and said, “It’s not wrong for you to want to lead your Liu family to rise up.

However, if your Liu family could have adhered to the engagement back then and let Yang Luo enter your Liu family…

With Yang Luo’s help, it was only a matter of time before the Liu family became a first-rate family or even a top family in China, let alone a second-rate family in Jiang City.

“However, you guys are arrogant and have offended Yang Luo time and time again, causing him to suffer all kinds of humiliation.. That’s why he’s so heartless to you…”

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