Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 134 - Chapter 134: Swept Clean!

Chapter 134: Swept Clean!

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In an instant…

The entire arena fell silent!

Everyone looked at Yassen Miyamoto, who was lying more than ten meters away and wailing in a daze. They were all dumbfounded.

There was a long silence before he looked up again.

“It… ended just like that?”

Someone gulped and asked in a trembling voice.

“Holy sh*t, this guy is too strong. I didn’t even see him attack, and that guy was already beaten to the ground?”

Someone else said in surprise.

Ryuji Ida, Shotai Yamashita, and the others from Ichiki Karate Dojo were stunned as well!

One had to know that Yassen Miyamoto was a mid-stage Connate Realm Martial Warrior. How did he fall so quickly?

Most importantly, they did not see how Yang Luo attack!

Wang Xiaoli was stunned for a moment before shouting at Yang Luo, “Bastard, you don’t care about morals!

“Teacher Miyamoto wasn’t even ready just now, and you already made a move!” “Wasn’t ready?”

Yang Luo sneered, “This guy asked me to make a move just now. Are you deaf?”


Wang Xiaoli was so angry that her chest heaved up and down, but she was unwilling to admit that Yang Luo was powerful. She was unwilling to admit that Chinese martial arts were powerful.

She said to Ryuji Ida and Shotai Yamashita, “Mr. Ida, Mr. Yamashita, you must beat him up so that he can’t get out of bed!”

Ryuji Ida’s expression darkened as he shouted, “Mr. Yamashita, attack together!”


Shotai Yamashita responded and rushed towards Yang Luo with Ryuji Ida!

Therefore, although they did not see Yang Luo attack, they were certain that Yang Luo was definitely not as simple as he looked on the surface!

Therefore, they could not care less about their dignity and planned to join forces to defeat Yang Luo!

“I told you to attack together, but you didn’t listen.”

Yang Luo pursed his lips and took a step forward. He turned into an afterimage as he rushed towards the two of them.

In an instant!

Ryuji Ida and Shotai Yamashita approached Yang Luo and mobilized all the strength in their bodies. Then, one of them punched and the other slapped down his palm, pincering Yang Luo!

The fist and palm struck out at the same time, and the sound of air exploding resounded, shocking the surrounding people!

“Beat him to death! Beat him to death!”

Wang Xiaoli, on the other hand, waved her fists and shouted.

However, the moment the two of them attacked!

Yang Luo stretched out his hands at the same time and instantly grabbed their wrists!

Then, Yang Luo suddenly twisted his hands!



Two crisp sounds of bones cracking instantly sounded!


Ryuji Ida and Shotai Yamashita’s right arms were instantly fractured, and they let out painful screams!

Just as the two of them were about to continue attacking!

Yang Luo suddenly exerted strength in his arms and swung the two of them up before smashing them to the ground!

Boom boom boom!

The floor made of solid wood instantly collapsed, and wood shavings flew everywhere!

Ryuji Ida and Shotai Yamashita felt like their bodies were about to fall apart. Their mouths and noses were bleeding from the collision, and a few of their teeth had fallen out!

The disciples and apprentices of Ichiki Karate Dojo, as well as the onlookers, were all dumbfounded, their eyes filled with fear!

Ryuji Ida and Shotai Yamashita were both mid-stage Connate Realm Martial Warriors, but they were actually defeated so easily by this kid in front of them!

“How could this be… How could this be…”

Wang Xiaoli shook her head vigorously and sat on the ground, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Yang Luo clapped his hands and glanced at everyone present. He said loudly, “This is Chinese martial arts. Who still dares to say that it’s just fancy moves?”

Everyone present was instantly speechless.


“Attack together and beat him up!”

“Avenge Ida-kun and the others!”

The disciples of Ichiki Karate Gymnasium roared and rushed towards Yang Luo.

However, before Yang Luo could make a move, Hong Yunzhi and the others stepped forward and knocked these guys to the ground in a few moves, wailing miserably.

Yang Luo ignored these people and waved his hand. “Let’s go to the next school!”

“Let’s go!”

Hong Yunzhi and the others responded loudly before striding out of the wooden karate gym with Yang Luo.

Half an hour later.

Tengfei Aikido Dojo was challenged and beaten!

An hour later.

Heart Valley Jujutsu was kicked out!

An hour and a half later.

Shenwu Sword Dojo was kicked!

In the next few hours.

Yang Luo brought Hong Yunzhi and the others to kick the 28 martial arts schools established by Country Sakura in Jiang City and sweep them all away!

The entire Jiang City martial arts world was in an uproar!

After kicking the last martial arts school, Yang Luo brought Hong Yunzhi and the others out of the martial arts school.

The sky had already darkened. It was already past eight in the evening.

Hong Yunzhi said, “Everyone, I’ve already booked a few tables at the Ancient South Capital restaurant. How about we get drunk tonight?”

“Alright, we won’t leave until we’re drunk!”

“Haha, I’m so happy today. I have to have a good drink!”

Everyone started to shout.

Hong Yunzhi turned to look at Yang Luo and said respectfully, “Mr. Yang, I hope you can do me the honor of gathering with everyone.”


Yang Luo nodded in agreement.

In any case, Su Qingmei had yet to call him. She was probably still busy.

Then, Yang Luo and the rest got into the car and went straight to the restaurant.

Half an hour later.

Yang Luo and the others arrived at the restaurant.

This was a Chinese-style restaurant. The renovation style was simple and the environment was not bad.

Because Hong Yunzhi had reserved a private room in advance, the moment they arrived at the place, the attendant brought Yang Luo and the others to a large private room.

After sitting down, Hong Yunzhi said to the attendant, “Serve the dishes.”

“Yes, Mr. Hong.”

The attendant nodded and left the private room.

Not long after…

All kinds of delicacies were served on the table, and there were a few bottles of Flying Maotai on each table.

Hong Yunzhi said to Hong Zekai, “Little Kai, pour wine for everyone.”

“Rongrong, Yongjie, Yiming, go and help too.”

Qiao Jingsong said to Chen Rongrong, Qiao Yongjie, and Yuan Yiming.


Hong Zekai and the other three nodded and opened bottles of Maotai to pour wine for everyone.

After pouring the wine, Hong Yunzhi picked up his cup and stood up. He said loudly, “Everyone, if not for Mr. Yang, our Jiang City’s martial arts world would have been humiliated today!

If not for Mr. Yang, we wouldn’t have been able to sweep through the 28 Country Sakura martial arts schools today and vent our anger!

Therefore, I propose a toast to Mr. Yang first!”

“Okay, that’s for sure!”

“We will always remember Mr. Yang’s help!”

“Mr. Yang, if there’s anything in the future, just call us!”

Everyone picked up their wine and stood up.

Yang Luo was also infected by everyone’s emotions.

He also picked up a glass of wine and stood up. He said loudly, “From today onwards, everyone is my friend. If you have anything in the future, feel free to contact me!



Everyone raised their heads and downed their wine in one gulp.

After that, the dojo masters and disciples of the various martial arts schools toasted Yang Luo one by one.

Yang Luo naturally did not reject anyone.

After three rounds of drinking.

Hong Yunzhi and the others chatted with Yang Luo.

Hong Yunzhi asked, “Mr. Yang, have you heard of the martial arts competition that our Martial Alliance holds every three years?”

“I’ve heard of it.”

Yang Luo nodded in reply.

Hong Yunzhi said, “Mr. Yang, the Tenth Martial Arts Tournament will be held at the end of the year.. Why don’t you participate with us?”

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