Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 103 - Chapter 103: You Have Some Skills

Chapter 103: You Have Some Skills

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Wang Feng frowned and said, “Then what should we do now? If we continue to delay, those guys will really run away.”

The young woman said, “Captain Wang, don’t worry. The three Daoist masters we invited from Longhu Mountain have arrived not long ago.

“The three Daoist masters have already entered the mountains. I’ve also sent many people to help.

With the three Daoist masters around, the black-robed Azan will definitely be subdued.”

“The black-robed Azan of the Elephant Kingdom has endless methods. I’m afraid even those three Daoist masters won’t be able to subdue him.”

Yang Luo, who had been silent all this while, suddenly spoke out calmly.

The young woman looked at Yang Luo and frowned, “Captain Wang, who is this guy? How did he come?

This place is very dangerous. How can unrelated people come here?”

Wang Feng hurriedly said, “Captain Chu, this is not an idle person. He’s the famous Divine Doctor Yang, Yang Luo.

“If not for Divine Doctor Yang, I’m afraid Officer Lei and the others would have died.”


The young woman was stunned for a moment and asked in surprise, “Could it be that he can save Officer Lei?”

“Of course. As long as my master makes a move, Officer Lei and the others will definitely come back to life!”

Han Shouli added proudly.

“And this old gentleman is?”

The young woman turned to look at Han Shouli.

Wang Feng hurriedly introduced, “This is Divine Doctor Han, one of the four

Divine Doctors in Jiang City. Mr. Han Shouli.

“Moreover, Divine Doctor Han is Divine Doctor Yang’s disciple.”


The young woman was surprised and pointed at Yang Luo, “Divine Doctor Han, you’re the disciple of this guy?!”

Although she had never seen the four Divine Doctors in Jiang City, she had always heard of their names.

These four Divine Doctors had superb medical skills and had cured countless people. They were the guests of all the big shots in Jiang City.

However, he did not expect Han Shouli, one of the four Divine Doctors, to be this young man’s disciple.

Didn’t this mean that this young man’s medical skills were better?

“Of course.”

Han Shouli admitted generously, “Besides, it’s not just me. Huang Tai’an and

Cao Jisheng are also my master’s disciples.

“As for Sun Boren, although he wants to acknowledge my master as his master, my master hasn’t agreed to it yet, so it’s still pending.”

Hearing this, the young woman’s beautiful eyes widened and she was completely stunned.

Did she hear wrongly?

Three of the four Divine Doctors had acknowledged this guy as their master? The remaining one was up to him to be decided?

Wang Feng also hurriedly introduced her to Yang Luo and Han Shouli, “This is

Captain Chu from Jiang City’s General Administration, Chu Yanran.”

Yang Luo only nodded, his gaze fixed on the distant mountain.

He could clearly sense that an intense battle was going on in the mountain, and the battle was already coming to an end.

Seeing that Yang Luo was ignoring her, Chu Yanran said unhappily, “Captain Wang, even if this guy is a doctor, he won’t be of much use here!

You’d better take them away quickly. If you accidentally hurt them later, we’ll still be responsible for taking care of them!”

Yang Luo glanced at Chu Yanran and said, “Miss Chu, you don’t have to be responsible for Old Han and my safety.

“Moreover, 1 came with Captain Wang to meet that black-clothed Azan.”

“Just you?”

Chu Yanran had a look of disbelief on her face, “Mr. Yang, perhaps your medical skills are not bad, but this doesn’t mean that you can subdue that black-clothed Azan.

“You have to know that the people here are all veterans of hundreds of battles.

They are existences who can fight ten alone and have weapons.

“But even so, we are still not a match for the black-clothed Azan.”

“Believe it or not.”

Yang Luo shrugged, not wanting to explain further to this woman.

Then, Yang Luo said to Han Shouli, “Elder Han, the battle inside is about to end. Let’s quickly treat the injured now.”

These people were all heroes who fought against criminals and protected Jiang City.

Therefore, Yang Luo still respected these people and was willing to treat their injuries.


Han Shouli nodded.

“I’ll call everyone over now!”

Wang Feng said and called the injured over.

“These two are Divine Doctor Yang and Divine Doctor Han. Their medical skills are very brilliant and can treat your injuries.”

Wang Feng briefly introduced the injured people.

They had naturally heard of Han Shouli’s name and did not doubt it at all. However, they had never heard of Yang Luo’s name, so they were skeptical. Chu Yanran stood at the side, wanting to see how good Yang Luo’s medical skills were.

Soon, Yang Luo walked in front of a muscular man. He glanced at him and said, “Your left arm and right leg are fractured, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes. How did you know?”

The muscular man looked surprised.

It was true that his left arm and right leg were fractured, but he had been holding it in and not showing it.

Therefore, it was impossible for ordinary people to tell.

Unexpectedly, this young man in front of him could tell at a glance.

Yang Luo did not reply. Instead, he reached out with both hands and quickly pressed the man’s left arm and right leg a few times, “Alright, next.” “That’s it?”

The muscular man was left in disbelief.

Then, he quickly moved his left arm and right leg. He was instantly excited, “I’ll be d*mned, it’s really healed. My left arm and right leg are completely healed.

It doesn’t hurt at all!”

Chu Yanran, on the other hand, looked disdainful.

Most doctors could reconnect bones, so this did not mean anything.

“Divine Doctor Yang, quickly help me take a look. Previously, 1 was slapped by that black-clothed Azan. My chest still hurts!”

A burly man walked over with his hand on his chest.

Yang Luo glanced at it and immediately said, “You suffered internal injuries.

Your five internal organs are damaged.

“Fortunately, your physique is not bad and you can still withstand it.

Otherwise, you would have fallen long ago.”


The burly man’s expression changed, “I won’t die, right?”

“With me around, you won’t die.”

Yang Luo said indifferently. Then, he stretched out his right hand and pressed it on the burly man’s chest. He mobilized the true energy in his body to help him repair his damaged internal organs.

A few minutes later…

Yang Luo retracted his hand and said, “Alright, next.”

“You’re done so quickly?”

The burly man was shocked. At first, he was stunned, then excitement appeared on his face. “It’s fine, it’s really fine. My chest doesn’t hurt anymore!” As he spoke, he bowed deeply to Yang Luo, “Thank you, Divine Doctor Yang!” Seeing this scene, the disdain in Chu Yanran’s eyes turned into surprise.

How could an internal injury be cured so quickly?

This guy had some skills!

In the following period of time, Yang Luo treated everyone who was injured.

Every treatment lasted less than three minutes.

Han Shouli was reduced to a supporting healer at the side.

Gradually, the surprise in Chu Yanran’s eyes turned into shock.

Chu Yanran thought to herself, “I didn’t expect this guy’s medical skills to be so powerful. Could he really be a Divine Doctor?”

However, she quickly shook her head.

So what if he was the Divine Doctor? He could not deal with the black-robed

Azan at all..

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