Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 102 - Chapter 102: Three Hours

Chapter 102: Three Hours

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Each of them had nine silver needles stabbed into their chests!

Buzz buzz buzz!

The moment the silver needle pierced into the acupuncture point, it began to tremble and emit a golden light, shocking everyone present!

Seeing this scene…

The shock in everyone’s hearts was indescribable. Their eyes almost popped out!

Even Li Haoyang stood there like a wooden stake in a daze!

Ilan Shouli was so excited that he was about to kneel down!

Yang Luo’s bone setting technique had already reached the peak!

Unexpectedly, Yang Luo’s acupuncture skills had also reached the peak!

How strong must one’s control over acupuncture be to perform acupuncture on six people at the same time?

This was not just a random stabbing!

This required extremely high concentration and mental strength!

What was more important was that the person who performed the acupuncture had to have an extremely precise control over the strength of each needle and the depth of each needle!

As the saying went, the slightest mistake would lead to a result a thousand miles away. As long as one silver needle was wrong, there would be a huge problem!

He was even more glad that Yang Luo was his master now!

As long as he followed this young man and learned a little of this young man’s ability, it was enough for him to benefit for the rest of his life!

Soon, more than ten minutes passed.


Yang Luo let out a long breath and put the remaining silver needles back into the box.

Then, he said to Tang Dexin, “The five internal organs, eight extraordinary meridians, and limbs of these six have all been repaired by me.

1 also used silver needles to maintain their bodies from being damaged, but it could only last for three hours.

As long as we can find their souls within three hours, they will be able to come back to life.

“Therefore, you must be careful not to pull out the silver needles.”


Tang Dexin nodded.

Yang Luo turned to Wang Feng and said, “Mr. Wang, bring me to meet that black-clothed Azan!”


Wang Feng nodded in agreement.

Han Shouli quickly followed him, “Master, I’ll go with you too. I’ll see what 1 can help with.”


Yang Luo nodded and hurriedly walked out of the ward.

Wang Feng and Han Shouli quickly followed.

After Yang Luo and the other two walked out of the ward, Li Haoyang said, “President Tang, I still don’t believe that kid has repaired the organs, meridians, and bones of these six people.”

Tang Dexin said, “If you don’t believe me, you can check.”

Li Haoyang looked at the other attending physicians and said, “Everyone, I know that some of you don’t believe me, so let’s check together.”

Then, Li Haoyang and the other attending physicians quickly examined the six of them with instruments.

A few moments passed.

Cries of surprise sounded in the ward.

“Oh my god, these six organs, meridians, and bones have really been repaired!”

“This is too amazing. How did he do it?”

“I’m completely convinced by Divine Doctor Yang. Divine Doctor Yang is a true god!”

Han Shouli and Wang Feng, who had not walked far, also heard the exclamations in the ward. The two of them looked at Yang Luo as if they were looking at a god.

Especially Wang Feng. He was originally skeptical of Yang Luo.

But now, he no longer had any doubts.

Perhaps this young man could really save Officer Lei and the others.

Soon, Yang Luo and the other two disappeared at the end of the corridor.

At this moment, in the ward.

The attending physicians were completely convinced and admired Yang Luo to the extreme!

“Impossible… How is this possible… How is this possible?!”

Li Haoyang shook his head vigorously, still not believing it.

However, the truth was right in front of him, so he had no choice but to believe it.

Could that kid really save these six people?

If he really saved these six people, wouldn’t he have to leave?

No way!

Absolutely not!

At this moment…

Tang Dexin’s phone rang.

He took out his phone and answered the call.

After answering the call, Tang Dexin said to the attending doctors, “There’s a seriously ill patient now. Come with me to take a look.”

“Yes, Director!”

The attending physicians nodded in agreement.

Tang Dexin instructed Li Haoyang, “Doctor Li, stay here and guard. Don’t let any unrelated people in, and don’t let anyone remove the silver needles on these six people.”


Li Haoyang nodded.

After Tang Dexin and the others left the ward, the ward fell completely silent.

Li Haoyang looked at the silver needles on the six people’s chests and fell into a dilemma.

Just now, before Yang Luo left, he had specially emphasized not to pull out the silver needles on these six people.

That meant that these silver needles were very important to these six people.

In that case, if he pulled out one of them, that kid would not be able to save everyone.

But what if he was discovered?

As long as he was careful, no one would notice!

He could not let that kid really save everyone.

After being conflicted for a while…

Li Haoyang took a deep breath and walked to the first bed. With a trembling hand, he reached out and pulled out one of the silver needles on Lei Guodong’s chest.

Then, he put the silver needle into his pocket and turned to leave the ward…

At this moment…

Wang Feng drove a Toyota and recklessly drove Yang Luo and Han Shouli out of the hospital towards the suburbs.

“Divine Doctor Yang, it’s not that 1 don’t trust your medical skills, but I’m still a little worried.

“Can Officer Lei really come back to life?”

Wang Feng asked Yang Luo, who was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Yang Luo patted Wang Feng’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Don’t worry. As long as I can find their souls, I can save them.”

Wang Feng said with a solemn expression, “But that black-robed Azan is really powerful and terrifying.

He’s good at many evil techniques. I’m afraid you’re not his match.”

“That’s right.”

Han Shouli also chimed in, “I’ve also heard a lot about the black-robed Azan. They’re indeed good at many evil techniques, and their methods are extremely ruthless. They’re inhumane.

Sometimes, they don’t even have to do it themselves if they want to kill someone.”

Yang Luo said with a relaxed expression, “Those sorcerers from Elephant Kingdom can’t do anything to me.”

Even though Yang Luo said so, Wang Feng was still worried.

However, he decided that no matter what happened later, he had to protect Yang Luo well.

Now, only Yang Luo held the chance for him to save Officer Lei and the others.

After driving for nearly an hour, they arrived at a forest in the suburbs.

From afar, he could see special cars parked outside the forest.

After parking the car, Yang Luo, Wang Feng, and Han Shouli got out of the car and walked into the forest.

After walking out of the forest, he saw a large group of men in uniforms guarding there.

Many people were injured and covered in blood.

However, no one left, instead choosing to continue to remain there.

In front of him was a series of high mountains.

“Captain Wang, you’re here!”

At this moment, a tall young woman in a uniform walked over.

The woman had a ponytail and exquisite facial features. Her skin was fair, and there was a heroic spirit in her eyes. She looked very valiant.

“Captain Chu, how’s the situation now?”

Wang Feng hurriedly asked.

The young woman frowned and replied, “The situation is not good now. That group of criminals has hidden in the mountains. Coupled with the help of the black-clothed Azan from the Elephant Kingdom, it’s very difficult for us to capture them.

“Our people rushed in a few times but were beaten out..”

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