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Chapter 3106 - Exclusive Si Ming Demon Race

Chapter 3106 Exclusive Si Ming Demon Race

Upon reading Lu San Zhi’s report, Steel Scene coldly said, “This is ridiculous.”

“Mister Scene, Han Sen has a special connection with the crown prince,” Lu San Zhi said. “I don’t think taking him down will be as easy as we initially presumed.”

Steel Scene seemed disdainful. He said, “The Big Qin Kingdom was built by the likes of us. Our king is a smart man. He is a good man. He will not allow the crown prince to do ridiculous things. We must remove this evil person from existence, lest bad things befall the kingdom through his doing.”

“But the crown prince is in Feng Fei Fei’s castle. There is nothing we can do.” Lu San Zhi looked troubled.

His face still hurt. He did not dare go to the Feng family’s household to try and capture them again.

Steel Scene waved his hand. “There is no need to go. If we really want to kill him, we do not need to take him away. We can eliminate him from miles away.”

“What do you mean?” Lu San Zhi asked as he looked at Steel Scene with confusion.

Steel Scene smiled. He randomly took out a gene race. This gene race was in the shape of a bronze, old person. It was Gong Shu Zhi’s si ming demon race. “That old guy, Gong Shu Zhi, had a god-class si ming demon race. He got it from a mysterious land pulse. It is a fairly rare gene race, and it just so happens to match my God Spirit Blood-Pulse. I have looked for him many times to buy it, but he denied my request many times. This time, he came to me. Now, I have this exclusive si mind demon race. We can try to use it on Han Sen.”

“I have heard the si mind demon race requires genes from the victim,” Lu San Zhi said. “Han Sen must be on the defensive now, so I don’t think obtaining his genes will be easy.” Steel Scene looked at the si ming demon race with obsession in his eyes. “That was because it was Gong Shu Zhi using of it. He knows how to dig up land pulses, but he is rubbish when it comes to using gene races. The si ming demon race is such a powerful gene race, yet it was squandered by this pathetic inability to wield it correctly. If he was half-decent, Feng Fei Fei would not be alive.”

Steel Scene reached out his hand to touch the si ming demon race. It was like he was touching the skin of a lover. He kept talking to himself, saying, “The power of a si ming demon race is not something simple. It is fortunate it matches my God Spirit Blood-Pulse. I have turned it into an exclusive gene race. That way, it is more powerful.”

Lu San Zhi looked at the si ming demon race with curiosity. He had never seen one before. Having a proper look at it now, he saw that it was in the shape of a man without a face.

When he looked closely, it was not just a simple bronze statue. The bronze man had some blood vessels. They were like red lines that were squiggled all over.

“Do you see the red lines?” Steel Scene asked. “That is what happens after the si ming demon race becomes an exclusive gene race. It has been improved by my si Blood-Pulse. Now, the si ming demon race does not require Han Sen’s genes. We can kill him.”

He extended a finger on his right hand and cut it. He was going to use his own blood. The bronze man did not have eyes, a nose, or a mouth. He wrote down the words “Han Sen” on it.

He wrote down the Han Sen’s name with his own blood. The bronze man suddenly flickered with a strange blood light.

The blood light looked contagious. The si ming demon race’s blood lines lit up. They were getting brighter and brighter.

The si ming demon race kept changing within the weird blood light. It looked like its shape was morphing into that of Han Sen.

Steel Scene looked cocky. He said, “The real power of the si ming demon race is like a fate power of sorts. The low tier way to use it is to obtain the genes of the foe you wish to eliminate. You can get that from a strand of hair or a flake of dandruff. That is the lowest level of how this is used. The proper way to use it is not that hard. You just need the name of your foe. Then, fate power will work. It will activate the si ming demon race. Of course, it needs to be the name the opponent always uses. It could be a nickname. The name is just a symbol of fate. If he uses that symbol very often, even if it is not the real name, it will be imbued with the power of fate. It will connect with him.”

“The si ming demon race is so powerful,” Lu San Zhi happily said. “Han Sen is so going to die now.”

When the blood lines twisted, the bronze person adopted Han Sen’s face upon its own. Lu San Zhi complimented it, saying, “That really is Han Sen’s face! Mister has a si ming demon race as an exclusive gene race. You will be improved. You will be more powerful than San Gong.” Steel Scene laughed. “His power cannot be destroyed by the si ming demon race. The si ming demon race is strong, but it does have a weakness. If the opponent is too strong or has a powerful God Spirit Blood – Pulse to protect them, the power of the si ming demon race will not work. It will be consumed.”

Lu San Zhi immediately looked worried. “I have heard Han Sen might be a god-blood noble. Will he be immune to the power of the si ming demon race?”

Steel Scene coldly laughed and said, “Even if he is a god-blood noble, he will not be as good as my Ice Snow God’s Blood-Pulse. Plus, I have the si Blood – Pulse in land pulses. With these two Blood-Pulse boons, even if he is a god-blood noble, he will die.”

While he was talking, the si ming demon race adopted Han Sen’s face.

Ice Snow Planet was one of Jade Wall City’s planets. Ice Snow City was built onto it. The center of it had an ice and snow temple.

Steel Scene’s family had a god Blood-Pulse from Ice Snow God. He was able to talk to and combine with Ice Snow God. It was not like any ordinary God Spirit Blood-Pulse. Even a perfect God Spirit Blood-Pulse was not as good as the Steel family’s ice snow Blood-Pulse.

That Blood Pulse was inherited, which meant everyone from the Steel family was born with the ice snow God Spirit Blood-Pulse. If they wished to combine with Ice Snow God, they had to do it in Ice Snow God Temple.

There were many land pulses and gene races on Ice Snow Planet. The Steel family operated Ice Snow Planet, but they did not have businesses there. It was hard to get rich by depending on themselves.

Regarding Steel Scene’s family, there had been three generations. There had also been three generations of generals in the king’s guard. With a career like that, Ice Snow Planet had become very rich.

Han Sen was walking on Ice Snow City’s streets. He was going to the Steel Manor. He saw the nine-foot-tall metal door and a palace-like building beyond it. Han Sen had a cold smile on his face.

He did not like trouble. He did not want to trouble others either. If trouble came knocking on his door, he made sure to end that trouble and ensure it never came back to haunt him.

Steel Manor was built around Ice Snow God Temple. Han Sen stood in front of the gates and saw the icy-looking god temple. “Let me go in. Let me see how strong god-blood nobles are here.” Han Sen stepped forward. He was headed for the Steel Manor’s doors.Han Sen was 300 feet away from the gate when the guard started shouting, “This is Steel Manor! Trespassing is not allowed!”

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