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Chapter 3105 - The Loser Crown Prince

Chapter 3105 The Loser Crown Prince

“Mister Crown Prince.” Lu San Zhi saw the young man and was shocked. He quickly jumped off of the male lion and kneeled before the crown prince.

Suddenly, all of the Thunder Lion Riders did the same and kneeled. They all bowed before the young man.

the young man did not care for their show. He walked in front of Han Sen and tugged at his hand. “Han Sen, why did you come to Jade Wall City and not inform me? If I had not heard about you beating up Dou Tian Yu at Feng Fei Fei’s party, I would not have known that you were in Jade Wall City.”

The young man was Qin Kingdom’s crown prince, Qin Bai. He was to be the successor, the future king of the Qin Kingdom. The king only had Qin Bai as a son, so it was only natural for him to be the destined king.

“The kingdom’s palace is not someplace any commoner can go. Even if I wanted to look for you, I would have been unable to enter.” Han Sen laughed.

“I see. That is my mistake. Let’s go to the palace together now.” Qin Bai pulled Han Sen to leave with him. He was like a big child.

In fact, he was a child. He was only around 13 years old. Ordinary kids had fun at that age.

“Mister Crown Prince, this guy is involved with hiding Sacrifice Copper,” Lu San Zhi quickly said. “I need to take him to the king’s guard’s department for investigation.”

“What do you mean hiding Sacrifice Copper? I want him. Can I have him?” Qin Bai looked at Lu San Zhi with annoyance.

Lu San Zhi quickly bowed and said, “Please forgive me, Mister Crown Prince. Sacrifice Copper is important for this kingdom. It is a matter of the kingdom’s reputation. The kingdom has a rule that states whoever stores Sacrifice Copper is in big trouble. To hold more than one kilogram results in execution. There are at least 100 kilograms of Sacrifice Copper here. His entire family should be slain.”


Before Lu San Zhi finished speaking, Qin Bai slapped him across the face. Lu San Zhi could have dodged the strike, but he did not dare evade the prince. He didn’t use any power to fight Qin Bai either. He accepted the slap. His face went red. Five clearly defined fingerprints were on his cheeks.

“I am doing stuff. Do I need you to teach me?” Qin Bai looked angry as he stared at him. He had an overbearing face that showed he was the boss. He was the poster child of a spoiled brat.

The slap made Han Sen happy. Feng Fei Fei was happier too. She had not suspected that Han Sen had a relation with the crown prince, Qin Bai.

“Mister Crown Prince, the kingdom has its laws, and the family has family rules. The Sacrifice Copper…” Lu San Zhi did not dare fight back. He kneeled in front of him, but he did not scurry away. He still wished to speak.


Qin Bai slapped him a second time across his other cheek. This time, he slapped him even harder. Lu San Zhi’s mouth was full of blood.

Lu San Zhi opened his mouth, still wishing to speak, but he could not get a word out before Qin Bai smacked him again. The things he wanted to say were forbidden by a slap and a face full of blood.

Qin Bai madly shouted at Lu San Zhi, “This Sacrifice Copper was put in his house by me! Are you going to kill me too? Are you going to kill my entire family?”

Lu San Zhi’s face changed. His body shook. His back developed a cold sweat that soaked into his clothes. He knew the Sacrifice Copper did not belong to Han Sen or Feng Fei Fei, but he also knew it did not belong to Qin Bai.

After Qin Bai said that, he did not say anything to the contrary. To kill the king’s family was not some sort of crime that the king’s guard leader could commit. Not even a general could commit a crime like that.

“I wouldn’t dare,” Lu San Zhi said. “I did not know the Sacrifice Copper belonged to the Crown Prince. Please forgive me.” He swallowed the blood in his mouth and kowtowed before Qin Bai. He could not afford to commit a crime like that.

“If you knew you were wrong, then get lost! You are all useless.” Qin Bai did not even look at Lu San Zhi. He coldly grunted like a tyrant.

Lu San Zhi was furious. He thought he could capture Han Sen and Feng Fei Fei in one fell swoop. He thought he could take them back to the king’s guard department.

He was to return empty-handed. All he had managed to get was a swollen face. He could not take back the 100 kilograms of Sacrifice Copper either.

Now, Qin Bai was there, and he took the Sacrifice Copper. There was no way he could take Han Sen. He bowed before Qin Bai and ferociously stared at Han Sen. He gathered his Thunder Lion Rider soldiers and left.

Feng Fei Fei and the others were as much shocked as they were delighted. They thought they were going to be killed. Who would have known that the very famous and spoiled crown prince would swoop in out of nowhere to protect them all and beat up someone like Lu San Zhi in front of everyone? They thought it was amazing Han Sen knew why many people wanted to become king and why everyone wanted to become a tyrant. Being a tyrant or a bad king was better than being a good king.

A spoiled crown prince like Qin Bai could do whatever he wanted. He was allowed to be as spoiled as he wanted to be. He could have all the goods and not care about how others felt. Still, what Qin Bai did there made Han Sen and the others very happy. He wouldn’t mention anything about him being a loser.

“Han Sen, you are safe now. Please come back to the palace with me. You are here at a perfect time. You must avenge me.” Qin Bai tugged at Han Sen with major excitement as he spoke.

“Mister Crown Prince, what happened today is over, but this is not over,” Han Sen said with a sigh. “I am afraid I cannot come to the palace with you yet.”

“What else do you need to do? I thought I sorted out the Sacrifice Copper issue for you. Lu San Zhi won’t dare trouble you again.” Qin Bai was surprised.

“Lu San Zhi is just a small character that does the bidding of others. The person that wants me dead is the king’s guard general, Steel Scene.” Han Sen explained what happened to him.

“Gong Shu Zhi should be dead by now. You should have killed him. Now, he has run to Steel Scene, who is in Ice Snow City. This is very bad.” Qin Bai looked troubled.

Although he could do whatever he wanted to with his authority, it was not as if he was unafraid of things. There were still some things he feared. Aside from the emperor himself, there were a few people who frightened him. Qin Bai was scared of a few grand teachers. They were the only ones who dared to hit him, so he was afraid of them.

Regarding Steel Scene, he had quite the position in the hierarchy of the Qin Kingdom. Although he did not know much about things, he knew how scary that person was. He might not have feared him, but he would not treat Steel Scene the same way he treated Lu San Zhi.

He thought about it. Qin Bai suddenly looked quite cocky. He said, “That is fine. You and Feng Fei Fei can go to the palace with me. I do not think Steel Scene will try and get at you by going to the palace.”

Feng Fei Fei and the others heard his words. She displayed a wry smile. A place like a palace was not somewhere a commoner could waltz in and out of. Even if Qin Bai wanted them to go there, they could not stay there for long. Otherwise, the other superiors eventually would have objected to their presence. They might have even given him a hard time or said things like “They don’t know anything.’

“Mister Crown Prince, this has to be sorted out sooner or later,” Han Sen said. “If you keep navigating around the issue, it only delays what is inevitable. I do not need to go to the palace, but can I ask you for a favor?”

“Oh, just tell me! If I can help you out, I will definitely do so.” Qin Bai patted himself on the chest as he spoke.

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