Super Gene

Chapter 2048 - Planet Sky Cloud 

Chapter 2048 Planet Sky Cloud 

Han Sen lifted his hand toward Jade Ming’er. Jade Ming’er’s body was instantly bound and lifted toward Han Sen.

The shura queen was nervous, but she was the monarch of the shura. So, she frowned and said, “Are you just here to cause trouble with a girl?”

Han Sen ignored the shura queen and examined Jade Ming’er closely. They really did look exactly the same. Their presence, however, felt different. With his Dongxuan Aura, he could tell that she was indeed different from Zero.

When Han Sen ignored the shura queen and observed Jade Ming’er carefully, it made the shura queen even more worried. But she knew that the more she spoke, the more it would seem that she cared for Jade Ming’er. He would be able to identify her greatest weakness.

The shura queen just stood where she was, not hurrying Han Sen. She didn’t look nervous, and neither did she speak.

After a while, when Han Sen looked away from Jade Ming’er, the shura queen quietly said, “Can you tell us what you came here to say?”

Han Sen did not free Jade Ming’er from his grip just yet. He looked to the shura queen with admiration. “Jade Shura, I will give you five days. You should sort out your current business, then meet me on Planet Sky Cloud in five days.”

“You can tell me whatever you need to tell me right here and right now. I will do whatever it is you wish, if I am able to. If I cannot do it, then it doesn’t matter when we meet,” the shura queen replied.

“This is an order. This is not a request,” Han Sen said, giving the shura queen a flat stare

“The shura will not concede to any human. And that includes you.” The shura queen was very stubborn.

“Remember the Bone Dagger, before the shura pool?” Han Sen asked quietly.

You are…” The shura queen’s face was riddled with shock.

“In five days, you will come to Planet Sky Cloud. If you don’t, every shura will be killed,” Han Sen said, then disappeared. Jade Ming’er disappeared with him.

The shura queen didn’t move. She looked strange.

Planet Sky Cloud was a planet that both humans and shura lived on. It was a lawless place, and risky businessmen frequently traveled there. And with the savage natives of Planet Sky Cloud, that place was known to be very dangerous.

People were often murdered on the street in broad daylight, and no one raised a fuss.

Han Sen held Bao’er as they walked along the street. Jade Ming’er did not speak. She looked ice cold.

“Dad, I’m hungry,” Bao’er said, looking in the direction of a fancy restaurant.

They hadn’t yet found anywhere clean to get lunch. Bao’er didn’t seem fond of eating off dirty plates.

“Okay. We will eat here.” Han Sen nodded, turning towards the restaurant.

Jade Ming’er did not speak, but followed them inside. The three of them walked in, and they saw many of the shura sitting inside.

The sight of two humans walking in prompted all heads to turn their way. All the shura looked at them coldly, without a single patron raising a smile.

Jade Ming’er was wearing a hat and a mask. Her face was covered, but there were slots for horns on her hat. It showed that she was of the shura, but nobody noteworthy.

Bao’er ignored the gaze of the shuras and hopped onto a table. She pointed at the menu and said, “This… this… and this… Give me one of each.”

The middle-aged shura behind the counter laughed. His face was split by a huge scar that looked a little like a centipede. The middle-aged shura stepped over to Bao’er, chuckling cruelly. “Kid, the food here is only sold to those with horns. Those without horns are food.”

“Haha!” The shura across the restaurant laughed.

Bao’er blinked. She looked at the middle-aged man curiously, and asked, “What food might I be?”

The middle-aged shura was shocked. He hadn’t expected Bao’er, who was so young, to be completely unafraid of him. The other shuras were surprised, too. They gave Bao’er odd looks.

The middle-aged shura laughed and looked at Bao’er as if she was a fish or some other meat. After a while, he said, “You’re so small, and your flesh is so young, it would be best to make raw slices out of you. I would slice your skin off and put it on ice. You’d be served with some soy sauce. That would be nice. You want to do that for us?”

After that, the middle-aged man showed her a very evil smile. His face drew close to Bao’er as he lifted an icepick.

“Sure! I’d love to see what I taste like.” Bao’er lifted her pink arms out to the sides. She asked the shura, “Uncle, which part of me will taste the best?”

The middle-aged shura and the others looked at Bao’er with shock. That was the first time they had seen a human child show such bravery.

Jade Ming’er looked at Bao’er with shock, too. It was hard to imagine a kid that small having such guts.

The middle-aged shura laughed awkwardly. He patted her on the head and said, “There are the tables. Take a seat. The food you order will be on the house. Little Ling, come and serve our guest and her friends.”

A shura woman, with an average face but voluptuous curves, lowered herself and smiled at Bao’er. “Little Customer, you are the first human we have served in ten years.”

“The two of you, please sit.” The shura waitress brought Bao’er and Han Sen over to a table.

That place was a little better than average on this planet, but it wasn’t adorned with ridiculous decorations. It was clean, but there weren’t private rooms for them.

A few minutes later, the food Bao’er ordered arrived. The middle-aged shura brought a bottle of alcohol over to Bao’er. He laughed. “Little Customer, we only have drinks like this. We don’t have juice. This is yours.”

“Dad, can I drink it?” Bao’er asked Han Sen nicely.

“Of course.” Han Sen shrugged his shoulders.

“I will have a big cup.” Bao’er looked excited.

“Sure.” The shura opened the drink and poured Bao’er a big cup. He put the bottle down on the table and told Han Sen and Jade Ming’er, “Pour out more if you want.”

Jade Ming’er frowned and did not touch it. Han Sen picked it up and poured himself a cup.

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