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Chapter 2047 - Shura Arrive

Chapter 2047 Shura Arrive

After Han Sen left Planet Sea, he absorbed more of the deified blood that was on the Blood Feather Knife. He did this every day, and he felt his Blood-Pulse Sutra approaching its peak.

He kept investigating the Upside-Down Scale, too. He hadn’t used it for anything yet. And while it was good for evolving his blood, he’d only make use of it when he needed to.

The AI was relaying news to them, and he learned that humans had made progress in their negotiations with the shura. There had been many such reports over the past few years, but it made Han Sen frown.

Han Sen had never dealt with the shura because of the things he was told by Han Yufei. He would have liked to get rid of the shura to reunite the worlds of the Alliance, but after talking with Han Yufei, he stopped thinking about it.

Han Yufei had asked Han Sen, “Have you heard of the three monks?”

Han Sen considered the question and asked, “Was that the story about one monk collecting water to drink, a second monk merely raising his head to drink, and a third monk that had nothing to drink?”

Han Yufei nodded. “Humans might hold the most complicated minds of all the races in existence. It is sort of like how the strong will devour the weak. Humans are certainly the greediest creatures.”

Han Sen agreed with what he said. He believed everyone was born evil, and that the primary focus of any human was to ensure their own survival by any means necessary.

Tigers ate sheep; sheep ate grass. The grass needed the nutrients contained in the soil. You had to take to survive. The same applied to humans, but humans took greed to another level. They didn’t just want to survive; they wanted more. So, basically, humans were inherently evil from birth.

“With the shura here, humans have had to constantly fight another race. But when the shura are gone, humans will only end up fighting themselves again. If humans are lucky, we will make it despite ourselves. But if we are unlucky…” Han Yufei stopped talking. He touched Han Sen’s shoulder. “There is nothing absolutely right in this world. Just follow the yearnings of your heart.”

After that, Han Sen put away his thoughts of destroying the shura.

If he stayed in the Alliance, then destroying the shura would be a good thing. But Han Sen did not have the time to deal with matters of the Alliance, so wrecking the shura civilization would have unintended consequences.

In ancient times, a few brothers fought together to create a kingdom. But when they had everything, they started to fight for different shares. Eventually, they all became sworn enemies.

So Han Sen did not destroy the shura. He did ask Zero to go to the shura and do something, however.

The shura were in a poor state, but things were in balance. The Alliance hadn’t totally defeated them yet.

Han Sen was interested in the graves of the shura kings, but he had never found the time to check it out. Now, he did. Perhaps there, he might be able to find a lead on Asura.

After all, the Falsified-Sky Sutra and geno fluid came from those graves.

The shura kings’ graves could only be entered by a king on the precipice of their death. However, that condition meant nothing to Han Sen right now.

Han Sen took Bao’er with him, and they embarked on the beetle and flew to the shura planet. Han Sen had researched the shura grave, but he did not know where the site was located.

The graves had been robbed once before, and now the shura kept the location of its royalty a well-guarded secret. It also seemed as if the gravesites could be moved. They weren’t where they had once been found.

The only one who knew this information was the shura queen, Jade Shura.

On the planet of the shura, the shura queen was working. Jade Ming’er worked next to her mother.

She was the one who was most likely to succeed the shura queen. Jade Ming’er had learned from Jade Shura ever since she was young. Jade Shura had high expectations for her.

Right now, the shura were in dire shape. Luckily, there were still some mysterious powers supporting their race. If not, the shura wouldn’t have been able to defend themselves against humans.

“Who is this?” The shura queen jumped in surprise when she looked into the left side of the study.

A man clad in armor was sitting in one of her chairs. Despite the shura queen’s talent, not even she had noticed when he arrived.

Jade Ming’er reached to press the alarm and draw a knife, preparing to use Falsified-Sky powers on the man.

But the shura queen stopped her.

The shura queen knew that she could only see the armored man because he wanted to be seen. There was no point in screaming for help. If he wanted to kill them, they’d both be dead.

The man looked at the two with interest. The shura queen felt fear. The fright was deep in her bones, and it was difficult to describe. It was like he could click his fingers and kill her if he chose to. Sweat started to bead across her skin.

“Who are you, and why are you here?” the shura queen asked him calmly, forcing control into her voice.

Han Sen looked at the shura queen and Jade Ming’er. He thought it was strange to see Jade Ming’er again.

Jade Ming’er looked like Zero. The two looked like twins. Zero was shaped like a human, and Jade Ming’er was like a shura copy of Zero.

The shura queen looked like Jade Ming’er, but she did not look like Zero.

“Is she your daughter?” Han Sen asked, pointing at Jade Ming’er.

The shura queen felt nervous in his presence. She wanted to pull Jade Ming’er behind her, but she knew that would be pointless. Doing that would only expose her weakness.

The shura queen replied levelly, “She is my daughter. You didn’t come here just to ask that, did you?”

“Do you have another daughter?” Han Sen asked her.

“No, but I have a few sons. I only have one daughter.” Shura queen looked placid, but she felt like she was going to have

a stroke.

The armored man was showing interest in Jade-Ming’er, and that made her nervous.

“There is no secret daughter? And there is no additional one, created by genes?” Han Sen asked.

“Only humans use such dirty techniques. We disdain anyone who uses them.” Jade Ming’er looked angry.

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