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Chapter 710 - Two Superior Law Overlords?

Chapter 710: Two Superior Law Overlords?

The word tragic was no longer enough to describe the brutality of this fight.

Xia Fei’s Edgeless was no longer able to provide any defense, the well-crafted war armor reduced into pieces of metal, which hung off his body, all fragmented and looking very worn-out.

Xia Fei had also accumulated a shocking number of wounds all over his body. Blood flowed freely, while his bones could even be seen sticking out from various parts of his body.

Furball was panting laboriously, looking utterly exhausted. If not for the Origin Energy protecting his body, Furball would most likely be as heavily injured as Xia Fei.

Peacock Blue was still growing stubbornly, its broken bluegrass blades sprouting anew. The tears and holes were slowly getting mended, though the speed of its growth had decreased significantly. The twigs and detritus, which littered the ground, was evidence of just how much damage it had sustained.

These were all his treasures!

Xia Fei had already run out of any methods to deal with Ulcen Ward. He was now determined to make a final stand, a last resort and attempt to reinforce himself with law force. He was going to endure it with his very flesh and blood!

Typically, a warrior who had not reached Law Overlord cultivation would be unable to use such a high level combat skill, which required a deep comprehension of law. However, Xia Fei no longer cared about such things. He was already someone with a crazed and unruly personality. Using his physical fortitude to try and endure the law force was nothing but another time in his life where he resorted to such drastic and insane acts.

“Miniaturized Nebula!” Ulcen Ward bellowed, his arms waving around in the air quickly as if he were casting some magic spell. An immense pressure enveloped the area of a hundred miles around him. The very ground buckled from the force!

This was the power of compaction from the Law of Space! The ultimate martial technique from the Moonward Clan that had frightened countless warriors! This time, it was being unleashed by the level two Law Overlord, Ulcen Ward, just to deal with Xia Fei!

Xia Fei’s Law of Primal Chaos looked like it was about to have an unprecedented collision with Moonward Clan’s Law of Spatial Compaction!

This was when something abnormal occurred!

Furball exploded without any warning!

The small ball sucked in air very quickly, and his belly began expanding. Air, energy, rock debris—everything was being consumed by him!


In just 0.1 second, Furball had grown from the size of a peanut to that of a basketball!

“Not good! Furball is about to unleash his strongest attack! He’s going to release all the energy he has stored in him!” Lionheart Emperor Oro’s two eyes went wide like saucer plates as he anxiously yelped.

Furball was not large in size, but he had accumulated plenty of energy inside him! If all this energy was expended at one go, absolute destruction would follow! It was hard to say if this planet would even be left standing!

Exotic beasts swore to protect their masters; this was even more so for Furball, who did not care about anyone except for his master, Xia Fei!

Seeing how Xia Fei got so heavily injured and how his master continued to fight after merely bandaging his broken arm and smearing some dirt on a long bloody cut in his right leg, the Holy Beast’s heart hurt immensely. This was especially so since all these details had not escaped his eyes at all!

The dignity of a Holy Beast could not be blasphemed, and the life of a Holy Beast’s master could not be compromised, either!

This was where Furball drew the line!

Anyone who dared to cross this line would have to suffer the mad and unceasing retaliation of Furball!


Furball let out a ferocious cry as if he had gone mad, a heartbreaking howl!

His pair of small eyes was wide open, completely bloodshot due to the rage he was feeling. This savage gaze from the Holy Beast stopped even the Law Overlord Ulcen Ward in his tracks. There was such sheer hatred in the beast’s eyes, a burning rage that came from the bottom of Furball’s heart, which lit him ablaze!

In the next second, the entire galaxy got caught up in the fury of the Holy Beast!

Peacock Blue first froze, and it insidiously burrowed itself deep into the ground. While Ulcen Ward was startled by Furball, his attention was diverted off the plant for that one second.

As the most tenacious weed across the known universe, hidden behind Peacock Blue’s savage appearance was a heart that refused to give up. The bluegrass knew what it ought to be doing at this moment. Furball was earnestly protecting their master, so Peacock Blue was not about to lose to the Holy Beast when it came to this!

Ulcen Ward’s shock was fleeting. He understood a simple logic, and that was how he was not just facing off against the Law Emperor Xia Fei but the Law Emperor Xia Fei of the Skywings, too!

He needed to kill him even at the cost of his own life! As long as Xia Fei lived, an unimaginable fate awaited the entire Moonward Clan!

This was no longer two Law Adepts contending against each other. If their respective clans were to be implicated, a great catastrophe would descend on the entire White Horse Constellation or even the entire Law Realm!

A cold glint flashed across his eyes. Ulcen Ward decided to endure the rage from Furball and kill Xia Fei by force! Even if he had to sacrifice his life of cultivation, he needed to ensure that Xia Fei would die here!

Neither man was backing off. Both Xia Fei and Ulcen Ward were putting their lives on the line here!

His arm suddenly stopped. Ulcen Ward, who had finished gathering law force, was about to unleash the strongest and most stunning martial technique he knew!

His target was not just Xia Fei but also the land in a hundred miles area around him!


Suddenly, Peacock Blue’s three grass blades erupted from the ground below, appearing like dragons that had emerged from the soil, and coiled themselves tightly around Ulcen!

Ulcen ward’s entire body was enfolded in law force, his body itself a weapon!

This move by Peacock Blue was akin to a warrior grasping a sharp blade with their bare hands, clutching onto it tightly without caring about the consequences or harm that this could bring them!

Peacock Blue’s grass blades were shredded, and as the bluegrass fell, it came down like a blue blizzard!

Peacock Blue completely ignored what damage it had taken and did everything it could to repair itself from the damage incurred. If it could speak, anyone would surely be able to hear its agonizing wails.

Plants had lives, too, and it required a lot of courage to use their lives just so they could resist a Law Overlord’s destructive might!

However, in order for Furball to succeed in using its strongest attack and in order to protect their master, Peacock Blue had no other choice, nor did it have any intention of choosing!

The Furball in the air was stunned!

This one attack from Furball would use up all the energy he had accumulated his entire life; thus, Peacock Blue used its body to bind Ulcen Ward and ensure that the man would be unable to dodge this attack, thereby helping ensure that the hit landed. However, doing so meant that Furball’s devastating attack would strike Peacock Blue as well, taking collateral damage as a result.

The blades trembled greatly as this bluegrass endured the destructive power of law force. It seemed to be saying, “Don’t hesitate! For master’s sake, unleash your strongest attack! Don’t worry about me!”

Furball was a Holy Beast, while Peacock Blue was a nature-type Immemorial Mystical Armament. They were both superior species that had come from the universe, but right at this moment, the two had actually formed a kind of understanding between them.

Sure enough, they were Xia Fei’s most loyal companions. Both Peacock Blue and Furball’s selflessness would have moved even the heavens! Even the most stoic man would be touched by this ball and weed!

One had selflessly wrapped itself around the enemy, ready to die along with him!

While the other was prepared to use up all the energy it had gathered in his life, devoting everything to this attack in exchange!

Their true colors shone brilliantly in the face of danger!

The weed and ball each demonstrated a level of resoluteness that would make heroes feel ashamed!

Xia Fei’s eyes moistened as his expression grew fierce!

Seeing how Peacock Blue and Furball were so faithfully protecting him, how could he, as the master, lag behind?!


Xia Fei pushed off the ground with his two legs and went charging at Ulcen Ward with the disruptive force of the Law of Primal Chaos at 30,000m/s!

His left arm was already broken, and so he could no longer wield the Blood Crystal effectively. His right arm was still providing energy to Peacock Blue, so he opted to hold the dagger in his mouth!

He was a madman!

A madman who had never once followed the norm!

Since his arm was broken, he would just use his mouth!

Who knew how Xia Fei thought of such a strange style from?

His teeth imprint and blood were left on the hilt of Blood Crystal; this was due to how hard Xia Fei was clenching his jaws on it that even his gums had popped from the pressure!

Everything was simply too insane and brutal that even the old demon lord could not help but stare in bewilderment. He had never experienced such savagery in his life!

‘Indomitable! Far too indomitable! If Xia Fei doesn’t die from this, I must do whatever it takes to get him to join the Lionhearts! Even if I have to impart everything that I’ve learned in my life!’ Demon Lord Oro was secretly wiping tears away as he thought to himself.

Furball and Peacock were doing everything in their power to protect their master, regardless of the cost. Even the hardhearted Oro could not help but be moved by their display of loyalty. There was also the burst of dogged determination when Xia Fei tethered on the edge of crisis, which Oro deeply admired!

Talent was very important to a warrior, but so was determination!

Having the courage to risk one’s life against fate itself, this was the heart of a warrior that refused to submit until the very end!

At that very moment, a contention of law force, enough to ruin a planet, unfolded!

The Law Overlord Ulcen Ward, Holy Beast Shatterstar, Immemorial Mystical Armament Peacock Blue, and Law Emperor Xia Fei, these four entities unleashed their strongest attacks at the same time!


Just like a nuclear explosion, the entire planet was engulfed in an intense light, which was akin to a solar flare!

No one could see anything because the glare of the light had already surpassed the limit of visibility to human eyes!

No one could hear anything because the immense soundwave was loud enough to burst eardrums!

It was impossible to find the words to describe the explosive might these four powerhouses wielded in unison. The light, the sound, and the ensuing shockwave lasted for several minutes. A quarter of the entire planet had been purged as a result of the destructive force expended in this fight!

*Whoosh whoosh whoosh~*

Just when the gigantic explosion was nearing its end, ten spatial channels opened simultaneously!

The ten Great Law Emperors of the Law Enforcement Board had finally arrived!

They came, but none of them reacted, for the scene in front of these Great Law Emperors’ eyes shook them immensely!

Law of Spatial Compaction! Seemingly endless Origin Energy! The Law of Primal Chaos that disrupted all!

These three powerful energies combined created this unprecedented calamity before them!

“Oh, my god!”

“Oh, my god!”

“Oh, my god!”

The ten Great Law Emperors were at a loss for words. All they kept muttering was the words “Oh, my god!” as they stared with wide eyes and mouths agape. They were all men, who had outstanding backgrounds and who had seen plenty of the realm, yet never had they ever witnessed such a tremendous scene!

The devastation they saw looked to be even more terrifying than what a nuclear bomb could create!

“It’s a good thing that our location isn’t too close, or else we may very well have been buffeted by this huge explosion!” Wolf Jiulin said after a good while.

“Just who could’ve done this? Looking around, it seems like there’s a lingering scent of Spatial Compaction from the Moonward Clan. Sail Ward, do you recognize this technique?” Mu Qianling crooked his head and asked.

Sail Ward hurriedly denied the allegation. He, of course, recognized this to be the aftermath of the ultimate technique from his clan, but he did not recognize the opposing law force that had been unleashed.

“I see someone!” Xia Zonghai suddenly growled. He had very deftly identified a black figure, which was plummeting down fast from the sky.


Before President Mingxin could even give the order, Xia Zonghai had already disappeared, dashing right over to where that individual was falling.

Skywings were proficient with the Law of Speed in the Law Realm, and when they moved, it would seem like they grew a pair of wings on their backs, as if they could fly!

The old man, Xia Zonghai, was very, very fast. Much faster than Xia Fei’s 30,000m/s!


Xia Zonghai leaped off the ground, caught Xia Fei in mid-air, and landed on the ground.

“How terrible! Was this uproar all caused by this young man here?” Xia Zonghai glanced at the heavily injured Xia Fei and could not help but be stirred. Seeing him bleeding all over, wounds that revealed his bones inside, this seasoned old veteran of the Law Realm could not help but feel his heart shudder. It was hard to imagine just how gruesome the fight had been!

*Whoosh whoosh whoosh*

The other nine Great Law Emperors soon arrived by Xia Zonghai’s side. Their eyes were trained on the already unconscious Xia Fei, Blood Crystal still firmly lodged in his mouth, as if he had used that weapon to slash someone, looking very terrifying with his entire face covered in fresh blood.

“Don’t act rashly. We’re going up against two Law Overlords!” Mingxin’s eyes glowed as he gave a stern instruction.

The Brightsea Clan’s ultimate technique was Eagle Eye, which gave him vision over extremely faraway places.

“Two Law Overlords?!” The colors on the faces of these people drained once more!

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