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Chapter 709 - Law Emperor Versus Law Overlord

Chapter 709: Law Emperor Versus Law Overlord

Ulcen Ward sure lived up to his name as a level 2 Law Overlord. Such a character ought to belong in the superior God Race, and the only reason he remained behind in White Horse Constellation was just to safeguard the Moonward Clan, to protect the three million members of it.

Undoubtedly, this man had an extremely high cultivation, which was greater than the average Law Warrior in the Law Realm!


With a palm flattened like a knife, Ulcen Ward did not unleash any law power against Peacock Blue’s ambush; instead, he created a tear on that thorny blade of bluegrass with just his palm!


An over-two-meter-long gash split open, and Ulcen Ward actually plunged right into Peacock Blue’s huge body, rendering it useless following this assault of his!

With his ambush failing, Xia Fei hurriedly channeled his Law of Primal Chaos and blocked Ulcen’s rapidly closing hand blade with his Falling Leaf of Autumn’s Demise!


It was palm against palm! With both the force from the Law of Space and the disruptive force from the Law of Primal Chaos colliding with each other, the two powerful laws clashed and created a keen shriek that tore at the world!


Xia Fei snorted from the exertion as he rapidly retreated, just as a crisp sound was heard!


A breach appeared on the war armor Edgeless!

Just from that one attack, Xia Fei’s shoulder had been injured by the immense law force, and though it was not a serious injury, the well-crafted war armor Edgeless nevertheless bore the brunt of the attack. To Xia, this was a clear indicator of the immense gap in strength that he had with Ulcen Ward!

This was the Law-Emperor-grade war armor made by Fig Corporation! Radix, the founder of the mechs, personally designed and forged this equipment, yet it struggled to withstand a hit from the Law Overlord Ulcen Ward?

A wave of pain came from his right shoulder, and his palm immediately started swelling. Xia Fei was sent backward over a hundred meters before he came to a stop, leaving two deep trenches of dirt on the ground, like an excavator had dug and stirred the soil underneath his feet. It was evident just how much strength was behind this strike!

Xia Fei’s expression was deathly grim. This was the first time he had felt that he lacked the strength to back his will. The Law of Primal Chaos had always been this invincible and powerful weapon he had in his arsenal, but now, it had finally met its match!

Though the Law of Primal Chaos had managed to mitigate a portion of Ulcen Ward’s attack, he had still failed to stop Ulcen’s law force from nearing him. It was hard to imagine just what that palm would have done to Xia Fei’s body without the Law of Primal Chaos.

It must be stated that this was a fight between a level 1 Law Emperor and a level 2 Law Overlord; there was a full eleven levels of difference between them! This was not merely a remarkable challenge, it was no different from a planet challenging an entire galaxy!

No matter how insanely powerful the Law of Primal Chaos was, it still had a limit on what it could do. As a practitioner of the Law of Primal Chaos, he knew that there was too wide a gap between his own strength and Ulcen Ward’s. It was an essential distinction that could not be compensated by any power, and even the Law of Primal Chaos was helpless against this!

Ulcen Ward was extremely shocked, seemingly even more surprised than Xia Fei. He knew better than anyone else just how hard a strike he had dealt. Were he going against any other Law Emperor or even Great Law Emperor, he was certain they would not survive that attack of his!

As for Xia Fei, he had managed to do just that! The price was an arm fracture and Edgeless losing its defensive capability.

‘What a powerful law power!’ Ulcen’s two eyes glowed as he exclaimed to himself.

Xia Fei’s arm was fractured, and Ulcen was not having an easy time, either. It was as if he had gotten bitten by a wild beast when he felt a pain shooting all the way down to his bone marrow! Never in his wildest dream would Ulcen Ward believe that an insignificant Law Emperor could have dealt such an intense pain. He stared at Xia Fei before flicking his eyes down to his right arm, completely baffled.

Ulcen Ward’s interest toward Xia Fei’s Law of Primal Chaos deepened, but that still vibrating spatial compass on his wrist reminded him about the impending arrival of the ten Great Law Emperors from the Law Enforcement Board. He had to deal with Xia Fei in the next five minutes, no matter what it took! He must disappear from the face of this universe forever!

With that thought, Ulcen Ward flicked his wrist in an effort to alleviate the pain. He no longer thought about just how Xia Fei had been able to utilize such powers, devoting his heart and mind to taking Xia Fei’s life, instead!

“How are you?” the old demon lord asked gravely.

“Bone fracture, but I can still bear it. However, the war armor Edgeless had been ruined. I’m afraid I won’t be able to take another hit,” Xia Fei very calmly stated.

Lionheart Emperor Oro knew very well that Xia Fei had always been a hard-headed man who refused to admit defeat. The fact that he could say something like that showed just how shaken he was. The gap in strength between them was too great. Even Oro had no better idea on how he could help Xia Fei. Right now, the best they could pull off was to last for as long as possible, surviving every second he could get.

“Watch the movement of this man in black. What he’s using is precisely the melding of both his physical self and law force! Though he has yet to master it to the point of perfection, that is without a doubt the true essence of law force,” the old demon lord said in a deep voice.

Xia Fei was slightly shocked to learn this. It was no wonder Ulcen Ward did not need to use any laws and could fight with just his physical body. It turned out that he had law force applied directly on his body, making his entire body law!

Ever since Lionheart Emperor Oro pointed out the true essence of law powers to Xia Fei, he had always been researching just how he could reinforce his body with the power of law force, and today was his first time seeing someone demonstrate just that.

In Xia Fei’s eyes, Ulcen Ward was already a supreme figure of unparalleled power. The fact that Oro still considered this Law Overlord, who had a law-reinforced body, unqualified to be called a true melding, just went to show just how powerful and wondrous this type of fighting method was!


Without a doubt, Ulcen Ward was the strongest opponent Xia Fei had faced in his life!


Furball became extremely irascible after his attack missed, and on top of that, he had witnessed his master get injured. Turning around, he mounted another charge toward Ulcen Ward, hurtling out like a speeding bullet!

Peacock Blue had also been roused. Rapidly healing the wound, Peacock Blue twisted and ferociously lunged at the enemy!

Both the Holy Beast and the Immemorial Mystical Armament were top grade intrepid existences in this universe. Neither was intimidated by the fact Ulcen had a Law Overlord cultivation, nor was it enough to curb their fighting spirits. Furthermore, both Peacock Blue and Furball were competing with each other, neither willing to fall behind the other.

The fight had progressed extremely tragically. Ulcen Ward was still underestimating Xia Fei; He had not only attained a Law Emperor cultivation; his Law of Primal Chaos had also been promoted! In fact, Furball and Peacock Blue had gotten promoted, too! Therefore, he was a lot stronger than before!

The Law of Primal Chaos had disruptive power, and facing a Law Overlord, who was aggressive in attacking like Ulcen Ward, Xia Fei had to depend on his many treasures just to hang on for dear life.

Four minutes passed, and one bloodied individual could be seen struggling to get up. His body was already covered in countless wounds, with plenty of his bones broken! Even the war armor Edgeless had been badly damaged. A large hole was torn on his left arm, revealing the white bone inside!

This was none other than Xia Fei!

Gritting his teeth. Xia Fei pulled out a metal splint from his spatial ring and swiftly bound it on his broken left arm to set it. Fresh blood was spurting out like a fountain, and he had no way to staunch its flow. The ground beneath Xia Fei’s feet had already been dyed red at this point!

Everyone knew just how agonizingly painful a broken arm was. The beads of sweat, which was the size of beans, on Xia Fei’s forehead made this abundantly clear, but he refused to give up despite this. He resumed the fight after he was done bandaging himself!

His left arm trembled as he raised the Blood Crystal. Xia Fei’s complexion was pale and his head was groggy, clear symptoms of having lost so much blood.

The ability to reinforce the body with law force was truly overpowered. Every strike Ulcen Ward made dealt devastating damage to Xia Fei, and even though Edgeless was a piece of Law-Emperor-grade equipment, it was powerless against the relentless assault of this Law Overlord and could not provide Xia Fei with better protection.

Peacock Blue had been torn into pieces, with its blades of bluegrass littering ground. Though it was known to be the most tenacious weed in the universe, the speed at which it regrew was not as fast as the ruination Ulcen Ward could do to it.

Furball stopped mid-air and panted there laboriously. He had already used all his energy but was still unable to pose the slightest bit of threat to the Law Overlord.

At the end of the day, both Peacock Blue and Furball were still young, so against an overwhelmingly powerful opponent like this, neither Holy Beast nor the Immemorial Mystical Armament could do anything.

Ulcen Ward’s eyes were bloodshot. Four minutes had passed; the men of the Law Enforcement Board were about to arrive, yet he had not taken care of Xia Fei yet. This was utterly humiliating!

A mere Law Emperor was actually able to resist the attacks of a Law Overlord war god for over four minutes. It was practically a miracle that Xia Fei could still be seen standing!

Speaking of which, Ulcen Ward found it strange how an insignificant individual was actually able to have so many different treasures. Take Peacock Blue for example; it had gotten many times stronger than when he had first come across it!

With all these treasures protecting Xia Fei, as well as the young man’s superspeed and his peculiar physical agility, he could evade his attacks time after time, keeping his life intact at even the cost of heavy injuries, like a sturdy weathering through the storm.

Seeing the stubborn Xia Fei bandaging his already broken arm once more, persisting still with the fight so desperately, Ulcen Ward was suddenly reminded of how Xia Fei had had that ferocious stare of his as he bit off Yu Hua’s ear. The young man right now was behaving no differently from how he had had at that time. It looked like there was no one in the world who could subdue him!

‘No time left!’ Ulcen Ward looked up in the sky and abruptly raised his arms. The veins on them visibly popped out!

“Miniaturized Nebula!”

Ulcen Ward used all the law force in him and unleashed his greatest attack on Xia Fei!

Miniaturized Nebula was known as one of the supreme complexities of the Law of Space—the ultimate move of the Moonward Clan! Despite Ulcen Ward having a Law Overlord cultivation, he still felt fairly strained when using this.

Xia Fei’s physical agility was far too strange, and he had too many treasures. If Ulcen Ward would surely waste quite a lot of time if he tried to kill the young man through conventional means, and time was the one thing he lacked right now!

“Remember this: My name is Ward, Ulcen Ward!” Ulcen Ward’s expression was stern as he declared loudly. “The fact that you’ve managed to force me into using my ultimate martial move makes you worthy of knowing this old man’s name!”

Xia Fei was slightly surprised. The Ward family was from one of the Nine Great Clans and belonged to the Moonward Clan, of which the name rang like the clap of thunder. How could anyone not know who they were?

He was an insignificant junior in the Law Realm, yet he was bearing the rage from one of the Nine Great Clans all by himself! People would think that Xia Fei was insane or at least a fool if word about this got out. A young man who did not know the limits of his own strength.

‘Ah, so I’m going up against the distinguished Moonward Clan.’ Xia Fei let out a bitter yet helpless laugh in his mind.


The very land began trembling as sound like exploding firecrackers filled the air.

Miniaturized Nebula was an incomparable attack, which covered a hundred mile area around Ulcen.

An invisible force very swiftly enveloped Xia Fei’s body, like a layer of armor made of mental energy. This was none other than the force from the Law of Primal Chaos!

The demon lord was stunned. Xia Fei had actually wanted to try and reinforce his body with law force, too? Still, he was just a novice Law Emperor! Doing so would be too much a strain! It was extremely dangerous!

Blood dripped from Xia Fei’s two eyes, which had already become blood red!


Xia Fei had already gotten that feeling!

Bloodied all over?

Xia Fei could not see that, either!

Even as someone insignificant, he still had the pride of someone insignificant!

Xia Fei had already made up his mind toward this course of action. He was like an enraged wild beast, ready to launch the most powerful attack of his life there and then!

When Ulcen Ward’s Law of Space clashed with Xia Fei’s Law of Primal Chaos in mid-air, it created an awful and ear-splitting sound, like two monstrous beasts’ roar!

Ulcen Ward’s eyebrows knitted, staring at Xia Fei in disbelief.

This was when something abnormal occurred!

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