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Chapter 28 Beast Spirit Codex

Chapter 28 Beast Spirit Codex

Speed was a kind of ability that was also the most penetrative weapon!

A distance of slightly less than 100 meters had been traversed in an instant! To be more precise, it was traversed in 0.5 seconds! It was simply the blink of the eye!

Xia Fei's hand flashed as he used one of his hands to take the Heart of Spirit from the Forest Viper's hand. He used his other hand to subtly and skillfully stab at Forest Viper's heart with Golden Stinger.

He wasn't just going to snatch the item, he was also going for a kill!

The Forest Viper's ability was the Venomous Fangs; therefore, speed and ability to react quickly weren't his expertise. When Forest Viper saw the blade of the Golden Stinger, his eyes widened as his body splashed out with green gas.

"Not good!" Xia Fei muttered and activated his leg muscles to have a burst in speed!

Xia Fei was originally advancing in a straight line and had suddenly turned towards another direction where the green gas was much thinner. He barely managed to avoid the assault from the green gas.

Despite the case, a trace of green gas was still absorbed by Xia Fei's lungs. His innards started to burn violently since it was excruciating!

"This gas is poisonous! Hurry up and eat three of the Snake Eye Berries and stop moving at full speed." Phantom said hastily.

Xia Fei put that Heart of Spirit into his pocket quickly while he conveniently took out three Snake Eye Berries from the bag in between four of his fingers and tossed them into his mouth.


The berries were crunchy as refreshing energy entered Xia Fei's body. It was a little like peppermint, but the taste was much more concentrated.

The Snake Eye Berries were fruits from the Golden Snake Tree in the marshes. It wouldn't just enhance physical capabilities after consumption, it even had anti-poison properties and great recovery effects. It was known as the universe's cheapest omnipotent fruit.

"I underestimated him. He has already cultivated to the stage where he can release poison gas. His cultivation is at least Star Domain rank!" Phantom said.

"Star Domain rank!" Xia Fei was slightly startled. Forest Viper, who had never revealed his ability, was actually at such a formidable rank!

The number of Ability Users on Earth that had reached the Star Base rank was definitely not more than 100, and it was even rarer for people to reach the Star Domain rank.

It was fortunate that Xia Fei's mind was abnormally sharp; he retreated as soon as he realized something was wrong. If he had not retreated, the result would have been disastrous.

The Snake Eye Berries were taking effect rapidly on Xia Fei's body, and the pain had already stopped within a few seconds.

Forest Viper stood still and didn't take the opportunity to attack Xia Fei, while his face was constantly sweating. The release of poison gas was a life-saving move that he would never use unless there was no other choice. Every time he used it, his body would suffer severe damages.

"The poison gas is still spreading, you have to leave this room immediately," Phantom whispered.

Xia Fei didn't hesitate and rushed for the main door.


Suddenly, a heavy sluice gate shut down and blocked off the only exit. At the same time, the hall lit up with a yellow warning light while countless fluids were sprinkled from above. There was a rainstorm in the hall.

A peculiar smell started to fill the entire room. It was rather tart with a little sweet scent. These fluids were obviously not pure water.

Xia Fei involuntarily retreated to the corner of the hall.

"It is an antidote. This building is fitted with an automatic device that clears toxins. The system must have detected some toxicity in the hall and is activated automatically." Phantom explained.

Fortunately, the green gas quickly diminished and vanished without a trace. Forest Viper's face turned unpleasant. Without the poison gas, it was the same as losing an arm since his offensive capability would decline sharply.

"You are Xia Fei? You aren't dead yet?" Forest Viper asked.

"There are plenty of people in the world who deserve to die, even if we made a queue, it wouldn't be my turn yet." Xia Fei smiled and asked, "Why do you seem very disappointed?"

Forest Viper laughed bitterly and reached out his hand to groom his drenched hair. He then took out the handkerchief to clean his leather shoes again.

He immediately realized that it was impossible for him to tidy and groom himself in this rainstorm.

After throwing the handkerchief in the accumulated puddles of antidote, Forest Viper extended his hands and both of his palms were now pitch-black in color again.

Xia Fei maintained a constant state of vigilance. He was doing his best to stall for time and hoped that his body could recover so he could utilize 100% of his combat strength.

Now that Xia Fei was facing an expert of the Star Domain rank, there wasn't a need to hold back; he had to fight at full strength as well!

The combined effects of the antidote and the Snake Eye Berries were obvious, and the toxins in Xia Fei's body were rapidly being cleansed.

All of a sudden!

Forest Viper and Xia Fei made their moves at the same time!

Forest Viper's ten fingers were like ten long swords that were launched at Xia Fei!

Xia Fei's figure ducked as he started to traverse in between the ten fingers like a nimble loach.

Forest Viper moved abruptly!

Ten razor-sharp fingers turned towards Xia Fei and swept at him! They were trying to obstruct Xia Fei's advances.

Xia Fei swiftly reacted and moved around the sweeping direction of the fingers. His legs didn't stop running and were rapidly approaching Forest Viper!

50 meters!

30 meters!

10 meters!

This was the closest Xia Fei could get to Forest Viper. Any closer and Xia Fei would be sliced by the sharp fingers, and if he suffered an injury, it would be fatal!


Xia Fei activated strength from one of his arms and suddenly shot out the Golden Stinger! The speed was even faster than a bullet!

Forest Viper never expected Xia Fei to use the Golden Stinger as a throwing blade!

This unassuming throw had actually gathered its speed from the strength of Xia Fei's arm and abdomen!


There was a muffled sound. Forest Viper's forehead had an additional stinger that was flashing with golden light.

Forest Viper let out a long sigh and closed his eyes reluctantly.

Xia Fei walked to the side of Forest Viper and pulled out the Golden Stinger before wiping it clean with Forest Viper's clothes.

Xia Fei then said, "You forgot that the blade can also fly."

"Not bad, well done!" Phantom muttered to himself while hiding at the side. "To win, he is bold enough to use unconventional moves without hesitation. Xia Fei is indeed a natural warrior."

There was only one objective in combat and that was to win!

To obtain victory, one had to be bold enough to use all methods, even the fatal methods that the enemy would never expect. Xia Fei had definitely achieved this.

The room had a total of two doors. The door where Xia Fei entered from was sealed off while it was unknown where the other door led to.

Xia Fei arrived in front of the door and observed it. The door was made of gold and had a long keyhole.

After pondering, Xia Fei took out the Golden Stinger and stabbed inside. The keyhole was actually a perfect match for the shape of the Golden Stinger.


The heavy golden door opened on two sides and revealed another room.

The room was dazzling with splendor, and it was built completely with gold.

"Heavens, how much gold was used to make this?" Xia Fei asked himself.

At the center of the room was a golden platform where a scroll was lying.

The scroll was made with a golden paper, and it was engraved with Mayan words. It seemed like an introduction about how to interact with animals.

Xia Fei flipped to the cover page and took a glance. "Beast Spirit Codex? What is this thing?"

Right at this moment, a deep and resounding voice echoed from behind Xia Fei, "Why is the Stinger of Massacre with you?"

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