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Chapter 27 Heart of Spiri

Chapter 27 Heart of Spiri

Eight saber-toothed tigers suddenly appeared and were less than 100 meters away from Xia Fei. They had two giant fangs that were razor-sharp and were like two fatal daggers glimmering brightly under the moonlight.

It was fortunate that Xia Fei was using Breath Control to conceal his presence; therefore, the saber-toothed tigers didn't notice him.

The saber-toothed tigers were large prehistoric felids that were already extinct during the ice age. How did they still exist on this piece of land?

The saber-toothed tigers were growling as they lunged at the Black Snake Gang members with their fanged jaws. Their ferocity was far beyond any modern felines.

They were more brutal than tigers and much faster than cheetahs!

The Black Snake Gang underlings closest to the saber-toothed tigers immediately started shooting with their automatic firearms. It was a pity that any counterattack at this moment was just a useless struggle.

There were waves of miserable shrieks, and in just a few seconds, the underlings were torn into pieces by the saber-toothed tigers, and not a single corpse was intact.

Fresh blood splashed onto the saber-toothed tigers, making these ferocious beasts look even more horrific.

Perhaps the saber-toothed tigers felt that three Ability Users, Black Cat, Ninja and Mantis, were formidable since they didn't attack them recklessly. They gathered them in the middle and slowly reduced the encirclement.


The three Ability Users of the Black Snake Gang had suddenly moved!

Black Cat rushed to the left, Ninja rushed to the right, while the slowest Mantis remained still with an ashen expression.


The two saber-toothed tigers rushed at Mantis, while the six other saber-toothed tigers formed groups of three to pursue Black Cat and Ninja.

These wild beasts actually looked like they were trained professionally. They weren't just organized, they were disciplined and even had tactics!

It was truly unbelievable to see that animals could be trained as soldiers. I wonder who could tame these savage beasts.

Mantis raised both his sharp hammers and smashed at the two saber-toothed tigers that were lunging at him. His strength was immense, and when he swung the hammers, there were loud swishing sounds.


The hammers smashed onto the saber-toothed tigers' waists, but those ferocious fangs had also bit down on both sides of Mantis' body!


Mantis' body was torn into a few pieces. Only his head and his body were still connected by the spine. Blood and innards were splattered all over the ground; his death was truly a horrendous sight.

The two saber-toothed tigers had collapsed on the ground as they whimpered and couldn't get back up anymore.

On the other side, Ninja and Black Cat were using their fast speeds to dodge and evade, while the saber-toothed tigers used the advantage of their numbers to surround and intercept.


Ninja's blade flashed like lightning and sliced off one of the saber-toothed tigers' heads with a white flash. He was clawed by another saber-toothed tiger, resulting in a bloodied mess on his shoulder.

After suffering severe injuries, Ninja groaned and used one of his hands to wield his blade to continue fighting.

Black Cat and Ninja had a speed of around 70 m/s, and it was difficult for the saber-toothed tigers to catch them. The wild beasts gradually fell into a disadvantage; only three of the tigers were still capable of fighting and were injured as well.

On the Black Snake Gang's side, Ninja was severely injured, but Black Cat used her nimble moves to dodge the joint attacks from the saber-toothed tigers and escaped unscathed.

Her movements were cat-like; they were nimble and filled with variations, making it hard to predict her next landing point.

Xia Fei decided to eliminate Black Cat first as he deemed her the most dangerous out of all.


Ninja's katana pierced into the last saber-toothed tiger's heart and ended the battle.

Ninja was panting and was swaying obviously as he sheathed his katana. Black Cat was standing by the side and using her sleeve to wipe the sweat off her forehead. They might have won this battle, but it wasn't an easy victory.

Right at this moment, Xia Fei flashed and charged out from between the trees. He attacked at the moment when Ninja and Black Cat dropped their guards!

The end of a fierce battle was when a person would always relax and be the least alert. If it were a few seconds later, Black Cat and Ninja would have regained their vigilance.

A speed of 185 m/s was the same as flying, and an ordinary person couldn't see such speed.

Crafty Thrust, combo skill!

Xia Fei's figure flashed past the duo and left two fatal wounds on the neck of Black Cat and on the back of Ninja's head. Before they could even react, they had already died under Xia Fei's Golden Stinger.

Such shocking speed and such fatal blade moves!

*Plop Plop*

Black Cat and Ninja collapsed onto the ground and turned into two corpses. At this moment, Xia Fei had already rushed to the entrance of the pyramid!

It all happened in less than a second. Without a keen observation of opportunities and a decisive action, it was impossible to eliminate two Star Light rank Ability Users within such a short time.

Leaning onto the stone wall of the entrance, Xia Fei listened attentively to make sure there wasn't anyone inside before walking into the pyramid.

The interior of the pyramid was an extremely spacious stone hall. The walls were filled with stone inscriptions of friendly interactions between humans and animals.

The stone inscriptions were vivid and lifelike. They might be from an ancient era, but they still looked new as the patterns and lines were still very distinct.

At the front of the hall, there was an altar as a golden beast was crouching at the center of the altar.

This strange beast was covered in scales, its head was hexagonal in shape, and it had prominent edges. It looked like a ruler of the world.

The altar was carved with a few golden Atlantis words: "Beast Spirit Altar."

Behind the altar was another door that echoed with the intense quarrel from two individuals.

Xia Fei tiptoed over silently and could see Black Rhino and Forest Viper in a dispute over something.

Black Rhino reprimanded loudly, "You idiot! You knew that a key is required to enter the secret room, and you actually killed Andre and those people? Now we can't get any of the treasures all because of you!"

"You cannot blame me for this." Forest Viper took out a handkerchief and wiped his leather shoes meticulously as there were a few drops of saliva from Black Rhino.

"I already mentioned it before that we should capture all the crew members on the Storm Goddess and interrogate them. You were the one who was set on taking revenge for the brothers and didn't hesitate to blast that ship down. Furthermore, I didn't know that the secret room would need a key." Forest Viper unhurriedly explained as his tone was filled with disdain towards Black Rhino.

"What kind of attitude is that?!" Black Rhino was unhappy, and his huge dark face was flushed red. "Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because I favor you. There are plenty of pretty boys in this world. I can get any man I want with money! I am still the person in charge of the Black Snake Gang, and even if I die, it will not be your turn!"

"Do you really think that the Black Snake Gang cannot survive without you?" Forest Viper laughed heartily and said, "To tell you the truth, I have been tolerating you all this time! Do you really think the Black Snake Gang would still be standing here today with your paste-like brain?"

"You!" Black Rhino was furious. He raised his hand and slapped Forest Viper.


Forest Viper didn't dodge or step away. A bright red handprint with five fingers instantly appeared on his fair skin.

After using his hands to rub his cheek, Forest Viper used an extremely gloomy tone and said, "This slap is a return of favor to you for saving me back then. From now on, I don't owe you anything else."

As soon as Forest Viper finished speaking, he reached out his right hand with all five slender fingers pointed at Black Rhino's face.

Black Rhino looked considerably huge, but his feet were rather nimble.

He rapidly retreated over ten meters while his eyes were flickering as he seemed to be very apprehensive of Forest Viper.

"What are you trying to do?" Black Rhino asked in a deep voice.

"To take back what is mine." Forest Viper said coldly.

All of a sudden, Forest Viper's fingers extended!

The fingertips were extremely sharp, and his palm and fingers had turned completely black!

"Is this ability incredible?" Xia Fei asked Phantom.

"Yes, the Venomous Fangs ability can allow a person's fingers to turn into a weapon while being able to lengthen and shorten at will. It is extremely sharp and even has a severe venom. From the color of his fingers, his cultivation is at least at the Advanced Star Base rank." Phantom stated.

"Advanced Star Base rank!" Xia Fei was shocked. He never expected this young and handsome man to be powerful and was two stages stronger than him.

Black Rhino's forehead broke out with cold sweat. "You will not be able to break my defenses."

Forest Viper didn't say anything. His hands shook vigorously and shot out five fingers like arrows!

Black Rhino used his arms to protect his face as his eyes and mouth were his weak spots. If he were inflicted by the venom from the Venomous Fangs, he was definitely going to die.

The five Venomous Fangs struck hard on Black Rhino's abdomen, causing him to grunt and take two steps back.

"I already said that it is useless."

As soon as Black Rhino spoke, he suddenly fell onto the ground while his body convulsed with pain as white foam formed in his mouth.

"My Venomous Fangs don't have to penetrate your defense. They just have to leave a shallow scratch on your skin." Forest Viper said in a cold voice.

It seemed like the Venomous Fangs' ferocious attacks had left a faint and slight scratch on Black Rhino's skin.

This slight scratch was enough to be proven fatal!

Such intense toxicity!

The formidable Black Rhino was actually killed so easily and couldn't even block one attack from Forest Viper!

The Forest Viper's hand reverted back to normal, and the color turned back to white.

He walked to the side of Black Rhino and took out an emerald green crystal from Black Rhino's pocket. He then used his admiring eyes to observe it with a pleased smile.

The crystal was the shape of a heart while being translucent and limpid. It was flickering with greenish radiance and emitting a mysterious feeling.

"A person like you isn't qualified to possess the Heart of Spirit." Forest Viper kicked Black Rhino's dead body and said.

At this moment, Xia Fei's acute intuition told him to make a move now!

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