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Chapter 24 Golden Compass

Chapter 24 Golden Compass

Andre asked with an overwhelmingly emotional tone, "Xia Fei, you can read Atlantis' language!?"

Xia Fei nodded repeatedly. Xia Fei had experienced the amazing capabilities of the AI translation microchip on multiple occasions. No matter what language, or even the most difficult words, the microchip would be able to translate it accurately.

The words on the golden board might be complicated, but the universe had plenty of complicated words. If the AI translation microchip could translate almost any language in the universe, there wasn't any reason why it couldn't decipher Atlantis' scriptures.

Andre was speechless. Countless experts and scholars tried and failed, but Xia Fei deciphered it as if it were a no big deal.

"This thing was found in an old tomb near Greece. The Golden Stinger was also found there. According to the detailed analysis from the supercomputers, we determined that it is a map in disguise." Andre said.

"Wait here for a moment." Andre stood up to make a phone call. Shortly after, an old pedant who looked to be over 70 years old arrived in the room.

"This is Professor Wang Boshan, who specializes in Atlantis history. Xia Fei, read out this section for Professor Wang." Andre gave an introduction.

Xia Fei read out the words for the professor. After listening, Wang Boshan got very excited, "Where did you learn this language? The Atlantis language is complicated and has variations. Despite spending many years researching, none of the researchers truly managed to decipher this language. How did you do it?"

Xia Fei used a random lie before intentionally changing the topic. "Professor Wang, what diagram is this? What is its function?"

Wang Boshan said, "This is a map, but we don't know where this map leads to. According to our current speed, we should be able to reach the designated location tomorrow morning. By then, all the mysteries will be solved."

It was dawn, and Xia Fei was already on the deck. He saw Andre wearing an overcoat while standing at the ship's bow as he watched the rising sun from the east.

"Oh, you're also here. Can't sleep either?" Andre asked.

Xia Fei lit up a cigarette and said, "That's right, we are going to see Atlantis soon. I'm rather excited."

"Come with me, accompany me for breakfast." Andre patted on Xia Fei's shoulder.

Three underwater robots were already placed in the sea while there was a busy scene on the deck of the Storm Goddess. Everyone was filled with expectations.

The underwater images were transmitted to the control room as dozens of eyes were staring at the surveillance monitor without even blinking.

"There is something over there!" One of the observing researchers yelled out.

On the flat seabed, there was a giant and irregular-shaped object. It was covered with seaweed and sand, making it very prominent.

The underwater robot quickly went over and used a water jet gun to clean off the sand on the object's surface.

Approximately ten minutes later, everyone could finally see that it was just a piece of rock under the sand.

However, this didn't discourage the exploration members and continued to carefully search the seabed.

On the first day, there were no results, but everyone looked forward to the second day.

On the second day, there were still no new results, but everyone looked forward to the third day.

On the third day, the wreckage of an ancient ship was found but was not of much value. Feelings of disappointment started to spread on the Storm Goddess.

On the fourth day, nothing new was found, and the dinner time turned very quiet. Some people even started drinking alcohol to deal with their disappointments.

On the fifth day, the disappointments were gradually turning into pessimism. The negativity and slack were getting severe. There was also a situation where two crew members quarreled over a small matter.

It was already night time as Xia Fei stood at the bow of the ship while contemplating quietly. He looked up at the bright, almost full moon. "The Moon Goddess's smile? Phantom, what does a person's face look like when they smile?"

"When they smile? Of course, it is a round-shape."

"Round... Round!" Xia Fei suddenly thought of something and mumbled to himself excitedly.

"I've got it! Moon Goddess! Battle God of Massacre!"

Xia Fei sprinted down the gangway and arrived at Andre's cabin in a blink of an eye.

*Bang Bang Bang! Bang Bang Bang*

Xia Fei panted as he knocked on Andre's cabin door.

"Who is it? It is already late."

"It's me, Xia Fei."

Andre was wearing nightshirts when he opened the door as Xia Fei rushed into the room while speaking in a deep voice, "Bring that golden board out quickly."

Andre rushed to open the safe while asking, "Did something happen? You're acting strange."

"Don't ask, you will know later." Xia Fei said.

The golden board was placed on the table as it was flashing with a mysterious golden radiance. The lines on the surface were distinct and complex.

Xia Fei took out the Golden Stinger and gently fixed it at the center of the golden board.

A miracle appeared!

The Golden Stinger trembled slightly and immediately turned around to point in the northwest direction!

Andre's eyes widened as he tried his best to control his breaths as his expressions turned extremely excited.

After a few attempts to adjust it, the Golden Stinger started to point towards the northwest direction without exception.

Andre finally couldn't hold back and asked with a shaky voice, "What exactly is going on?"

"Very simple, this Golden Stinger and this golden board is a single entity. It is a compass that is specially used to point to a location." Xia Fei said.

"Compass!" Andre felt his body tremble while trying to look for a cigarette to relieve his anxiety.

Xia Fei took out his Hongtashan and handed one stick over as Andre received it with trembling hands and lit it up.

"How did you discover it?" Andre asked while still trembling.

"The answer is written here." Xia Fei pointed at the golden board that was covered in lines. "Whenever the Moon Goddess smiles, the shattered doors will be opened. The path to the secret realm has to be guided by the Battle God of Massacre."

"The true meaning of these words is that at every full moon night, a certain place would open the door that leads to a secret realm. To reach that secret realm, one would need to rely on this Golden Stinger as a guide."

"This golden board and Golden Stinger were found in the same place. Therefore, they are supposed to be together and should be used as an assembly."

"How do you explain the map then?" Andre asked nervously.

"This isn't a map at all!" Xia Fei said loudly, "I don't know why all of you are thinking it to be a kind of map. In my opinion, these diagrams on the board are similar to the diagrams on the Golden Stinger. They are merely decorations."

Andre hugged his head while thinking of multiple things in his head. After all, this sudden discovery had disrupted all of his previous thoughts, causing his mind to be confused.

"Don't hesitate, order the captain to turn back right now. The night of the full moon is tomorrow night."

"Okay!" Andre tossed the cigarette butt and walked over to his table to call the bridge of the ship. "Captain David, this is Andre. Turn the ship back and head northwest."

The sea was very peaceful as a bright moon was gradually rising up.

This sea area was the location where the Golden Stinger was pointing. Right now, aside from waiting for that shattered door to open, nothing else could be done.

The crew on the Storm Goddess was abnormally nervous as they gathered on the deck. All of them wished to witness the miraculous moment, even the chefs were here too.

Xia Fei and Wu Long were standing side by side at the bow of the ship as their feet were covered with cigarette butts. It was apparent that the two of them were extremely nervous.

"What does 'the shattered doors' refer to? Could a door appear out of nowhere on the sea?" Wu Long spat a mouthful of saliva into the sea and asked.

Xia Fei shook his head. "I'm not sure, but I have a feeling."

"What feeling?" Wu Long asked nervously.

"Atlantis might not be at the bottom of the sea." Xia Fei whispered.

Wu Long was slightly stunned. "If it didn't sink to the bottom of the sea, how did it vanish?"

When Wu Long finished speaking, there was an anomaly that suddenly happened!

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