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Chapter 23 Storm Goddess

Chapter 23 Storm Goddess

Atlantic Ocean, Storm Goddess!

"Xia Fei, I will introduce you to the other exploration group's members now." Andre stated.

Xia Fei shook his hand repeatedly. "There are a few hundred crews in this shop. You couldn't possibly introduce all of them to me, right?"

Andre laughed heartily. "That is true. Exploring Atlantis has always been a dream of mine, that's why I am a little over-excited."

"I am not as excited as you. I heard from Wu Long that the ship's safety functions aren't that great. We should be more cautious." Xia Fei said in a composed manner.

The Black Snake Gang was very strange. After Xia Fei killed both Madman and Wild Rose, the Black Snake Gang didn't continue to pursue them and had actually removed Xia Fei, Wu Long, and Andre from the Black Snake List. It allowed the preparations for the exploration project to be conducted more smoothly.

Whenever something was abnormal, there must have been something wrong. Logically, Black Rhino, who was the Black Snake Gang's chief, was a person who wouldn't back down without any revenge. If he could hold back until this moment, there must be some hidden plot.

If even the normally rough and crude Wu Long had also detected the commotion behind the serenity, Xia Fei had no reason not to pay attention.

Andre sent an eye signal to Xia Fei as an indication that his grandson Charlie was still here, and it wasn't convenient to discuss those matters now.

Xia Fei took a glance at the setting sun and said, "I wish to shower first. Let the three of us have dinner together since we haven't met in a long time."

"Alright, I will ask the kitchen to prepare some good food. You stayed at the canyon for over three months and should already be sick of canned food, right?" Andre laughed and stated.

"It doesn't matter what I eat. The most important point is quantity." Xia Fei replied. His current appetite was significantly higher than before, and each meal would need portions for six individuals.

"Don't worry, I will ask the head chef to take charge of the cooking and prepare 20 portions, no, 30 portions of food."

Xia Fei's cabin was one floor under the deck, and it was a solitary room. It wasn't huge, but it had comprehensive facilities. There was a stack of books on the study table as well as an IBM laptop.

After taking a hot shower, Xia Fei changed into clean clothes and switched on the laptop to log into the internet.

His inbox was constantly flashing as it displayed that there were 342 unread emails.

"There are so many emails. Who sent them?" Xia Fei spoke to himself.

After opening the inbox, there was a long string of invitation letters. They were all employment contracts that were sent to Xia Fei from the large corporations.

Xia Fei smiled. His personal wealth was already beyond these large corporations, why would he even bother to work for them?

There were a few congratulatory emails from the federal government and invitations for Xia Fei to work for the government. Xia Fei didn't hesitate to put these emails into the trash.

'Adjudicator Union's Earth Branch.' This email caught Xia Fei's attention. He quickly opened the email, and the following content was written in it.

"'Adjudicator Union's Earth Branch is preparing an assessment on December 1st of this and is recruiting three Apprentice Adjudicators. Those who wish to register will need to be at least Star Base rank and not be more than Star Domain rank. Special Ability Users are not restricted by their ranks.'"

Special Ability Users were very rare, and they didn't have any classification of ranks. Some heaven-defying special abilities might be at the lowest rank but would still be able to instantly kill the Strength and Speed Ability Users.

When Xia Fei encountered Wild Rose previously, her spiritual control technique was considered a heaven-defying special ability, and she could restrain and even control the target.

It was fortunate that Wild Rose's spiritual control technique was still weak at that time, and Xia Fei's consciousness resistance was rather resilient. Otherwise, Xia Fei could have stabbed his leg a thousand times, and it would still be useless.

"'If you wish to participate in the assessment, you will need to register within three days.'"

Xia Fei pondered before asking, "Phantom, do you know about the Adjudicators?"

Phantom swayed as he emerged from the Moore Stone; it seemed like he was reciting the scriptures.

"Being an Adjudicator is a rather good profession. Why do you ask?" Phantom asked in return.

"The Adjudicator Union's Earth Branch is going to recruit three Apprentice Adjudicators. Do you think it is still too early for me to register now?"

Phantom shook his head repeatedly. "What kind of joke is this? Apprentice Adjudicators will require a cultivation of at least Star Domain rank. You are only at the Star Base rank. Even if you register, they will not accept you."

Xia Fei took another glance at the email. "It is correct, though. It is written that those at the Star Base rank can register."

"Really? Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up and register." Phantom sounded rather excited.

"But this is for the position of Apprentice Adjudicators, it isn't official."

Phantom was a little angry, "Don't you look down on Apprentice Adjudicators. Do you know what is the acceptance rate for Apprentice Adjudicators?"

Xia Fei shook his head.

"10,000 : 1! For every 10,000 applicants, there will only be one Apprentice Adjudicator!"

Xia Fei's eyes were filled with disbelief. "If it is already so difficult to become an Apprentice Adjudicator, wouldn't it be more difficult to become an official Adjudicator."

"The Adjudicators don't just enjoy outrageous privileges, they also possess the best and most comprehensive cultivation system in the universe. They also have access to massive resources that are inaccessible by the outside world."

"The welfare provided by the Adjudicator Union is too overwhelming. Just take the medicinal ingredients that you require for cultivation. When your rank is higher, you will need those super medicinal ingredients to stimulate your body. Those super medicinal ingredients are things that you will not be able to purchase even if you have the money. But inside the Adjudicator Union, you can easily redeem them."

"The Adjudicator Union controls 20% of the remnants from the universe's super civilizations. If you get a chance to enter one of those remnants even once and manage to obtain one or two items from there, you will be rich for the rest of your life!"

"Don't see that it is just an Apprentice Adjudicator role. Apprentice Adjudicators can also enjoy the cultivation system and the transaction services provided by the union. With your current cultivation speed, if you wish to reach the Star Domain rank, you will need at least another year and countless star coins."

"If you join the Adjudicator Union, you can use those insane cultivation grounds and those precious medicinal ingredients. You can improve your rank further in less than half a year."

Phantom mentioned a lot of benefits that involved the Adjudicators and had a final conclusion. "Only a fool wouldn't wish to become an Adjudicator."

After listening to Phantom's explanation, he followed the requirements and returned an email. A few seconds later, the union replied with a confirmation email saying, "Hi, your information has been entered into our system. The time and location of the assessment will be sent to your inbox after it is verified. Please take note of it."

Dinner was held at Andre's room.

There was a round table that was spread out with all sorts of delicacies, Xia Fei ate to his heart's content and even drank two bottles of fine red wine.

After putting down the dinner knife, Xia Fei used the napkin to clean his mouth before lighting up a cigarette stick. "Are the chefs onboard all investigated thoroughly? If they are members of the Black Snake Gang, a small vial of poison is enough to wipe us out."

Andre was drinking a cup of water, and when he heard Xia Fei's concerns, he nearly spat it out. "Xia Fei, aren't you a little over-cautious? These chefs have been working in my manor for at least five years; you can absolutely trust them."

"Every crew on the ship has gone through a strict investigation, and even the slightest suspicion would stop them from being employed on the Storm Goddess."

Xia Fei puffed out a ring of smoke and said, "We, Chinese, have an old saying, 'Those who are cautious can navigate the ship for ten thousand years.' It is never bad to be cautious about everything."

Wu Long repeatedly nodded. "I agree with Xia Fei's words. The Black Snake Gang's bastards aren't that easy to deal with."

Xia Fei kept silent for a moment before he stood up and paced around the cabin. "Andre, we were able to meet and know each other because the Black Snake Gang wished to obtain the 'Golden Stinger.' Let's assume that the Black Snake Gang isn't interested in the 'Golden Stinger' but for the ruins of Atlantis. What would they do?"

"If I were them, I would follow the Storm Goddess and wait until Atlantis is found before making a move." Andre said, "But look at this vast sea. Apart from us, there aren't any other ships, and all of the crew members are fine. I still feel that you are overly cautious."

Xia Fei stayed silent and thought. 'Am I really overly precautious?'

Andre stood up and walked in front of a bookcase before pressing on a hidden button.

Moments later, the bookcase split apart and revealed a hidden safe.

Andre pressed the code before taking out a chain from his pocket that had a key. He then said mysteriously, "Let me show the two of you another item from Atlantis."

Xia Fei and Wu Long approached the safe with interest, only to see Andre carefully taking out a square-shaped thing that was covered in a layer of white muslin.

Andre put the thing on the table and unwrapped the package, revealing a golden square board.

The golden board was 40 centimeters on all sides and was very heavy.

At the center of the golden board, there was a circle that was surrounded by densely packed lines. The two corners were carved with unknown characters.

Right at this moment, the AI translation microchip in Xia Fei's brain was rapidly operating!

A short moment later, Xia Fei spoke, "Whenever the Moon Goddess smiles, the shattered doors will be opened. The path to the secret realm has to be guided by the Battle God of Massacre."

Andre turned pale with fright and had an inconceivable expression!

He asked with an overwhelmingly emotional tone, "Xia Fei, you can read Atlantis' language?"

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