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Chapter 836 - Wealthy Iron Man

Chapter 836: Wealthy Iron Man

After a brief silence, Robert suddenly said, “Did you piss off a lot of people? A while ago, you asked me to find someone I trust to set up a small security company to ensure the safety of our family.”

Luke said, “It’s not a big problem so far, but it’s good to be prepared; I can’t be sure if a lunatic won’t come looking for you someday.”

Robert frowned and thought for a long while, before he slowly nodded. “Alright, I’ll look for a few old friends. However, we haven’t been in contact for years. I don’t know how they’re doing.”

“It’s fine. You seem to have a lot of old friends. I believe you can find someone suitable.” Luke was relieved.

If Robert was like Drax, who had never been afraid of anyone in all his decades of fighting, that would be a real headache.

Most importantly, this involved the safety of his family, and Robert didn’t dare bet on the old and weak, and the woman and children at home.

“Shall we watch TV?” Luke got up.

Robert also stood up and said, “Okay.”

As they walked into the house, Robert suddenly remembered something and said, “No wonder you donated a million dollars to the police department when I returned from vacation. That’s the money the phone company made, right?”

Luke chuckled. “To improve the police department’s environment and make you more comfortable.”

Robert curled his lip. “A hundred thousand would have been enough. It’s a waste to give more. González hounded me for money this time to set up a separate deputy sheriff’s office. I couldn’t refuse him.”

Luke burst out laughing. “Alright, González has wanted a separate office for seven to eight years. It won’t be right for you to keep pushing the matter away. You have to be united and harmonious!”

González was the deputy sheriff and Robert’s right-hand man.

However, this guy and Robert were a little at odds. They weren’t bad guys, but they just didn’t like each other.

Robert had never given in to the guy’s request for a private office.

Firstly, the police department really didn’t have the money.

Secondly, in a small town police department with only a few people, a separate office for the deputy sheriff was more pretentious than practical.

Robert himself rarely stayed in his office. He would either be out driving or chatting in the office lounge.

But after Luke donated a million dollars to the police department, it was only to help Luke save on this money and nothing else that Robert agreed to let the deputy sheriff set up a private office for himself.

The money was only used to renovate the police department’s current small building, and to replace and add necessary facilities.

For example, the leaking pipes and holes in the walls which they usually patched up themselves were finally repaired by professional carpenters and plumbers.

Secondly, the less cool air-con units were also replaced.

Finally, at the request of all the officers, Robert gave them a new, high-end coffee machine.

This way, Robert spent less than thirty thousand dollars, and he put the rest of the money into the police department’s account as maintenance fees.

As the one and only donor to the town’s police department, Luke’s photo was posted on the police department’s wall of honor the next day. Under the photo was a description: Donor Luke Coulson, a lifelong honorary officer of Shackelford Police Department.

With money, his photo and name could be put up on the wall of honor.

In the Shackelford Police Department at least, one million was enough to put up ten people, or put up one person for ten lifetimes.

There had been no specific reason for the donation.

Everybody else in the police department also knew that they had gotten this benefit because of the sheriff’s connections, so nobody said anything.

This money would last Robert as sheriff until he was seventy.

The next day was Friday.

The whole family went out in the afternoon. Even Selina’s family headed out to the Coulson Ranch and Hayek Ranch.

The two ranches were neighbors, and had been handed over to the same professional team to handle.

When they saw Drax, the stubborn old man hugged Luke and swatted him a few times as he finally vented over the “surprise” which Luke gave him.

Next was everyday life at the ranch.

Work, ride, drink beer, and eat meat. They could do whatever they wanted.

While Luke and Selina were enjoying their family holiday at the ranch, a storm was brewing in Los Angeles.

Three days after the uncle and nephew fell out, Tony Stark held a press conference.

When Luke saw the announcement about the press conference last night, he specially turned on the TV early in the morning to see if Tony would go crazy and court death like in his previous life.

He also called Selina and told her to come and enjoy the show together.

Sheriff Robert was skipping work again today. He sat at the dining table with Luke and watched the TV that was in the living room.

Looking at the middle-aged man on the TV, Robert smacked his lips and said, “From the looks of it, he’s rich.”

Luke said, “You’re rich now. Remember to put that disdainful look away when you say ‘rich’ in the future.”

Robert said, “Rubbish, you’re the one who’s rich, not me.”

Luke shrugged. “Whatever you say, but you’re a rich man by law.”

Robert snorted and couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. He started discussing the rich person on TV again. “Does this female reporter hate him? She’s been targeting him.”

Luke said, “They slept together, he threw her away. It’s that simple.”

Robert said, “Hmph, rich people.”

Luke didn’t say anything this time. It was indeed very easy for rich people to act like this. At the very least, they didn’t need to think about wasting money when picking up girls.

It was precisely the lack of money that made it hard for most people to pick up girls.

Robert quickly glanced at Luke and asked, “Then how about a rich man like you?”

Pondering for a moment, Luke shook his head. “I’m much more upright than he is.”

Robert was doubtful. “Was I mistaken? Luke Coulson, be honest with me: Are you messing around now like this person on TV?”

Luke shook his head decisively. “No.”

How could he compare with Stark? The number of women Stark had “interacted” with in one year would be enough to last Luke a lifetime.

There was nothing wrong with a certain tycoon in this regard; he was just that “diligent.”

On TV, Tony had already raised a blue piece of paper and was reading the lines on it.

This was the speech provided by Agent Phil, who had been a professional “cleaner” for more than ten years. This agent also provided fifty professional “witnesses” who would prove that the tycoon had been partying on a particular yacht that night.

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind, and finally, a dark figure appeared in his head. The eyes behind the blood-red lenses seemed to be provoking him, and he then made a cheerful decision.

“The truth is…” Tony paused, then threw away the blue paper in his hand.

“I’m Iron Man!”

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