Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 835 - A Chat Here, a Chat There

Chapter 835: A Chat Here, a Chat There

Wiping the corner of her mouth, Selina confirmed it again in case she had misheard. “How much?”

Luke said, “About 5.7 billion.”

Selina: “…”

She had always known that Luke could make a lot of money.

Some time ago, she had read in the newspaper that Titanium Phone Company was valued at almost two billion, and Luke owned most of the shares in that company. He was truly a billionaire.

But she was still shocked by the scale this time.

After all, it had only been ten days since they last met, and he had already earned two to three times the value of Titanium Phone Company. This was simply just like a novel.

Luke looked at her with a smile. “Our handicraft company also has shares in the phone company, so this is also your earnings.”

Selina had once joked that their Cosmic Cube Technology Co., Ltd[1] was like a handicraft company, and her 200,000 dollars had gone down the drain.

He was taking revenge on her for her nasty words.

Selina thought for a moment, then shook her head decisively. “Keep the money for yourself. If you want to buy something, you can build that lab you’re always talking about.”

She had done a simple calculation of how much she had earned this time.

Cosmic Cube owned almost 80% of the shares in the phone company, and she had 5% of the shares, which meant that she could get more than 200 million dollars.

But she had never made any effort at all; she couldn’t just sit back and reap the benefits.

Knowing what she was thinking, Luke said with a smile, “Don’t worry. This money will be used to buy shares in Stark Industries. We’ll be shareholders of Stark Industries in the future.”

Selina: “What?”

What was going on?

Luke shrugged. “Even if I give you more than 200 million dollars, you won’t be able to use it. When we go to New York in a few days, we’ll have to protect ourselves. Becoming shareholders of Stark Industries is a good choice. Of course, Jenny is the one managing these shares.”

Selina had no objections.

A detective’s salary was enough to cover her daily expenses.

She had also gotten over a million dollars from hers and Luke’s wild clean-up of L.A. gangs.

She was also responsible for Gold Nugget’s portion. After all, the dog had no way of spending the money itself, and Selina was the one who used her credit card to pay for things online.

Thus, she still had 2 million dollars which she had yet to use.

The money for the ranch came from the dividends from the gold mine in Boom Town.

She wasn’t in the habit of buying luxury goods, so she had no use for the money.

After sharing the good news with Selina, Luke returned home.

Robert was sitting on the porch, leisurely drinking cold beer.

Seeing Luke return, he pointed next to him and said, “Sit down. Let’s talk.”

Luke did as he was told and picked up the other bottle of beer that was on a small table. He opened it and took a sip. “What are we talking about?”

After a brief silence, Robert took another sip of beer before he asked, “Are you in danger?”

Luke was stunned. “Huh?”

Robert said, “Transferring assets to family is something many people do when they’re in trouble.”

Luke was amused. “You’re overthinking it. I just don’t want those companies to be under my name.”

Robert was suspicious. “Really?”

Luke shrugged. “I don’t want the paparazzi to track me down to ask why I’m still a detective when I’m so rich.”

Robert clearly didn’t believe him. “Cut the crap. Do you see anyone else handing over most of their assets to their family just because they don’t want to be interviewed? Hmph, I’ve never seen that. It’s more about family turning against each other on the news and becoming enemies because of money.”

Luke shook his head. “But these shares are only a small portion of my assets.”

Robert: “…Are you f*cking kidding me?”

Luke said, “Wait, I brought you a gift.” He then got up and entered the house.

Soon, he returned with a small box and handed it to Robert. “This is a new phone. It’s similar to the satellite phone I gave you last time.”

Robert opened the box that had no packaging. Looking at the item inside, he found it a little familiar. “This looks like the phone that was advertised on TV?”

Luke was lost for words. The Titanium logo is on the phone, can you not be so outdated?

He just said that he was providing technical support to Titanium Phone Company and owned a major portion of its shares.

Robert didn’t believe him. “You weren’t very good with craftwork when you were young. The stool you put together collapsed when I sat on it. You can make phones?”

Luke was lost for words. “That small stool was made for Claire. How can it not break if you sit on it?”

At that time, Claire was less than five years old and weighed only forty kilograms. Robert, on the other hand, was 1.86 meters tall and weighed close to two hundred pounds.

With Luke’s craft skills, there was no way the little stool he made could withstand the burden, and it instantly crumbled.

Robert ignored him and picked up the phone. “How did you get this?”

Luke said, “Catherine has one as well. Don’t let anyone else use it. It’s a special model that I modified for you, not the kind that’s being sold in bulk.”

As he spoke, he said, “Command 0. Begin host verification.”

The screen on Robert’s phone lit up, and the man exclaimed in surprise.

Ignoring him, Luke continued, “Let’s go through facial recognition and voice recognition.”

With that, he said to Robert, “Look at the screen and say your name.”

Stunned, Robert did as he was told.

His face appeared on the screen, and a notification popped up: Host information confirmed.

The screen turned black again.

Robert studied the phone again, still suspicious. “It’s not under remote control, right?”

He wasn’t a professional at setting traps, but he had a few old friends who were.

It wasn’t like they had never used a fake pager to trick people.

Luke rolled his eyes. “That’s enough. There’s an operation support program inside. Try it out if you have nothing to do. It’ll help you understand this phone’s special functions.”

After explaining that, he said, “You can easily find out online how much Titanium Phone Company is worth. That’s why I’m making money faster than you can imagine.”

Robert looked at him disdainfully. “What does making a quick buck have to do with the shares?”

Luke said, “Fine, it indeed doesn’t really matter. The truth is that with these shares, you’ll have a new identity, which will be good for keeping you safe.”

Robert asked, “What new identity?”

Luke said, “Shareholders of Stark Industries.”

Robert was lost for words. Are you making up stories?

Luke continued, “When the time comes, I’ll find a representative to enter Stark Industries’ board of directors and handle everything. It won’t impact your lives.”

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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