Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Killing Diego Carlos

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After knocking the two women unconscious, Luke started searching the room for more guns and bullets.

Most of them were equipped with M1911s. Since the creation of this weapon, tens of millions of this gun had been manufactured worldwide, both authentic and fake.

Two of the people here had different weapons.

One was equipped with a Desert Eagle while the other had a Glock 17.

Luke stuffed both the Desert Eagle and the Glock into a tiny bag he found in the room before slinging the bag onto his back.

As for the other guns, he left them behind. He only took all the magazines and put them all in the bag as well.

He then stepped toward the door, and using the reflection in a pair of glasses, he checked to see if there was someone outside.

Although a large battle had erupted in this room, the door was closed. Since the room was soundproof, the people outside couldn’t hear anything at all.

After making sure that there was nobody outside, Luke left the room. He stopped for a bit at each room he passed, and listened for any sounds inside.

Of the eight rooms, only two were occupied.

But it was obvious that these people were only ordinary employees. Luke had no plans to kill them. He only pointed his gun at them and questioned them before knocking them unconscious and hiding them away.

It didn’t matter if there were survivors from the club; once the fighters in the Carlos Family were all killed, these ordinary employees would be swallowed up by other criminal organizations.

In any case, these people weren’t core members of the Carlos Family anyway.

Would core members of the Carlos Family stay overtime here to deal with administrative work? Obviously not.

Luke went to the second floor, which was completely silent. After scanning it, he continued heading up.

Based on the information he had gathered, Diego Carlos, the boss of the Carlos Family, usually spent his time in the deluxe room on the third floor. He would usually be surrounded by his bodyguards as well.

The total number of bodyguards was unknown, but there were at least 10 of them.

Luke quickly arrived at the third floor. He then checked the corridor with a pair of glasses and found a surveillance camera facing the corridor from above a door. He wouldn’t be able to pass through.

After thinking about it, he went back to the second floor and entered a random unlocked room. He opened the window of the room and looked up.

After a short while, he stuffed his gun into his holster and climbed up a drainpipe.

When he reached the third floor, he nimbly traveled across several air-con units before he reached a window.

He peeked inside and found the room empty.

He tried opening the window, but it was locked.

Taking out a roll of adhesive tape from his bag, Luke started randomly sticking the tape on the window. He then punched the window, shattering the glass near the window lock.

As he was wearing a pair of gloves, he paid the shattered glass no mind. He reached inside and unlocked the window before opening it and sliding inside.

Doing this would be very troublesome for other people, but for Luke with his immense strength and dexterity, everything took him no more than ten seconds.

After entering the room, Luke didn’t move immediately. Instead, he took a few bullet magazines from the bag and stuffed them into his waistband.

Then, he put the bag down and walked to the door. He wrapped his palm around the doorknob, and after applying some force, the door opened a crack.

Through the opening, Luke glanced out and saw a spacious room.

The room was over 200 square meters in size and was lavishly decorated. A few people were seated on the sofa in the middle of the room.

Luke had good eyesight. He had already determined that one of them was Diego Carlos, and the rest were all beautiful women who were snuggled up to Diego and giggling non-stop.

A few bodyguards were posted around the room, and they turned a blind eye to what was happening on the sofa. They would only occasionally look at the room’s several exits.

When Luke saw that, he frowned.

He hadn’t expected the room to be so big.

And his immediate surroundings were rather empty. They would probably notice him the moment he went out.

Suddenly, shouts rang out. Luke guessed that someone had already discovered the bodies downstairs.

Although the members of the Carlos Family weren’t some sort of professional soldiers, the disappearance of the guard posted near the bathroom was too obvious. The body wouldn’t stay hidden for long.

As for the security room filled with bodies, it was even easier to find.

Luke took a deep breath before taking out the Glock from his bag.

No matter what, the Glock was the firearm he was most familiar with.

He took a step back and turned sideways before standing up to face the direction Diego was in.

Shortly afterward, a radio on one of the bodyguards finally crackled. After listening to it, the bodyguard’s face fell as he quickly shouted something at Diego.

Luke knew they had probably been informed of the bodies downstairs.

Diego, who was enjoying himself with the group of women, abruptly shouted with a savage expression. His eyes turned red with bloodlust as he quickly spoke a string of commands. As he spoke, he waved his hands around, appearing extremely agitated.


Luke’s front foot moved slightly, and the door slid open further by about another five centimeters. He quickly raised the Glock, and he started firing on instinct without even aiming.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five continuous gunshot sounds rang out in the room.

The bodyguards then saw Diego Carlos, who had still been shouting furiously a moment ago, with three bullet holes in his upper body.

One in his cheek, one in his neck, and the last in his chest.

This mob boss wasn’t even given a chance to shout before he collapsed weakly on the sofa behind him.

The bodyguards reacted immediately as they reached for their guns while they scanned the room.

As for Luke, he didn’t hesitate as he stuffed the gun into his bag and rushed toward the window before diving out.

Outside, he grabbed at an air-con unit to neutralize the impact of his fall, before letting go and continuing to drop to the second floor.

There, he kicked a window and shattered it before diving inside. He rushed to the door and checked the corridor with the glasses before he went out.

After a few steps, he arrived at the foot of the stairs. He leaned against a corner and listened to the sounds upstairs while his hand reached for the Desert Eagle in his bag.

In less than 30 seconds, footsteps rang out as a group of people rushed down the stairs.

Only one of Luke’s eyes and the muzzle of the Desert Eagle were peeking out around the wall corner. The moment the third bodyguard appeared in his line of sight, Luke pulled the trigger.

At such close range with a Desert Eagle, there was no need to aim. He only needed to fire in the general direction of the stairs.

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