Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Take Them From Behind?

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As Luke had thrown the gun in a rush, he wasn’t able to aim properly, but the gun still struck the man in the shoulder, slowing the latter down slightly.

Taking advantage of the short interruption, Luke dashed forward and kicked the man in the crotch.

The man immediately turned pale, and then red. He wanted to scream, but no sound came out.

The throbbing pain in his crotch seemed to have locked his vocal cords, only allowing him to helplessly gasp for breath.

Luke didn’t stop. He wrapped his arms around the man’s head and pulled it down as he brought his knee up.

With a thud, knee and face connected, the impact even causing Luke’s knee to ache.

As for the man in front of him, his nose had already caved in and his breathing was very faint.

As usual, Luke dragged the two into a random storeroom next door. He then twisted their necks before tossing them into a corner of the room.

He also lifted two M1911 guns off them. Both guns were the old model, same as the first one he found.

He compared the guns and only took the one that was in better condition. He didn’t forget to take all their magazines.

As of this moment, nearly ten minutes had passed. Who knew when the other Carlos Family guards would discover that something was wrong?

Luke pushed the door open and advanced quickly.

As he advanced, he strained his ears and scanned his surroundings repeatedly. Soon, he found a rather noisy room. He looked at the door, which didn’t have a sign on it.

Standing next to the slightly opened door, he peeked into the room through the tiny crack. The room was rather spacious, and a group of people were having fun inside.

Luke adjusted his breathing and pushed the door open a little more.

With that, he had a better view of the room.

Moving left and right outside, he got a look at the entire room.

It was something like a security room. Everyone inside looked like capable fighters, and a few of them were bare-chested, with guns stuffed into their waistbands.

Generally, a professional would never stuff his gun into his waistband like that, as it was in fact very uncomfortable.

After a few glances, Luke was able to get a clear headcount of the people inside.

There were 17 of them.

The 17 included two completely naked women.

Most of them were playing poker around a table, while the two women were fooling around with two men in one corner of the room.

Those playing poker didn’t even spare the two couples a glance. They were long accustomed to it.

Luke took another deep breath before pushing the door open and entering the room.

After entering, he lightly kicked the door close with his foot. Then, he walked quickly toward the table, but not so quick that he would look suspicious.

When he was practically beside the group, someone finally looked at him. The person had a puzzled look on his face, as if wondering who Luke was.

Luke’s expression remained calm, and he suddenly raised both his hands which had been hidden behind his back to reveal the two M1911s he was holding. He then fired both guns.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The hail of bullets was sudden, and the 13 around the table couldn’t even react before half of them were already on the ground.

With two M1911s and 21 bullets, 8 people were hit.

In two seconds, Luke utilized his dexterity to unload the magazines on the group. He didn’t even bother to aim properly, and just pulled the triggers whenever there was someone in front of the muzzles.

At such point blank range and with so many targets, it would be harder to miss than to hit someone.

Luke relaxed his grip on the 14-bullet gun in his left hand as he allowed it to fall freely to the ground.

The grip of that gun was too large for Luke’s liking.

At the same time, he dove toward a sofa on the side while he quickly reloaded his other M1911.

From behind the sofa, he stretched the gun out and fired at the group of people that was in total chaos. He had discerned their general direction with his hearing.

Instantly, he unloaded all his bullets on them before reloading the gun again.

It was only now that someone finally drew a gun and fired at Luke.

But Luke had already leapt out from the other end of the sofa. While in the air, he glanced at the crowd and fired four continuous shots, hitting two people in their chests where they were half-kneeling on the floor and aiming at him.

Luke then scanned the room of people who were groaning on the ground. Not a single other person remained standing.

With no hesitation, he opened fire again.

This time, there was a certain tempo to his shots. He fired a shot each second, one for each person in the room.

He prioritized those that still seemed able to move, and all of them were shot in the head.

After emptying three magazines, everyone on the floor was dead. Luke put in the last magazine he had before glancing at the bed in the room.

Two men were hiding behind the two naked women, with nowhere to run.

The bed was in one corner of the room.

But their clothes and guns were all on the floor next to the bed. They were only about three meters away from the pile, but the men hadn’t dared to even reach for their guns when they saw their companions collapse one after another during the gunfight.

Now, they despaired when they realized that they stood no chance of surviving.

Luke peeked cautiously from behind the sofa to confirm that the four on the bed were completely unarmed. He also finally noticed the two guns on the pile of clothes beside the bed.

Luke remained silent as he slowly walked out from behind cover. He turned slightly and raised his hands, his left under his right to keep it steady. The gun was right in front of his eyes, with the muzzle aimed straight at the four on the bed.

One of the men got curious because of the sudden silence. He thus peeked out slightly from behind the woman.


A hole was left in his skull as he collapsed backward.

The woman in front of him only felt a burst of wind before some warm liquid splashed on her. As for the hands that had been holding her tightly, they now drooped weakly.

She understood what had happened and instantly screeched before leaping to the side to hide.

At that moment, a large, hairy leg appeared in Luke’s line of sight.


“AHH!” A miserable wail rang out as the other man bent down in pain and clutched his leg, which now had a hole in it.


The next bullet left a hole in his brain. Luke gave him no chance to fight back.

Both the women started screaming in fear.

Luke then aimed his gun at them before gesturing for them to zip their mouths.

The two women immediately shut up.

Luke took a step forward before gesturing at them to turn around. They did as told while trembling in fear.

They didn’t think that Luke was doing this because he wanted to take them from behind. Perhaps he just wanted to shoot them in their backs.

But they were completely helpless and could only do as told.

After the two women turned around, Luke quickly struck the back of their necks with his left hand, knocking both of them unconscious.

Looking at the curvy and snow white women lying unconscious before him, he shook his head helplessly.

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