Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Nobody Left Alive, Psychiatrist, and Advancing To Level Five

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“I checked. Four of them have pistol and shotgun bullet wounds. The other five were all killed by shotgun bullets.”

The radio sank into silence at that.

Nobody from the FBI used a shotgun. They were either armed with assault rifles or submachine guns. They were also armed with pistols, but they wouldn’t use them today.

Luke was the only shotgun user here. Everyone knew that he had a Remington shotgun in his car, and his service gun was a Glock 17 that had even better firepower at close range than a shotgun.

He was the only one who would use a pistol since his shotgun would be too slow in the face of a large number of opponents.

“Luke… is so ruthless? I was still laughing at his aim last week,” one officer said hesitantly.

“Um, you can take a look for yourself.”

“Alright, cut the chatter and focus on work. Finish up your tasks and go help out at Selina’s place. They’re still fighting a battle with 20 gunmen there.”

“Oh, I wanted to say that the chief and Luke are already headed over there.”



In the car, Robert was listening to the radio chatter. He glanced at Luke and said, “You killed all the attackers in the ambush?”

Luke hummed a response, but his eyes were still focused on the road ahead of him.

Robert said, “When this is over, I’ll find you a psychiatrist.”

Luke smiled. “It’s ok. Since they had the guts to come, I had the guts to kill them.”

Robert asked, “Are you sure?”

Luke laughed. “Yes, I am. But I think you can find Selina a psychiatrist.”

Robert asked, “Have the two of you really gotten together?”

Luke rolled his eyes. “She’s a woman. Wouldn’t it be weird that she wouldn’t need to consult a psychiatrist after something like this?”

Robert laughed in response, an odd expression on his face.

After Robert and Luke arrived, the final batch of gunmen didn’t last much longer.

When the group of criminals encountered an army veteran with sharpshooter skills, their ferocity was completely suppressed, and their lack of discipline was immediately exposed.

With the help of the FBI agents, this group was sent fleeing everywhere in less than ten minutes.

By this time, Robert had already taken down six of them.

One of them was thinking of barging into the buildings in the neighborhood to avoid capture, but at the first door he opened, he was faced with a pitch black muzzle.

“Fu-” He didn’t even finish cursing when a gunshot rang out and he staggered backward.

The one who had opened fire was a Latin American woman.

After blasting the invader out of her house, she didn’t appear too flustered. Rather, she shut the door and returned to her couch, her gun resting on the armrest and aimed straight at the door.

Beside her, two girls and a boy were lying obediently on the ground. The eldest girl whispered, “Mommy, when will Selina be back?”

The woman replied in a whisper as well, “Soon. I heard her voice. But there are still bad guys outside. We can’t go out, and we can’t speak loudly either.”

“Oh.” The little girl immediately shut her mouth.

Ultimately, only two of the gunmen escaped. As for the others, they were either caught or killed by the FBI and the police before daybreak.

Even the two gunmen that had escaped didn’t actually manage to get very far.

This was a large but sparsely populated town.

There was very little human presence several dozen kilometers outside of town, and only ranches and farms could be found beyond that range.

One of the gunmen entered a ranch and tried to kill the ranch owner before escaping by car.

However, the town police had informed nearby ranch and farm owners to be wary of strangers and never approach them, as any stranger might be a gang member sent to assassinate the town police.

Thus, right after this gunman pulled his gun out, a bullet hit him in the arm holding the gun.

The truth was that the lad who shot him had been aiming for the gunman’s head. Alas, he missed terribly and hit the arm instead.

As for the other gunman, he was better off and was only found at noon three days later.

He had been starving for two days. Suffering from thirst and hunger, he fainted on a ranch.

The ranch owner found him, and instead of approaching him, called the police.

One hour later, the police arrived, cuffed the poor soul, and took him away.

With this, all the gunmen sent by the Carlos Family were dealt with, and none of them escaped.

Chris from the FBI was overjoyed and distressed at the same time.

He was overjoyed because this operation was a success.

He was distressed because Luke had killed an important Carlos Family member like Hernandez Carlos.

Of the 50 gunmen, less than ten of them survived.

Of the gunmen who were injured, most of them died before they even reached the hospital. And three more died in hospital.

Because of this, the information which Chris was able to get from them was rather limited.

This was especially true of the group of ten that had ambushed Luke and Selina. A leader like Hernandez had been in charge of them, and the others in the group had all come from Mexico as well. They were all elites of the Carlos Family, and probably knew more about the Carlos Family than the other 40 combined.

Of course, the two strongest ex-special force members of the Carlos Family hadn’t been part of this group.

The rest of the gunmen were all Limedog Gang members, and were all average street thugs who didn’t even know how to handle combat properly. The only thing they knew to do was pull the trigger and empty the magazine.

That was also why they had been so miserably defeated despite their numbers advantage.

Similarly, these street thugs wouldn’t know much about the Carlos Family’s internal affairs.

It was discovered that these people had used a garbage truck to enter the town in batches. That was why it had taken them so long to mount an attack.

The garbage truck in question was the one that had rammed into Luke and Selina.

Chris couldn’t do anything about the result.

Both Robert and Luke had killed more than half the gunmen.

What could Chris do about it? Complain? That wouldn’t do.

They had already agreed to let the FBI take more than half the credit; it would be unreasonable to expect them to try and keep the enemy alive at the risk of their own lives.

When Luke returned home, he told Robert he was going to bed before he went straight upstairs. He wasn’t in the mood to clean up the living room. After a shower, he lay down on his spring mattress right away.

Finally, he had the time to check the system.

Mission: Defeat the Carlos Family gunmen, completed.

Completion of the mission is worth a total of 2,000 experience and 2,000 credit.

Since the host’s contribution to the mission was 42 percent, 840 experience and 840 credit have been awarded to the host.

As experience has reached 900 points, the host has leveled up to level 5.

Extra stat points: 3

Luke allocated one point to dexterity before falling into a deep sleep, ignoring the slight feeling of discomfort.

On the second day, Chris left with complicated emotions. But before leaving, he left Luke his contact details.

“Maybe after two years, if you’re interested, you can consider applying to join the FBI. After passing the evaluation, there’ll be a spot for you on my team,” Chris said.

Luke smiled and put the name card away. “Um, we’ll see.”

He had a feeling that Chris had extended this olive branch casually. After all, Luke had only been a registered police officer for two months, and he didn’t even have a high rank. As for his level of education, he was only a high school graduate.

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