Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Shooting From Behind, and Head Shot

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Luke swung the shotgun over his shoulder and gripped it in his hand again. At the same time, he removed the safety lock, his finger landing on the trigger.


The shot was fired straight into his target’s chest.

When Luke saw the person twitching on the ground, he pumped the shotgun without any hesitation.

Kacha! Bang!

He unloaded yet another round into that person’s chest.

This time, that person fell still.

Only then did Luke step forward and kick away the AK lying beside the fallen man. Luke pulled out a flashlight from his waist and shone it on the man’s face.

There was no mistaking it; this person was Hernandez Carlos.

The information from the FBI indicated that this person was an important leader of the Carlos Family. He was considered one of the commanders who led their hitmen, and was also Diego Carlos’s cousin.

After feeling this person’s neck, Luke finally heaved a sigh of relief.

There was no pulse. This person was confirmed dead.

Luke would never spare anyone from the Carlos Family. If possible, he would kill instead of arrest them.

That was also why he had shot the ones that were already down.

The Carlos Family would most certainly come for him to avenge their losses. He had no intention of letting any of them leave.

After confirming Hernandez’s death, Luke stood up and put his flashlight away. He slung the shotgun over his back again before he headed for his house.

Robert would probably be fine, but Luke still wanted to go check on him.

He ran back home, and when he was roughly 200 meters away, he slowed down and started scanning his surroundings.

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound as he saw several people running in a panic toward him from the opposite direction.

Luke was much quicker to react than these people. At the exact moment they appeared on the road, he had already hidden himself in an adjacent yard. Only half of his head cleared the fence as he peeked out to observe these people.

There were some street lamps here, but they were few and far between, so the area was lit dimly. In the darkness, only the outlines of the people were visible.

But Luke soon saw that they were all armed with AKs.

That was a clear indication of who they were.

None of the FBI agents or the police officers were equipped with AKs. These people running away in panic were most certainly the gunmen from the Carlos Family.

Sure enough, a few people appeared behind them and started firing at them.

Luke saw a familiar figure in the second group – Robert.

He heaved a sigh of relief at the sight. Robert indeed was as amazing as Luke had imagined.

The gunfire here was rather intense, which had worried Luke deeply. But from what he was seeing, it was clear that Robert had finished off quite a number of them.

Luke remained silent and shifted positions while he was still crouched in his hiding place. He leaned against a car in the yard and continued to observe the fleeing group.

They fled in panic, and when Robert appeared, one of them went down.

Robert fired at that person’s back with a rifle. The bullet went straight through that person, creating a massive hole in his torso. With one look, Luke was sure that the person was dead.

The fleeing group grew even more panicked as only four of them were left now.

They started running madly, and one of them even tossed his gun away.

That was a smart choice.

In a confrontation with an army veteran like Robert, they should give up completely on fighting back as they ran for their lives.

One only needed to run faster than the others, and Robert would most certainly prioritize the others that still had their guns.

The other three still seemed clueless as they continued running with their guns.

Luke reached for the Glock on his waist.

He remained crouched as he moved around the car to position his back to the incoming group.

Then, he assumed a comparatively comfortable stance before forming a triangle with both his arms and aiming his gun straight at the pavement on his right.

Shortly after, the sound of footsteps approached him.

The person running in the front was the smart guy who had thrown his gun away. Instead of firing, Luke allowed him to run past.

Less than two seconds later, three other people appeared in his sight.

Luke emptied his mind of all thoughts, focused on what he had learned during the past two months, and fired his gun repeatedly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Next, two bullet holes appeared in the back of each of the three fleeing gunmen.

The two at the front swayed lightly before collapsing to the ground. As for the third person, he staggered slightly before he continued running.

Without hesitation, Luke fired again.

Bang! Bang! Again, he fired two shots at the man’s back, finally causing the man to collapse to the ground as well.

Then, Luke rushed out from behind the car and moved forward with his body still bent low. When he arrived at a spot with a direct view of all three men, he raised his head and glanced at them.

The three were all on the ground. The third person twitched slightly before falling completely still, clearly dead.

The first person was still groaning and crawling slowly over the ground.

The two bullets had hit him in his left arm and right shoulder. That was why he could still struggle.

As for the second person, he was less lucky. Both bullets had struck him in the left side of his chest. He was already completely still on the ground.

A cold glint surfaced in Luke’s eyes as he stood up slightly before raising his gun at the person who was crawling over the ground.


That person’s face slammed into the ground. At such close range, Luke’s bullet landed right in the back of his head.

Bang! Bang!

Once again, Luke shifted his aim and quickly fired a bullet each into the heads of the other two.

He wouldn’t spare any Carlos Family member.

Not far away, Robert yelled, “Who is it?”

Luke replied, “It’s me, Luke. Three suspects have been killed.”

Robert thought to himself, “What the hell? This kid is here to steal my prey!”

Soon after, they regrouped. Robert started giving one command after another.

The police force was different from the FBI. Their priority would always be the safety of the civilians. Thus, Robert already had the officers stand guard at the scene to avoid anything untoward happening.

As for the FBI, they had a clear goal. Since they were all well-trained, they were sent to Selina’s house as backup.

Of course, Robert wasn’t an unfeeling person.

After an officer drove his car over, he called Luke to hop on before he drove to Selina’s house as well.

Based on Robert’s and Luke’s combat ability, just the two of them would be far more helpful than four or five other police officers.

On their way there, the police officers started chattering on the police radio.

“The chief killed nine people alone. All of us together killed two of them and injured five. When Luke was in pursuit, he killed three. Only one escaped.”

“Holy sh*t! The chief is amazing!”

“Did you think Robert served in the army for nothing? Let me tell you, all the nine people were killed with one shot each; he didn’t need more than one bullet for each of them.”

“Hey, all ten suspects at Bill’s place are dead. Aren’t you guys shocked?”

“You mean where Luke and Selina were ambushed?”

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