Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 239 - Kiss the Boss’s Boss’s Boss’s Ass

Chapter 239 Kiss the Boss’s Boss’s Boss’s Ass

Seeing that Selina had no intention of waking up, Luke secretly chuckled, and wondered if taking off a girl’s clothes counted as an Elementary skill.

He rose and closed the door. Then, Luke turned completely calm.

A moment later, he dashed out the back door and disappeared into the dark.

The next morning, Selina shook Luke awake.

“Speak! What did you do to me last night, pervert?” She looked down at him, her face half-blocked by her magnificent breasts.

Luke yawned and said, “Didn’t you feel anything?”

Did I really have the time to do anything to you? he murmured inwardly, as he checked the system notification.

Mission: Clean up WD-36’s major warehouse and destroy the illegal drugs. Completed.

Total experience: 1,500. Total credit: 1,500.

Contribution rate: 100%. EXP +1,500. Credit +1,500.

WD-36 was too fat a lamb. If he hadn’t seized the moment and raided the warehouse, the drugs and cash in it would’ve been swallowed up by someone else.

Thus, he had been busy all night. Apart from the drugs he destroyed, he even found more than a million dollars in cash.

The operation had been so taxing that it was already dawn by the time he returned and fell asleep.

Selina, however, had no idea what he had done. She simply asked, “So what about breakfast? Don’t you think you should make up for what you did?”

Luke said, “At once, alright? But before that, can you put on some pants first? Although it’s just as revealing, underwear is different from a bikini, okay?”

Selina snorted. “Hmph! I put it on this morning. I don’t remember going to bed at all last night.”

Luke rose unhurriedly and put on his clothes. He slept in a sleeveless tee and a pair of shorts, so he wasn’t afraid of exposing himself. “Of course you don’t. Do you remember taking a bath? Do you smell?”

Selina said, “…Hm, I don’t think so.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Of course you don’t. I put you in the bathtub, or you would have passed out from your own smell.”

Selina said, “That’s bullsh*t. I don’t smell.”

Luke said, “That’s a bold statement! In that case, I won’t give you a hand next time, but please keep your distance from me, since I’m scared of the stink.”

Selina: “Ah, darling, don’t bother with the details. Just make breakfast. I need to take a shower and get dressed.” She then slipped out of the room.

Forty minutes later, the two of them headed for the police department.

After they arrived, they went straight to Elsa.

Regular detectives wouldn’t visit their superior’s office so often since they couldn’t crack cases that fast; they certainly wouldn’t talk to their boss if they weren’t making any progress on a case, since that would just be putting their shortcomings on display.

Luke and Selina were different. They were solving their cases very quickly, and Elsa wouldn’t squander their abilities. If they couldn’t find any leads for a case after a couple of days, it would be handed over to other detectives, so that they could work on as many other cases as possible.

Only youngsters with distinguished abilities like Luke and Selina could handle the pressure. Even seasoned detectives often couldn’t stand being given tricky cases all the time.

It was also the reason why Luke and Selina started to gain more and more respect in the Major Crimes Division.

After they entered, Elsa simply threw a file in front of her at them.

Luke picked it up and gave it to Selina, who promptly sat down to read it first.

Elsa said, “Fine, whatever you did yesterday, that’s on me. Now, look into this case.”

Luke asked, “What’s the situation?”

Elsa said, “The situation is that you will be kissing our boss’s boss’s ass someplace else, and Deputy Director Condra will be cleaning up your mess for you.”

Luke was confused. “What?”

Elsa said, “There’s a serial murder in Woodsburg, and one of the victims is our deputy director’s niece. Now, the deputy director knows that you’re very capable, so he’s demanding that you find the murderer who tortured and killed his niece.”

Luke was lost for words. “But what about the boss’s boss’s boss? We don’t have law enforcement power over there, and if we want to find the serial killer…”

Elsa said, “I’ve vouched for you. You didn’t have law enforcement power back in New York, but you did a great job, didn’t you?”

Luke said, “You really do trust me, don’t you?”

Elsa chuckled and said, “Alright, enough. To tell you the truth, Deputy Director Condra has spoken to them. You’re allowed to use your firearm in an emergency.”

Luke immediately got it.

The support of an LAPD deputy director was definitely a big thing.

Woodsburg was only a hundred kilometers away from downtown Los Angeles, and was itself part of greater Los Angeles. They were sort of connected.

It was why Luke had permission to use his gun.

Although he was only supposed to use it in an emergency, he was free to shoot as long as he didn’t cause a major problem.

What counted as a major problem? For example, hitting an innocent person when he was aiming at the murderer.

However, Luke was the only one who knew that his combat ability wasn’t limited to guns.

The permission to use guns was more like the local sheriff’s indirect acknowledgment that he could work on the case there.

As long as he didn’t officially arrest anyone, he was free to use any other means necessary during the investigation.

Thinking that, Luke chuckled. “Is this another holiday?”

Elsa looked at him and snorted. “Let Selina tell you the details of the case on the way. You must be… very careful.”

Stunned for a moment, Luke turned solemn. “Of course, boss. I’ll be prudent.”

Elsa nodded in satisfaction. “Okay, now get the hell out of here.”

Luke snorted. “Can you be a tad gentler? For example, like me.” As he spoke, he put a paper bag as well as a sealed box on her desk.

Elsa was lost for words. “Just go away!”

She finally caved in to Luke’s shamelessness after the awkwardness yesterday, when he had shifted the blame to her.

Luke left, grinning.

Selina rose and approached Elsa. “Boss, it’s a big meal that took him more than an hour to cook last night. You can’t leave the door open when you’re eating it.”

Elsa snorted and said, “Got it. Remind him to be careful. Actually… It isn’t a problem even if he can’t find anything. Nobody can crack every case.”

Selina nodded with a smile. “Got it. I’ll get going, boss.”

Seeing them off, Elsa put the packed food in her special drawer, before she left for Dustin’s office.

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