Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 238 - An Abundant Offering

Chapter 238 An Abundant Offering

Looking at his subordinates, Dustin suddenly asked, “How exactly did you convince her?”

Luke said, “We spent the night at Bellier. I’ll only say it this once, though; I’ll never admit to it after this.”

Both Dustin and Elsa were lost for words.

That was the end of the embarrassing topic.

Luke had disclosed personal information, and the whole thing had started with Elsa leaking his address. What could Dustin say?

If Luke were a woman, Elsa would’ve been reported to the Internal Affairs Division.

But thankfully, Luke was a guy, and Jenny was a young and beautiful girl.

After Luke shifted the blame to his superior, Dustin kicked Luke out of his office. Before he closed the door, he saw Dustin speaking angrily to Elsa, who looked a little awkward.

Luke chuckled secretly. I’m sorry, but for the sake of my vigilante career, I’m afraid you’ll have to take this for me, Elsa!

He saw Selina, who was busy dealing with all the paperwork in front of her. He thought for a moment, then quickly left.

He had to appease Selina with a lot of food tonight, or she would fly into a rage.

Not only did she have to eat pigswill, she also completed the paperwork and lied for him. How great was she? She certain deserved… at least two courses!

Luke went on a shopping spree at the supermarket before he returned home, whistling.

Even with his high stats, he was busy for more than an hour in the kitchen before he was finally done.

He had prepared an abundance of food for tonight.

Cooking also suppressd his desire to go out and get experience and credit.

Luke didn’t plan on becoming a puppet controlled by desire – it was more fun to just enjoy life.

Self-restraint was necessary to prevent you doing anything stupid in your recklessness.

Now that he had 15 Mental Strength, he could multitask to some extent.

While cooking, he read the news digest on the tablet he had put together, and started making plans.

Selina finally returned after eight, half-dead.

She threw her purse and her coat into her room, before she lunged at Luke and cried, “Ahhhh, you jerk! I had to clean up the mess you made! So annoying!”

Luke raised his hands in surrender. “You’re my angel! Please forgive me my sins! I’ve prepared an abundant offering for you!”

“Only demons demand offerings, no?” Although she said that, her eyes glowed and she ran to the kitchen.

Luke hurriedly stopped her. “Wash your hands first, okay? Do you have any idea how many things you touch during the day?”

Selina said, “It’s all because of you! Hmph. I’ll wash them.” She quickly ran to the bathroom.

A minute later, she dashed into the kitchen again, and Luke didn’t stop her this time.

Now that the glutton had come home, dinner should be served.

She certainly wouldn’t work hard for him if he couldn’t keep her full.

A moment later, Selina was stealing bites in the kitchen while Luke moved the food to the dinner table.

Luke had made the food more than once. He ate it if it tasted ordinary, and threw it away if it tasted awful. It was one of the reasons why it had taken him so long to prepare dinner.

The food now wasn’t exactly the best, but it was above average. Since it was sweet and meaty, it would probably be enough to alleviate Selina’s fury.

He was pretty sure that Selina’s anger had already vanished.

It was hard for anyone to fly into a rage when they were biting into a lobster in the kitchen.

It took Selina almost an hour to finish dinner. Luke did the dishes himself, and didn’t disturb her as she enjoyed her post-dinner doze on the couch.

Eventually, Luke offered her a cup of milk tea and said with a smile, “How about it? Do you feel better now?”

Selina was about to respond, but thinking quickly, she said, “Hm, I think I’m going to feel bad for another three… no, five days.”

Luke was speechless. “Is this your time of the month?”

Selina hesitated. “What about three days?”

Luke simply snorted.

Selina said gloomily, “Let’s make it two days, okay? Or, maybe, dinner tomorrow. Just one day. Okay, darling?”

Luke said, “Alright, you said it yourself. Only one day, tomorrow.”

Something struck Selina. “Wait, one day isn’t enough!”

Luke rubbed her belly with a smile. “I bought a lot of ingredients. They can’t be wasted, can they? But I can’t make so much food for you all at once. Three courses each day for three days. Will that be okay?”


Selina moaned comfortably. “I love you, darling.”

Luke said, “I think what you love is lobster, roast pork, roast chicken…”

“Stop! I’m already full, but I want to eat again now!” Selina put a stop to Luke’s mental abuse.

Luke chuckled. “Alright. It’s been a long day. Just take a shower and go to bed, okay?”

Selina was already yawning.

It really had been a busy day for her. She had gone through tons of paperwork and made infinite calls.

Luke’s phone would’ve exploded with calls had it not been for her.

Luke hated the complicated formalities more than anything else. He loved investigating cases because it came with experience and credit, but writing reports was hardly rewarding, although it had to be done.

Luke didn’t trust anyone else to write the reports for him, since the Internal Affairs Division would come knocking if his abnormal behavior during an op was noted down in a report.

Therefore, as a helper that he could absolutely trust, Selina was irreplaceable.

Selina was already half-asleep by around ten.

Luke called out to her, only to discover that she was too lazy to move. He could only draw a bath for her and put her in it.

Half an hour later, he heard nothing from the bathroom, and could only open the door. As he expected, Selina had already fallen asleep.

He could only take her out of the bathtub and put her in a bathrobe. Thankfully, she had wrapped up her hair first, otherwise he would have to dry it.

He wiped her down with a towel and tucked her in.

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