Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 180 - Deal With Them

Chapter 180: Deal With Them


Did she need such a long time to shower?

“You… Cough…”

Ye Erruo turned her head away and coughed heavily.

Mo Jiangye’s eyes darkened. He called a doctor to head down and give her a drip.

“Young Master, getting rid of the cough is a process. Even with a drip, you will not be able to see results immediately. You should make Young Madam cut back on some stuff on a daily basis. She should not be eating anything spicy or too salty. She needs to drink more hot water, or perhaps rock sugar and ginger soup. She should be fine in a few days.”

The doctor paused for a moment before adding, “I do not recommend using a drip.”

Ye Erruo was talking to Yao Tiao on the phone as she stood by the window. On the other end of the line, Yao Tiao was scolding Lin Jingxuan furiously from head to toe.

That day, Lin Jingxuan had held everyone from the Enchantress Bar captive separately. At first, Yao Tiao had thought he was going to cause some trouble. Therefore, she had called Ye Erruo over. However, when Ye Erruo had arrived, someone had captured her, Ji Sichen, and the rest of the people in the bar.

“Are you alright, Xiao Ruo?”

“I’m fine.”

“Now that this piece of trash is lying half-dead in the hospital, a document was sent to our bar.”

“What kind of document?”

“Someone wants to sue us for the injuries Lin Jingxuan incurred in our bar.”

Ye Erruo asked mockingly, “Sue us?”

“They said we acted deliberately…” Yao Tiao responded furiously.

“It was obvious that this shameless man kept pestering you at the bar. He was the one who didn’t know how to use the knife and stabbed himself like an idiot. Why are we being blamed for it?”

Ye Erruo said nothing.

“The other party wants to deal with us and said that we will never get to see daylight again for the rest of our lives. Oh, yes! They even said that we imprisoned him and that they want to settle the score with us.”

Who had she imprisoned?

“Who are you talking to on the phone?” Mo Jiangye asked as he hugged her from behind.

“Send that document to my email and let me have a look. Oh yeah, where is Senior?”

“Him?” Yao Tiao exploded in a fury when Ji Sichen was mentioned.

“That blockhead immediately went home for a match-making session after being released. Match-making! Ha ha! What a joke… What kind of woman would be attracted to his ugly face?” She was all pumped-up as she talked, furiously listing out all of Ji Sichen’s flaws one by one.


“I’m asking you. Who are you talking to on the phone?” He spoke in a low voice next to her ear.

Ye Erruo glared at him. Couldn’t he hear? Why was he still asking her?

“I will send the document to you. He stabbed himself because he was dumb, so why should we be afraid of him?”

The corners of Ye Erruo’s lips twitched. She was the one who had stabbed him.

After she hung up the call, Mo Jiangye took her phone away.


“You’re coughing. Don’t talk so much.”

“Young Master, you received a document.” The servant walked in with an envelope.

A document?

Mo Jiangye took it from the servant’s hands. It was a transnational document.

He scanned the contents of the document before tossing it back at the servant.

“What kind of document is that?” Ye Erruo stared at the document in the servant’s hands. Could it be the document Yao Tiao had mentioned?

“The Blue Tower Royalty princess is in the manor?” he asked as he raised his voice.

The butler was stunned. “Young Master, Sir Bo Yu kidnapped a woman and kept her in the manor. He has not fed her at all. We are not sure if she is the princess.”

“Gu Feirou is in the manor?” No wonder…

“Young Master Lin is here too.”

“Lin Jingxuan?” Ye Erruo curled her lips up into a smile.

“That’s right, Madam.”

“We do not know if she is the princess.”

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