Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 179 - She Was Going to Get Rabies From a Dog Bite

Chapter 179: She Was Going to Get Rabies From a Dog Bite

When they returned to the Zhuang Ge Residence, Bo Yu had a white gauze wrapped around his head and his complexion was terrible.

As he saw Ye Erruo being brought back, he was so emotional that his eyes were brimming with tears.

She’s back. It’s fine as long as she is back. All is good as long as she is alright.

“What happened to your head? Cough…” Ye Erruo gazed at Bo Yu’s head.

“It’s nothing, Young Madam. I accidentally knocked into something.”

When the servants saw Ye Erruo, their eyes brightened. The initially lifeless manor was instantly filled with life.

“Why does your complexion look so bad? Are you sick?” Ye Erruo asked again. Indeed, his face was frighteningly pale.

“No, Young Madam.”

“Head down and rest. You can have a week off,” Mo Jiangye said coldly.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Mo Jiangye led her upstairs. As soon as they opened the door, Red Bean came running out from inside and passionately jumped on Ye Erruo’s leg as it barked in a flattering manner.

Ye Erruo hurriedly pushed Mo Jiangye to the side.

“Throw it out,” Mo Jiangye said through gritted teeth.

“I am going to take a shower. You wait downstairs. We will stay in the room in the back later.” She hugged Red Bean and walked into the bedroom before closing the door behind her.

Red Bean shifted happily in her embrace, looking completely ecstatic.

“Did you just shower?” Ye Erruo sniffed its furry little head, which smelled nice.

The door was suddenly opened.

“Young Madam.” The servant stared at Red Bean in her arms.

“Young Master asked us to take it out.”

Ye Erruo furrowed her eyebrows. “Take it somewhere else first. Do not kick it out yet.”


While the servant carried Red Bean away, it began to bark unhappily.

“Ah!” The servant screamed.

Red Bean suddenly fell to the ground. Ye Erruo, who had been preparing to head into the bathroom, turned around and the little fella ran to her side. Its paws pressed on top of her feet as it stood up and stared at her with its huge watery eyes while wagging its tail.


The servant held her hand, her eyes turning red from the pain. It was over, it was over. She was going to get rabies from a dog bite.

“I am going to take a bath. You wait here obediently.” Ye Erruo bent down and placed the dog on the bed.

“You head out first.”

“Yes.” The servant speedily left the room.

“Stay there and don’t run anywhere.” She caressed its little head.

The strange thing was that Red Bean really did lay obediently on the bed until Ye Erruo walked out.

It was very obedient and it did not cause any trouble.

Half an hour later, Ye Erruo walked out in her sleeping robe. Red Bean, who had been lying on the bed, raised its head instantly and jumped down happily.


Red Bean stopped amid its run with its paws still in the air. It raised its head and looked at Ye Erruo in confusion.

It understood humans very well and was extremely obedient. It was so adorable that she really could not bear to send it away.

“Don’t run around any way you like here. Wait for a while and I will bring you something delicious to eat,” Ye Erruo said as she testily walked out.

Its round, big eyes stayed on her body as it slowly placed its paws, which had been in the air, down on the ground. It then sat down obediently where it stood as it watched Ye Erruo leave.

Only when Ye Erruo closed the bedroom door did it run forward, anxiously barking while scratching the door like a poor abandoned animal.

She was instantly pulled into someone’s embrace when she came out of the room.

“What were you doing inside? What took you so long?”

“I was showering.” How could she meet him if she did not wash Red Bean’s smell off her body?

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