Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 162 - All The People Who Betrayed Him Must Die

Chapter 162: All The People Who Betrayed Him Must Die

ACHOO! She sneezed right in the man’s face.


“Why not do it yourself?” Ye Erruo sneered.

Lin Jingxuan was stunned. What did she mean? She wanted him to beat himself up?

His heart filled with fury in an instant.

That b*tch!

“Alright,” he answered solemnly as he pushed his fury further down in his heart.

Ye Erruo raised her brows. He had actually agreed?

“As long as you are willing to forgive me and believe me again, I will agree to do anything,” he said seriously.

He raised his fist and looked at it before making it land harshly on his own face.


“Xiao Ruo, are you willing to believe me now?”

Ye Erruo ignored him as she looked coldly at the man that was acting crazy in front of her.

Upon seeing that she was ignoring him, Lin Jingxuan threw another punch at himself mercilessly.

“Xiao Ruo, do you still not believe me?”

Ye Erruo remained expressionless. He delivered a few more blows until there was blood.

“Xiao… Xiao Ruo…” He dragged his body toward her and spoke weakly.

Ye Erruo bent down to pick up the letters and the box before walking away.

“Ye Erruo!” Lin Jingxuan yelled.

“Lin Jingxuan, I will immediately send you to an asylum if you go berserk again.”

“You!” His eyes darkened with fury.

That b*tch! He had already inflicted injuries on himself, yet she was not even the slightest bit moved? She was such a ruthless slut! Did she really not have any feelings for him anymore?

“Ye Erruo, stop right there!” Lin Jingxuan shouted.

When she was at the door, Ye Erruo pulled the door handle, only to realize that the door was locked.

“Open the door.”

Lin Jingxuan stood up shakily. With a fierce gaze, he suddenly took out a knife that had been behind his back… He swayed as he walked toward Ye Erruo, his eyes scarlet and filled with unwillingness.

“Lin Jingxuan, open the door right now.”

“Ye Erruo, you should know what’s good for you.” He spat out each word treacherously.

She furrowed her eyebrows and took out her phone to dial Yao Tiao’s number. However, just as she was about to enter her contacts, a harsh force grabbed her phone and the box out of her hands.

A glint flashed across her eyes, and the sharp edge of the knife was aimed right at her eyeball.

She quivered and dodged to the side speedily. The sharp knife glided past her ear, causing a lump of hair to fall to the ground.

“Lin Jingxuan, what the hell are you doing?” He wanted to kill her?

“What do you think?” He wiped the bloodstain from the corner of his lips.

Ye Erruo looked at the sharp weapon in his hand vigilantly. He wanted to kill her here? What a maniac!

This was a big bar. Ye Erruo screamed for help and ran to the second floor. However, every door on the second level was locked, and the lines of the emergency telephone on the wall had all been cut.


“Ye Erruo, if you hand over the Lin Family’s seal and your beautiful pair of eyes obediently, I might just let your body remain intact.”

“Lin Jingxuan! Are you f*cking sick? Do you think you will stay alive if I die?”

“Alive? Heh! There’s nothing I wouldn’t dare to do if you forced me. You can forget about anyone in the bar saving you. You can also forget about that shameless man of yours coming to your rescue!”

“I am giving you two choices. One, hand over the Lin Family’s seal and I will treat you as nicely as I did in the past. Two, hand over those beautiful eyes of yours and let me do you one more time before you die in a prettier manner.”

All the people who had betrayed him had to die. She had refused a toast, so she was being forced to drink poison.

Could she blame him for this?

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