Stubborn Love of a Roguish Scion

Chapter 161 - I Stand More To Lose Than Gain Since My Hubby's Heart Will Ache!

Chapter 161: I Stand More To Lose Than Gain Since My Hubby’s Heart Will Ache!

Ye Erruo solemnly expressed her gratitude. “I really have to thank you for that then!”

“Xiao Ruo, c-can you please stop talking to me in this manner? Switch your phone off and we’ll talk things over.”

ACHOO! She sniffed after letting out a loud sneeze.

“Have you gotten ill?” A worried look crossed Lin Jingxuan’s face as he hastily stepped forward.

“Stay away from me and get rid of all these flowers.”


“Turn your phone off first, please.” As he spoke, he reached over for her phone.

“Get rid of these flowers the way you got them in here, or else I’ll have that video published publicly. What do you think people would say when they find out that Lin Teng’s eldest son was still having hanky-panky with another woman when he’s already engaged to the Blue Tower Royalty’s princess?”

All of a sudden, he fell to his knees with a plod and hugged the woman’s legs.

“How can you not believe me, Ruoruo? What exactly has Mo Jiangye done to you for you to lose your faith in me? Wake up! Do you still remember how loving and blissful we were? You wanted to become my wife, and I wanted to marry you!”

As she gripped her phone tightly in her hand, she lifted a leg and smashed her knee hard into his jaw, causing his face to tilt to one side from the impact.

“Ugh…” It hurt so badly that his eyes were now blazing with fury.

“Didn’t you want to propose to me?” The woman pursed her lips as she crouched down.

“Turn your phone off so we can have a proper conversation for once.”

“Fine!” Just like he wished, Ye Erruo switched her phone off and placed it in her bag.

Upon seeing her put away the phone, the man heaved a sigh of relief and proceeded to pull out several letters from a bunch of flowers.

“Do you still remember these letters, Xiao Ruo? You wrote them to me. I’ve been treating them like treasured possessions all this while.” He continued speaking as he took out another box. “This box contains all the things you’ve given me in the past. I’ve been carefully keeping them as well. How could I possibly betray you when I loved you so much? My decision to be with Gu Feirou was just for the sake of using her. You’re the only girl I’ve loved so deeply in this life.”

She sarcastically remarked, “Oh, but I’m pretty sure I’ve written more letters than what you’ve got there. Is that box all that’s left of what I’ve given to you?”

His face darkened completely and turned an awful shade!

“Huh… Look at the size of the box you’ve got in your hand. The letters that I’ve written and the gifts that I’ve given to you could fill at least five boxes like that.”

A heart-wrenching cry burst out of him. “Gu Feirou threw them all away. She won’t allow me to possess a single thing that’s related to you. The items in this box are all I could manage to salvage despite going to great lengths.”

“How tough it must have been for you.”

“So, do you believe me now?”

His words seemed to have made her think deeply. When he noticed the different expression on her face, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s not that I refuse to believe you. I just don’t dare place my trust in you again after all that you’ve done to me,” she said after a pause, enunciating each word.

“H-How can I make you believe me then? If beating helps, you can beat me all you want so long as I can regain your trust and appease your anger.”

The troubled woman replied, “I can’t bear to do it. My heart would ache.”

“Don’t! There’s no need for you to feel heartache! It’s my fault for keeping things from you in the first place.”

“Even so, my heart still aches.”

His voice dropped to a gentle whisper. “Indeed. You still care about me, Xiao Rou.”

“My heart aches for my hand. After all, you are so thick-skinned that my hand would surely swell from hitting you. My hubby’s heart would ache even more then. I stand more to lose than I’d gain by hitting you!”


ACHOO! She sneezed right in the man’s face.


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