Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 7 - Junior Middle School Diploma

Chapter 7: Junior Middle School Diploma

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“I have something urgent to tend to. I have to go.” Xiao Yan relaxed his clenched fists, bowed to Grandpa Xiao and said, “We’ll hold a welcome dinner for Grandpa and Rourou in ‘Unique Taste Restaurant’ and I’ll go straight there this evening.”

With that, he left the Xiao Family’s mansion without looking back.

Seeing how Xiao Hongli and his family were so enthusiastic to Xiao Rou, Xiao Jinning secretly disdained them. ‘Treating an ugly duckling as a treasure—you will regret it one day!’

“So how are you going to explain to the press about Rourou being your daughter?” Now it was Xiao Hongyi’s turn to launch an attack.

Xiao Hongli sneered, “Brother, do you live by the sea? I don’t remember you buying a villa by the sea.”

Lin Ru frowned and asked, “What do you mean?!”

“I mean mind your own business,” Xiao Hongli said sharply. “Why should I report to you about how I’ll tell people about my daughter’s return?”

After saying that, he looked at Tang Xi with a triumphant smile and winked at her. “Right, my baby girl?”

Tang Xi smiled sweetly at him. She was always polite to those who stood up for her!

“Whatever!” Lin Ru said coldly and looked away, refusing to look at Tang Xi. Perhaps Tang Xi greatly upset her.

Only now did Grandpa Xiao nod and say, “Okay, this family meeting is over.”

At this moment, Xiao Jinning suddenly said, “Grandpa, I’ve prepared a welcome party for Rourou tonight. A lot of celebrities will be attending. I want to introduce Rourou to them.”

“Stop!” Xiao Hongli immediately rejected her suggestion before Grandpa Xiao said anything. He glanced at Xiao Jinning and said with a smile, “Jinning, you’re a star and you’re so busy. How could we bother you with this? Since my wife is idle all day long, I’ll let her handle this. You’d better mind your own business and don’t let your dear parents down.”

“Second Uncle…” Xiao Jinning looked sadly at Xiao Hongli, her eyes turning red. “I just want to be a good sister to Rourou… ”

“Phew.” Xiao Hongli pursed his lips and said, “I know, I know, but I can’t let Rourou hold up your time. Look, your tears came out again! As an actress, you are too sentimental. I can’t tell whether you really want to cry or are just faking it!”


Tang Xi couldn’t help but laugh. She looked up only to find everyone was looking at her. She grinned apologetically and said, “I’m sorry. My dad’s joke was really funny, so I couldn’t help laughing.”

Tang Xi found that she had no problem in calling Xiao Hongli ‘Dad’.

Even though she hadn’t called anyone ‘Dad’ in the first twenty years of her life, it was quite easy for her to address Xiao Hongli as such.

Xiao Jinning blushed but dared not get angry. She forced a smile and said, “Second Aunt, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Yang Jingxian gently smiled and replied, “Not at all. After all, Rourou is my daughter. This is what I should do.”

“How ridiculous it is that you take a village girl, who hasn’t even graduated from junior high school, as a treasure,” Lin Ru taunted, unable to stand it anymore. “Are you doing this for the right of inheritance?”

“Sister-in-law, you… ”

Xiao Jinning couldn’t help but look triumphantly at Tang Xi, only to find that the latter didn’t look at her at all. She lowered her eyes and stood aside.

At this time, Tang Xi was listening to the system prompts popping up in her mind…

[System Prompt: As the host Tang Xi successfully joined the Xiao Family and removed all obstacles to become a beloved daughter of the Xiao Family, the system specially gifts you a diploma. Click to view or use it?]

A diploma?

Tang Xi was so excited that she almost trembled. Did the system gift her a college diploma? Would the system be so awesome?

Pretending to fight mosquitoes, Tang Xi waved her hand in the air and clicked the ‘View’ button. As she expected, a diploma appeared—but wait…

Oh, my gosh!

Are you kidding me, 008?!

A junior high school diploma? What’s the use of this? It’s useless!

[System prompt: Will the host Tang Xi use the junior high school diploma?]

In any case, having a junior high school diploma was better than having no diploma!

Tang Xi clicked the ‘Use’ button in infinite despair….

[System Prompt: Your diploma has been entered into the Education System and can be viewed and used via the National Network… The diploma has been placed into the backpack of the host.]

What was the use of a junior high school diploma?

Tang Xi fell into infinite despair once again. Why did she feel that she was swindled by this system?

“Rourou? What are you thinking about?” Seeing Tang Xi fall into silence with a look of despair, Yang Jingxian thought she must be hurt by Lin Ru’s words. After all, Lin Ru was her biological mother.

Tang Xi recovered from her trance and responded, “I was just thinking about Ms. Lin’s words. She said I’m a village girl who hasn’t even graduated from junior high school…”

Yang Jingxian hurriedly comforted her. “Rourou, don’t worry. Although we don’t have any diplomas, we can start from scratch…”

“But…” Tang Xi looked at Yang Jingxian and fumbled in the pockets of her clothes, then her eyes lit up as she took out something. “I have a junior high school diploma.”

Everyone present exchanged looks in surprise. Grandpa Xiao also looked at Tang Xi in confusion.

Only Yang Jingxian nodded gladly and said, “Yes, now we just need to start from senior high school courses.”

“Ignorant! Shame on you!” With that parting shot, Lin Ru stormed out of the hall.

Xiao Hongyi also shook his head and cast a final glance at Tang Xi before turning away. After him, Xiao Jinning also left.

Xiao Hongli laughed out loud as soon as they left. He walked over, stroked Tang Xi’s hair and praised her with a smile, “Well done, Rourou. You did a good job slapping their faces. Good girl!”

Tang Xi winked at Xiao Hongli and said in a voice that only they could hear, “I learned this from you, Dad!”

“Hahaha… ” Xiao Hongli’s laughter resounded throughout the hall.

The Xiao brothers exchanged glances. “Our sister is really different from the last time we saw her.”

“Did she conceal her true character last time?” Xiao Jing whispered. “Or is it because it was her first time coming here, so she was nervous?

Xiao Yao shook his head and replied, “I don’t think so. When she was facing Uncle and his family, she remained expressionless and silent.”

“Hongli, how are you going to tell people that Rourou is your daughter?” Grandpa Xiao didn’t pay any attention to what they were talking about, nor did he care about the departure of his eldest son and his family. Since his second son had decided to recognize his granddaughter, then he just needed to ask his second son.

Xiao Hongli smiled and answered, “Dad, don’t you remember? Sister-in-law and Jingxian were pregnant at the same time, but then Jingxian went through a frightening experience which lead to a premature delivery and thus we lost our baby girl. Now Rourou’s arrival makes up for our regrets. I’ll declare that Rourou was stolen away by our enemy years ago and now we finally found our daughter again.”

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