Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 6 - Second Uncle Really Became My Father

Chapter 6: Second Uncle Really Became My Father

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Lin Ru and Xiao Hongyi both scowled. Staring at Xiao Hongli aggrievedly, Xiao Jinning looked as if she was going to cry. She said, “Second Uncle, if you don’t like me, just tell me and I can go, but please don’t say such words. It will damage the relationship between you and my dad.”

“Jinning, you’re really considerate to my brother and sister-in-law,” Xiao Hongli sneered and added, “No wonder they are so reluctant to acknowledge Rourou. You’re such a sweet-talker!”

Tang Xi almost laughed out loud. Second Uncle really had sharp eyes!

Tang Xi turned her eyes to Xiao Jinning. As she had expected, Xiao Jinning had turned purple with embarrassment.

Grandpa Xiao was silent and didn’t speak. Xiao Hongli’s three sons stepped up and tried to stop their father. Xiao Yao whispered, “Dad, that’s enough.”

Xiao Hongli clicked his tongue and stared at his son as he said, “They can do the deed, but I can’t speak of it?”

Tang Xi could hardly keep herself from applauding him. He was really awesome!

At those words, Xiao Hongyi, Lin Ru and Xiao Jinning all looked embarrassed, but this wasn’t enough for Xiao Hongli. He looked at Grandpa Xiao and said, “Dad, I’m serious. Brother and Sister-in-law don’t want their own flesh and blood back, but I can’t sit and watch my niece living outside miserably, so just announce that Rourou is my biological daughter!”

Xiao Hongli emphasized ‘biological daughter’ when he said this.

“That’s my daughter!” Xiao Hongyi angrily shouted. “Xiao Hongli, don’t push me too hard! You’re not in charge of this family yet!”

“Phew. Since she is your daughter, announce it!” Xiao Hongli retorted sarcastically. “Tell the world that you took the wrong child home. Your real daughter was long lost!”


“Okay, you said you would take her as your daughter, right?” Lin Ru suddenly stopped Xiao Hongyi, and coldly stared at Xiao Hongli. “Fine, I agree. But how will you introduce her? As your biological daughter? Your illegitimate daughter?”

Tang Xi suddenly looked up at Lin Ru. How could she be so mean to her biological daughter?

Feeling Tang Xi’s gaze, Lin Ru gave her a cold look. She then turned her eyes to Xiao Hongli, who had yet to answer her question, and sneered. “Why don’t you answer me? In fact, you were not serious about this, right? This country bumpkin, who would want to acknowledge her as their daughter?”

Clenching her fists, Tang Xi was about to refute her. It was at that moment, however, that she saw Xiao Jinning giving her a contemptuous smile, so she tried hard to calm down and lowered her head again, silently watching the show.

“Sister-in-law, are you really not going to acknowledge Rourou?” At this time, Xiao Hongli’s wife, Yang Jingxian, who had been silently standing at the back, suddenly asked softly.

Xiao Hongyi coldly answered, “We didn’t say we wouldn’t acknowledge her. We’ll just tell people that she is our foster daughter, which will have little negative impact on her.”

Grandpa Xiao struck the floor with his crutch again and snapped, “Is there any difference between this and not acknowledging her?!”

“Of course there is!” Lin Ru cut in. “If we don’t acknowledge her, she will still be a beggar from that black mountain.”

“Then who is supposed to be the beggar?” Xiao Hongli gave a sneer and glanced at Xiao Jinning with a faint smile. “I think Brother and Sister-in-law can figure it out, right?”

“You… ”

“That’s enough!” Xiao Yan said coldly. “Dad, Mum, how about this? Let’s claim Rourou is Jinning’s twin sister. She was abducted by someone years ago and we found her again now.”

Xiao Hongyi’s eyes lit up at this idea. This way, Xiao Jinning wouldn’t need to leave the Xiao Family, and Xiao Rou’s return would also be perfectly justifiable. It was truly a good idea.

“No!” Lin Ru immediately rejected the thought before Xiao Hongyi agreed. “This will have a great impact on Jinning. It took her three years to attain her present status. We can’t ruin her!”

“Mum!” Xiao Yan coldly stared at his mother and said sullenly, “You’re being unfair to Rourou.”

“Yes, Mum, just do what Brother suggested. This is the best way.” Despite secretly gnashing her teeth at Xiao Yan’s stupid idea, Xiao Jinning still nodded piteously. “Then I won’t have to leave you.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you leave me.” Lin Ru comforted Xiao Jinning. “If you leave, I will leave with you.”

“Dad.” Yang Jingxian’s tender voice silenced the noisy hall. “We have always wanted a daughter like Rourou. Please allow Rourou to become our daughter.”

Tang Xi gazed deeply into Yang Jingxian’s eyes. This woman was gentle, beautiful and sensible. More importantly, by saying what she did, she implied that they were taking in Xiao Rou not because nobody wanted her, but because they really wanted her to be their daughter.

Warmth welled up in Tang Xi’s frozen heart and she felt it melt.

One second ago she had still been thinking of a plan to enter Xiao Hongyi’s home and turn it into a big mess, but now all she wanted was to go to Xiao Hongli’s home and enjoy the rare warmth to be found there.

“Dad, since they all agree, just let Rourou recognize them as her parents,” Xiao Hongyi said eagerly, relieved to see this hot potato finally taken by someone else.

Grandpa Xiao was pondering the matter silently. Be it Xiao Hongyi or Xiao Hongli, both of them were his sons, but he had to ask for Rourou’s opinion…

Grandpa Xiao turned to look at Tang Xi, his eyes filled with guilt and his voice hoarse as he said, “Rourou, well…”

Tang Xi’s gaze swept across the people present who were all silently urging her to choose Xiao Hongli’s family with their eager eyes.

She smiled, stepped over to embrace Yang Jingxian and sweetly called out, “Mum.”

Her voice was soft and sweet, without any trace of her attitude towards Lin Ru in the hospital. Hearing this manner of address, Yang Jingxian felt her heart melting. She responded excitedly, “Yes, yes, good girl, Mommy’s good girl.”

Clenching her hands, Lin Ru glared at Xiao Rou who was sweetly calling another woman ‘Mum’.

Xiao Hongli was clearly pleased too. He patted Xiao Rou on the shoulder and pretended not to be happy as he said, “So you don’t notice me even though I said so much?”

Tang Xi smiled. Although Xiao Hongli had seemed to be quarrelling with Xiao Hongyi, he was actually claiming justice for her. She was certainly moved by his kindness towards her. With a bright smile, she stepped forward to embrace Xiao Hongli and sweetly said, “Thank you, Dad. You make me feel very warm.”

“Silly girl, you only get what you deserve,” Xiao Hongli said with a smile. “Welcome home.”

Tang Xi’s eyes turned red. In fact, she hadn’t wanted to return to the Xiao Family, but at this moment, the disdain in her heart was replaced by warmth.

Looking at this loving scene, Xiao Hongli’s three sons couldn’t help but smile, and Xiao Yao said, “Dad, Mum, won’t you introduce us to our little sister?”

“There’s no hurry!” Xiao Hongli gave Xiao Yao a dark look before introducing them to Tang Xi, “Rourou, this is your eldest brother, Xiao Yao, that’s your second brother Xiao Sa, and your third brother Xiao Jing.”

The three brothers walked up to Xiao Rou and gave her a bear hug one after another as they said, “Welcome home, Little Sister.”

Xiao Jing said, “Now Mum can finally decorate a princess’ room.”

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