Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 541 - I’m Working Out

Chapter 541: I’m Working Out

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“Shall we join in on the fun?” Ning Yan suddenly looked at He Wanyi.

He Wanyi looked back at Ning Yan and signaled him to continue. Ning Yan turned up the corners of his mouth and blinked at her. “Don’t you feel jealous of them? Let’s go ruin their sweet moment!”

Ning Yan had become Tang Xi’s good buddy after the last few months! They were on very good terms now, so he didn’t worry that Tang Xi would be angry!

He Wanyi looked at Ning Yan and it had been quite a while before she said, “God, what an evil idea! But I like it! I’m so jealous of them!”

As soon as Tang Xi spotted Qiao Liang in the airport, she rushed up and took Qiao Liang’s arm. She was going to Qiao Liang’s home with him, but he asked her to go to Xiao Hongli’s home. Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang in surprise. “Why do you want to go to my home?”

Qiao Liang took a look at her and kissed her on the forehead. “You’ll know when you get there.”

Tang Xi gave him a questioning look and Qiao Liang said with a smile, “There must be a lot of people waiting for me at my home, so we’re not going there.”

At the same time, the people who were waiting for them at Qiao Liang’s home couldn’t help sneezing. Tang Xi didn’t understand what he meant, but she obediently nodded. After all, she could take Qiao Liang to her room even if Sa and Jing were at home.

Thinking of this, Tang Xi smiled, but then she thought of Lu Li. She frowned. “How’s Lu Li?”

“He has awakened, but he can’t recognize anyone, nor take care of himself. Wen Ning is taking care of him. Don’t worry.” At the mention of Lu Li, Qiao Liang frowned.

Tang Xi nodded and put her head against Qiao Liang’s chest. “Everything will be alright. Take it easy.”

Qiao Liang nodded silently.

Two hours later, the car finally stopped in front of Xiao Hongli’s home. Tang Xi got out of the car. When Qiao Liang got out of the car, she turned to enter the villa, when Qiao Liang suddenly stopped her. Tang Xi took a look at Qiao Liang and he pointed to the villa next to the Xiao Family’s. “Let’s go to my new house.”

“Your new house?” Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang in confusion. “You mean this one?”

Qiao Liang nodded. “Yes, I bought it several months ago and renovated it. I haven’t moved into it yet, but the daily necessities and clothing are available. We’ll stay here tonight.”

Tang Xi blushed. She nodded, looked at Qiao Liang shyly and said in a lowered voice, “I’ve been working out these past few months.”

Qiao Liang took a deep look at Tang Xi. After a long pause, he nodded meaningfully. “Then we should do some ‘exercise’ tonight to see whether you did work out or not.”

Tang Xi’s face turned redder. It had been quite a while before she nodded. “Let’s go to your house first.”

“Little Six, you can go back.” Qiao Liang looked back at Little Six and took Tang Xi into the villa.

Little Six, abandoned, watched the two of them enter the villa sweetly and shook his head, sighing in his heart, “They played lovey-dovey again!”

On the other side of things, the people who were still waiting at Qiao Liang’s home still didn’t see them come back. He Wanzhou took a look at Ning Yan. “Are you sure that guy will come back tonight?”

Ning Yan nodded affirmatively. “Your sister heard it from Rourou. How can it be false?”

“Rourou did go to the airport. It can’t be false.”

Xiao Jing also nodded. “I heard he did come back tonight, but perhaps they won’t come back here. I think they probably went to his mother’s house.”

“That’s simple. Just call your sister and ask her!” He Wanzhou rolled his eyes at Xiao Jing.

Xiao Jing smiled. “I almost forget it.” Then he took out his cellphone and called Tang Xi.

It had been quite a while before the other side picked up the call. Then Xiao Jing heard Tang Xi’s gasping voice. “Hello, Jing… what’s up?”

Xiao Jing’s face darkened when he heard Tang Xi’s voice. Were they having s”x?! When he thought of this possibility, his face grew darker. He tried to suppress his emotions. “What are you doing now?”

“I…” The other side’s voice faltered. “Well, I’m working out.”

“Working out?” Xiao Jing hung up in anger. “Sh*t, I won’t wait! I’m going home!”

“Go home?” Ning Yan looked at the vegetables and meat on the table. “Okay, let’s go to your home to eat hot pot. We can’t just waste the food.”

Ning Yan could guess why Xiao Jing suddenly got angry.

On the other side of things, in the yard of the villa, Tang Xi who had just played volleyball with Qiao Liang and was running on the treadmill looked at her cellphone in surprise. “Why did Jing suddenly hang up?”

Qiao Liang who held his arms and stood on the side looked at her with a mysterious smile and shook his head. “What do you think?”

“Huh?” Tang Xi looked at him in confusion. Did she just say anything wrong? She was working out indeed. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be gasping.

And Qiao Liang! Thinking of him, Tang Xi glared at him. So the ‘exercise’ he said was playing volleyball and jogging?!

She thought there would be something worth expecting!!!

She was really angry! Who would like to do real exercises at night…

Tang Xi stared at him hatefully, and he blinked at her and laughed. “Who will believe you are really jogging at night?”

“Qiao Liang!!!!” Tang Xi just wanted to punch him in the face! It was all his fault!! “I am jogging! Because an asshole put the treadmill in the freezing cold yard and forced me to run on it!”

“The air is fresher here. Besides, this helps to strengthen your body.” Qiao Liang smiled and wiped the sweat for Tang Xi. “Do some more sit-ups?”

Tang Xi immediately refused. “No way! You’re not my coach!”

“Didn’t you want to hire me as your coach?” Qiao Liang smiled at Tang Xi. “I didn’t want to be so harsh to you, but…” Qiao Liang paused and looked at Tang Xi. “You have to be able to protect yourself.”

Tang Xi paused and it had been quite a while before she nodded. “Okay, let’s exercise doing close quarters combat. I’ve learned a lot from Little Six, and even he can’t beat me now.”

Seeing her so confident, Qiao Liang gladly nodded. After several rounds, Tang Xi collapsed to the ground. “Are you really a human?!”

“What are you doing?” Xiao Jing looked at Tang Xi who was lying on the ground in exhaustion and the sports equipment all over the ground and went speechless…

So the two were really working out?

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