Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 540 - Excited Miss Tang

Chapter 540: Excited Miss Tang

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After a whole week, Wen Ning finally could accept the current Lu Li. Every day, she would patiently wash his face and shave for Lu Li and served him meals to eat and drink. When she saw Qiao Liang, she could speak with a smile and even joke with him, but every time she would ask him the same question… ‘When would those people be caught?’

Seeing that Wen Ning had accepted the reality, Qiao Liang decided to go back to China, because he had been abroad for too long. So he asked Luo Feng to take care of Wen Ning and Lu Li, and prepared to go back to City A.

Luo Feng sent him to the airport himself. Seeing that he was going to board the airplane, Luo Feng suddenly called out to him. Qiao Liang stopped his steps and looked back at him. Luo Feng sighed and said seriously, “Ah Liang, don’t do things that you will regret. Every time I see how Wen Ning and Lu Li are, I can’t help thinking of how they were ten years ago. If they could have been braver, they wouldn’t have regretted so much now. They were together for such a short time and fate has separated them.

Qiao Liang raised his eyebrows and looked at Luo Feng. “What are you trying to say?”

“Ah Liang, don’t look for the one you love in a girl who is willing to give everything for you. Otherwise, you will only hurt yourself and the girl who loves you deeply.” Luo Feng looked at Qiao Liang. “I know the girl you love has died. As for your current girlfriend, although you love her too, I… find that you are looking for the former in the latter…”

Qiao Liang paused and suddenly shook his head with a smile. He then came up and patted Luo Feng’s shoulder, saying with a smile, “The one I love is Xiao Rou. Remember, I’m not finding anyone else in her because she is just the one I love.” Then he turned to check in. “I’m leaving.”

Tang Xi was very excited to hear that Qiao Liang was going to come back. She was so excited even when shooting the movie. Seeing her being like this, He Wanyi couldn’t help jesting, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you keep smiling? We’re shooting the saddest scenes today. You shouldn’t be so happy.”

Tang Xi chuckled. “I know, I won’t let my emotions affect my acting. After all, I’m Xiao Rou, the future movie queen!” Then she blinked at He Wanyi. “Are we going to shoot the scene where I died for you today?”

“Yeah, the scene where Murong Ruo died for Jue Ning.” He Wanyi sighed and held Tang Xi’s arm, complaining, “Your scenes will be finished today, and I still have to shoot my remaining scenes tomorrow morning!”

Tang Xi rolled her eyes and took a helpless look at He Wanyi. “Come on, it’s just because the scene has to be shot at sunrise that it’s put off until tomorrow. Our scenes are about the same in number. You don’t have to complain.”

He Wanyi nodded hard. “But I want to complain about it! You can eat whatever you want when you go back tonight but I still have to stay here!”

“No, no, no.” Tang Xi raised his index finger and shook it. “I’m going to pick someone up from the airport tonight~~”

“Whom will you pick up?” He Wanyi frowned. “Your mom and dad came back from a trip?”

Tang Xi shook her head. “No, several hours ago, Qiao Liang called me, saying that he had boarded an airplane and would come back in several hours. I can pick him up when I finish shooting this scene!”

Now it was He Wanyi’s turn to roll her eyes. She looked at Tang Xi helplessly. “Do you have to be so happy? You are so excited just because your boyfriend comes back.”

Tang Xi chuckled. “Won’t you be excited when Yao comes back?”

“But he hasn’t, has he?” He Wanyi said, sat down on the chair and frowned. “Sometimes I wonder whether I’m his girlfriend or not. Why didn’t he contact me for months? He is even busier than I, a big star.”

Tang Xi looked at He Wanyi, sighed and pursed her lips. “Well, Yao has always been like this. He often doesn’t contact us for months. His job is very dangerous and a single call will leak his whereabouts, and… if he contacts you, he is afraid that his enemies will hurt you. You know, him and his colleagues will wear masks and use codes instead of names on their missions.”

Although they were heroes, they lived in darkness.

He Wanyi nodded. “I was not complaining. I just think… lovers shouldn’t be like this.”

“What are you talking about?” Ning Yan shouted at them. “Come here!”

“We’re preparing the mood!” Tang Xi said to him with a smile, took He Wanyi’s hand and walked up to Ning Yan. “Director Ning, don’t enslave Sister Wanyi. She is not happy. How do you have the heart to make her suffer in the cold wind of Mountain Qin?”

“I don’t mind. You know I’m cold-hearted.” Ning Yan said and gently hit Tang Xi’s head with the paper tube in his hand. “Come on, get prepared.”

As soon as Tang Xi finished shooting the last scene, she ran away from the set. Little Six couldn’t even catch up with her. He wondered why Miss Tang suddenly became so strong, and sometimes he couldn’t even beat her when they were practicing Kung Fu!

Although he didn’t know why she suddenly became strong, he had to admit that Miss Tang was really awesome. He couldn’t believe she managed to build up her body within several months. Compared with that fragile Miss Tang before, he preferred the current one who had physical agility. Most importantly, Miss Tang could go out alone now and he was finally liberated!

Looking at Tang Xi’s back, he raised his eyebrows and asked He Wanyi, “Why did she run so fast? Anything happen to her family?”

He never saw her run so fast. Something must have happened.

“Qiao Liang is coming back and she is in a hurry to pick him up.” He Wanyi smiled and shook her head. “It’s the first time I have seen her being so excited.”

“No wonder.” Ning Yan still looked at Tang Xi’s back and suddenly asked He Wanyi. “What do you think of her acting skills?”

He Wanyi raised her eyebrows and said seriously, “Very good. I didn’t expect that she was so talented in acting. If I didn’t know her well, I would have thought she graduated from a drama performance major.”

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