Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 31 - Trustee or President Xiao?

Chapter 31: Trustee or President Xiao?

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Xiao Sa’s glance swept across the crowd and rested on Ms. Cao’s face. “Do you know me?”

Xiao Sa was holding Tang Xi’s hand as he said this. He wanted to show these people that he was Xiao Rou’s brother and that she was the treasure he was holding in his hand, not someone they could insult at random! It was ridiculous that his baby sister whom their family adored so much was bullied by a teacher on the first day of school!

“Well, President Xiao…” The foreign language director looked at Xiao Sa perplexedly. “President Xiao, I know Ms. Cao is in the wrong, but you see, she is a senior teacher of our school. Can you just forgive her?”

Xiao Sa sneered at his words and said, “I can forgive her, but my forgiveness won’t count.”

Tang Xi blinked and looked doubtfully at Xiao Sa with her bright eyes. Xiao Sa smiled at her and asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

Tang Xi smiled and took Xiao Sa aside. “Brother, what do you mean?”

Xiao Sa looked at Tang Xi with a smile. Seeing Tang Xi’s cute look, he couldn’t help but pinch her cheek and he asked in a low voice, “Why did you call me in the first place?”

Tang Xi answered without even thinking about it, “Of course because you’re a trustee of the school!”

Trustee? President Xiao? (Note: ‘trustee’ and ‘President Xiao’ sound the same in Chinese.)

“Hahaha!” Xiao Sa suddenly burst out laughing, and then he stopped and looked at the crowd. His smiling face immediately darkened at the sight of Ms. Cao. “Show me how my sister overdressed. If you can’t, you must get the hell out of this school.”

Ms. Cao was seized with panic. It had never occurred to her that a girl from the countryside could have been from the Xiao Family. If she had known she was Xiao Hongli’s daughter, she would never have dared to treat her like that!

“Well, President Xiao, I was wrong, but I didn’t mean it.” Ms. Cao walked up to Tang Xi and reached out her hand to take Tang Xi’s, but the latter dodged her hand. “Don’t touch me!”

What she hated most in her life were these kinds of snobs who held their heads high when facing the weak, but bowed low before the powerful. Although these kinds of people were almost everywhere in society, this teacher particularly annoyed her.

“President Xiao, someone said Xiao Rou offended Miss Xiao and asked me to take good care of her, so I…”

Xiao Sa narrowed his eyes and his voice was dangerous as he said, “Miss Xiao? Xiao Jinning?”

Ms. Cao nodded rapidly in succession. “I got a call this morning, saying that there will be a girl from the countryside coming to our class who offended Miss Xiao, and the caller asked me to take good care of her. That’s why I…”

“Do you mean Xiao Hongyi’s daughter asked you to deal with my sister?” Xiao Sa asked this in a mild tone, but the crowd felt a chill down their spines upon hearing his words. Why did they get the feeling that Xiao Sa was going to start a war with his uncle’s family?

Tang Xi was expressionless, but quietly bore this in mind. ‘Xiao Jinning, I haven’t taken revenge on you, yet you just keep messing with me!’

‘In that case, don’t blame me for making you pay for what you’ve done to Xiao Rou.’

She didn’t bother to think why Xiao Jinning was able to do this in the school, as she used to be a member of the upper class. She knew how easily a powerful person could control a whole school, let alone simply manipulate a teacher.

As soon as Xiao Sa learnt that it was Xiao Jinning’s idea, he became furious and immediately called Xiao Jinning.

The call was soon put through. As Xiao Jinning rarely received phone calls from Xiao Hongli’s sons, she was slightly excited when she suddenly received a call from Xiao Sa. “Sa, what’s up?”

Hearing her voice, Xiao Sa snorted and said coldly, “Xiao Jinning, how dare you lay a hand on my sister.”

On the other side, Xiao Jinning paused. Apparently, she didn’t expect Xiao Sa to have called to blame her. After quite a while, she chuckled and said, “Sa, what are you talking about? I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Xiao Jinning, I’m going to warn you one last time. Don’t touch my sister! I’ll make you suffer if my sister is hurt by you!” Xiao Sa’s voice was cold, and everyone could tell that he was serious.

“Haha.” Xiao Jinning sneered and said in a low voice, “Is she your sister? She’s just a beggar abandoned by my parents. How ridiculous it is that you guys treat her like a treasure! You’ll regret treating me like this one day!”

“Xiao Jinning, you are just a pheasant! How can you be compared with our Rourou?” Xiao Sa stood up and said loudly in front of all the teachers, “Let me tell you, a pheasant can never become a phoenix. Even though you are loved by thousands of people, you will be nobody as soon as your lies are uncovered! You are just a pheasant in a phoenix’s clothing!”

“Xiao Sa!” Xiao Jinning’s taboo was her biological family, especially when it was mentioned by a member of the Xiao Family who stood on Xiao Rou’s side, so she screamed resentfully, “I advise you to shut up now, or else I don’t know what I will do!”

“Are you trying to threaten me?” Xiao Sa sneered. “I’m in the TV station now. Come on, come here. I’m going to announce to the whole world that you, Xiao Jinning, are just a pheasant from the countryside. When Rourou was born, Lin Ru mistook you as her daughter and took you home from the hospital, but now the real descendant of our Xiao Family has returned. You’re just a dog in the manger, a shameless woman who took away what belongs to Rourou and refuses to return it to her!”

Tang Xi looked around at the teachers in the office and appreciated the shocked looks on their faces. Seeing them constantly wiping at their sweat, she knew Xiao Sa had let the cat out of the bag. Since he had exposed Xiao Jinning’s secret in front of these teachers, Xiao Jinning would probably do something crazy next.

“Xiao Sa! Please don’t do it!” Xiao Jinning was scared. She had become a famous star so easily simply because she was a daughter of the Xiao Family and the fiance of Liu’s Group’s president. Without those two identities, she didn’t know what she would face. At this thought, her voice softened. “Sa, I was wrong, I was wrong. Please, please don’t tell people the truth, okay?”

Xiao Sa glanced at the teachers and snorted. “Afraid now? Yao Jinning, let me tell you—everything you have now is being doled out to you by our Rourou. If you dare to hurt her again, I’ll ruin you!”

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