Strike Back, Proud Goddess!

Chapter 30 - A Slap in the Face

Chapter 30: A Slap in the Face

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Tang Xi hung up the call and returned the cell phone to Mr. He. Tears kept running down from her eyes. At the sight of this, the teachers who had entered the office later on whispered to each other: What a pretty girl. She looks so pitiful in tears. Who bullied her? Oh, she is crying so sadly.

Ms. Cao was terribly upset about her tears, so she snapped even more sharply, “What are you crying for? Don’t be a drama queen! As a student, you seduce male students in the school! How can you still have the cheek to cry?”

This was literally a personal attack.

“Ms. Cao, watch your words!” the director said with a scowl.

Mr. He also stepped up and said, “The student has explained that she did nothing in class except only sit on her seat and listen to lectures, and I remember that you didn’t blame her for not listening to lectures but for overdressing. But look at her, she is in normal school uniform. I wonder why you are being so difficult to her.”

Only Ms. Cao knew that she was being difficult to Xiao Rou because she got a phone call this morning, asking her to take good care of a certain country bumpkin who had offended the Miss of the Xiao Family, which was why she had looked up her files. Xiao Rou did come from the mountains, but she didn’t look like a country bumpkin at all! She thought maybe this girl seduced Miss Xiao’s fiance with her beautiful look, which was why Miss Xiao was angry with her.

Besides, in class, a lot of the male students didn’t listen to class but instead kept staring at her. She thought this girl must have made some seductive moves! She wouldn’t allow a student like this to stay in her class. She just couldn’t find some excuse to act, or else she would have forced her to drop out!

She didn’t expect this girl’s ability in foreign languages to be so good. Now she could only slowly drive her out of the school later!

As the head teacher, it was way too easy for her to deal with a student.

Ms. Cao was speechless for a while, but soon she said righteously, “Mr. He and Director Qiu are only speaking up for her because she is pretty, right? Who among you have ever tried to stop me while I was educating my students? You defend her just because this girl has a seductive face, don’t you?”

“Are you still a teacher?” Tang Xi’s eyes turned red, but her voice was cold. She abruptly walked up to Ms. Cao and said seriously, “You are not worthy to be a teacher. You are like an uneducated shrew now. Your students would regret being your student if they saw your behavior today!”


“What?” Tang Xi cast a glance at her like a proud queen. “I don’t care why you are doing this to me, but I want to tell you that you will soon regret it… and a lot at that. You asked me whether I knew what a trustee was. Now let me tell you—a trustee is someone who will be here within ten minutes after I call him, not a second late!”

She then pointed to the door of the office and said, “If you don’t believe me, just look!”

Everyone turned their eyes to the door but saw nothing, so they all thought that Tang Xi was bluffing. When Ms. Cao was about to satirize Tang Xi again, Xiao Sa hurried into the teachers’ office. “Sister, my darling, who bullied you?”

The moment Tang Xi saw Xiao Sa, she didn’t know if she was moved or aggrieved; a lump rose into her throat and tears ran down from her eyes. The other teachers couldn’t help exclaiming that her tears came so quickly!

Xiao Sa panicked when he saw Tang Xi cry; it was his first time seeing his sister like this. She had been surprising them almost daily like a happy fruit in the past month. She was so happy every day that they thought she would never cry, so he had panicked when he heard her crying on the phone.

Then on the way to the school, he was very excited and happy, because when his sister was bullied, the first person she turned to for help was not Yao or Jing, but him, which was really exciting!

But now he was not happy at all!

Because he looked around only to find his sister surrounded by many teachers, standing in the middle and weeping. She was clearly very sad!

Xiao Sa immediately scowled. He came forward, gently stroked Tang Xi’s shoulder and comforted her tenderly. After Tang Xi stopped crying, he turned around and stared coldly at the teachers, asking, “What happened? Why did my sister cry? If you don’t give me an explanation, I won’t let you off!”

The teachers were all shocked—they didn’t know that this Xiao Rou was Mr. Xiao’s sister!

Xiao Rou, Xiao Sa. Their family name was both Xiao, so she was from the Xiao Family. No wonder!

The one who felt the most regret was Ms. Cao, who had asked Xiao Rou whether she knew what a trustee was. She had even mocked Xiao Rou that even if she complained to her family, it would take them three days to come here…

Wearing an embarrassed smile, Director Qiu came forward to greet Xiao Sa. “Mr. Xiao, I didn’t expect you would come here. Student Xiao Rou is your…?”

“My sister!” Xiao Sa answered coldly. “You’d better give me an explanation. Tell me exactly what you’ve done to my sister. Otherwise, I will make your school close down!”

“Well, Mr. Xiao,” Ms. Cao began, standing up and forcing a smile, “it was just a mistake… We didn’t-”

“Sa, she said that I’m a coquette. She said I didn’t listen in class but seduced male teachers and students instead. She said I overdressed and didn’t look like a student, and she said I’m uneducated.” Tang Xi didn’t give Ms. Cao a chance to speak because she knew that the teachers would never tell Xiao Sa the truth; however, she wouldn’t allow a person like this to stay in the school.

Because Ms. Cao didn’t deserve to be a teacher at all.

As Xiao Sa listened to Xiao Rou’s words, his face turned progressively darker and his stare at Ms. Cao became increasingly sharp, while Ms. Cao’s face turned increasingly pale and finally she was on the verge of crying. How could she have known that the one Miss Xiao hated was her own cousin!

And compared with Xiao Hongyi and his family, Xiao Hongli and his were way more powerful!

Xiao Hongyi and his family didn’t have a share in the school. She would get a red pocket from Xiao Jinning at the most for doing her a favor. But if she offended Xiao Sa, she would lose her job!

Except for the Qiao Family and the Yang Family, no family in City A was more powerful than Xiao Hongli’s family!

“I…” Ms. Cao reached out a hand for Tang Xi’s hand. “I didn’t…”

“Didn’t what?” Xiao Sa glared at her coldly.

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