Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Stealing Shen Qianrou’s Formula

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“Furthermore, at a local fashion design contest six years ago, our director seemed to be disqualified, and even expelled from school because of plagiarism?”

Shen Fanxing paled at Annali’s words.

Her hands which were originally placed on the chair instantly clasped tighter.

Plagiarism, expelled from school…

Her life was nearly ruined.

Seeing the expression on Shan Fanxing’s face made Annali rejoice.

She continued her attack by opening up the old wounds of Shen Fanxing, and adding salt to them.

“I heard she also stole Shen Qianrou’s scent formula…”

“Shut up!”

Su Heng reproached sternly, effectively shutting Annali up.

Annali’s face waned and she bit her lips. She turned her head to the other side but did not continue.

She had said all she needed to say anyway.

There was nothing more exciting and happy than watching the blow that Shen Fanxing had suffered.

“Brother Heng…”

Shen Qianrou was taken aback by the sudden shout from Su Heng. She gave a low scream at Su Heng but her face was full of agreement.

“How can she say that…”

Su Heng did not reply to Shen Qianrou. Instead, his gaze landed on Shen Fanxing. He went silent for a while before saying,

“Fanxing, it is difficult for you to handle both the R&D Department and Public Relations Department. Now that Qianrou is here, she can help to lessen your burden. You’ll be responsible for public relations from now on.”

Shen Qianrou’s face darkened. Su Heng was obviously trying to avoid the issue.

“Qianrou may not be used to the work since she’s new to this. Please help her out more since she won’t be in the company most of the time due to her busy schedule in acting. Though I removed your position for the R&D Department, you can…”


Shen Fanxing gave a cold laugh, causing everyone to look towards her.

Looking at Su Heng, her face was full of sarcasm when she said,

“Su Heng, is your removal of my position because of Shen Qianrou’s role as Rosanna, or is it because of my plagiarism back then?”

“…” Su Heng frowned, his expression forlorn when he looked at Shen Fanxing, not saying anything.


What did that mean?

He might have meant it for both reasons.

She knew that Su Heng had never trusted her fully!

Shen Fanxing suddenly gave a cold laugh again, closing her notebook in her hands and standing up.

“You removed my position for no reason and now you want me to take care of her R&D Department? Isn’t this creating more trouble for myself? And you have the guts to say it’ll lessen my burden?”

Shen Fanxing’s words created a buzz in the conference room as everyone was surprised by what she said.

They did not expect such speech from their chief executive director, who had always expressed herself decently.

She did not even save ‘face’ for Mr Su in front of all the other senior managers.

Su Heng’s face darkened considerably.

He did not expect Shen Fanxing to shame him like that.

“Fanxing, you’ve always been smart. You should know that using ‘Rosanna’ as the name for Su Company…”

Without giving Su Heng a chance to finish his sentence, Shen Fanxing reached out to stop him.

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