Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Don’t Worry

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At the same time, on the 88th floor at Bo Consortium.

In the CEO’s office.

Yu Song gave a copy of the recent work schedule to Bo Jinchuan, who was sitting behind his desk.

Standing, he contemplated for a while before saying,

“Master, Ms Shen will be resigning at the Su Company today. Should I send someone to make sure nothing goes wrong?”

Bo Jinchuan stopped going through the file of documents as he looked up, his eyes reflecting a natural elegance.

He contemplated before replying,

“…No need. She can manage such a trivial affair herself.”

He paused and took the document given by Yu Song, saying,

“Don’t worry.”

Hearing this, Yu Song turned speechless.

Which part of him reflected his worry?

He just… Wasn’t Master the one who liked the girl?

As the secretary, he naturally had to put in more effort into such an issue!

With a happy master, his life would be better, wouldn’t it?

It was rare that his master would offer words of comfort.

Regardless, since Master had said so, he should take his mind off Ms Shen’s business.

“Master, the conference will be in 10 minutes.”


At the Su Company, the chaotic chatter in the conference room gradually died down.

Shen Qianrou was Rosanna?

Yes, they knew of this name Rosanna.

The scent-making contest in France was held once every two years and it held global attention.

When Rosanna participated in the contest two years ago, she got the outstanding position of fourth place.

Even though she did not get the top three positions and thus could not shine on the international stage, she was the only Chinese with such exceptional results.

Locally, no one had yet to surpass her reputation.

Even though there were rumours that the winner of the past two contests—named Star—was also a Chinese.

Yet, nobody could attest to the truth of the news given that the winner was too low-profile.

Now, they did not expect to meet the mysterious Star since Rosanna was right before their eyes, making them contented enough.

Star was too far away from them.

Emotions flashed across Shen Fanxing’s eyes as she understood everything.

That was what happened!

She did not expect Shen Qianrou to take part in the contest and get the fourth position.

It seemed like she had already planned to replace her position in the Su Company two years ago.

Shen Fanxing gave a cold laugh mentally as she mocked herself to be the stupidest person ever.

Two years ago…

Or even earlier, Su Heng had already betrayed her.

Yet, she was like a fool who was hidden from the truth.

Seeing the masses becoming silent, Shen Qianrou gave a smug smile internally.

Her gaze went to Shen Fanxing as her spirits were lifted.

She had said before that Shen Fanxing would always be the losing party before her.

Given this, Shen Qianrou being helicoptered into the company seemed decided.

Shen Fanxing gave a faint smile, her eyes reflecting an unending amount of sarcasm.

After all these years of working under Shen Fanxing, Annali had suppressed her dissatisfaction with Shen Fanxing for long. She would not miss this opportunity to see her being put in an embarrassing state.

Also, she was not satisfied with the mere removal of Shen Fanxing’s position as the head perfumer and chief executive director. Seeing the calm face of Shen Fanxing, evil flashed across her eyes.

“Furthermore, at a local fashion design contest six years ago, our director seemed to be disqualified, and even expelled from school because of plagiarism?”

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