Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: The Internal Senior Conference of the Su Company

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The 21st level was the R&D Department and the Public Relations Department.

After walking out of the lift, Shen Fanxing took off her windbreaker and hung it.

Even though her outfits were of the same style, they were exquisite.

She wore a black business outfit, her tiny waist apparent. Her pants were well-ironed, showing off her long and slender legs.

Her features were perfect, showing her normal cold face.

Shen Fanxing was beautiful and that was undeniable.

Yet, one could be tired of judging beauty.

Especially when she had the same hairstyle and a few articles of clothing.

She had the same style for years.

No matter how pretty a person was, not spending the time to dress up, prioritizing work and being utterly boring, would all cause disinterest to a man.

Yet, no matter how boring she was, everyone on the 21st level was afraid of her.

The R&D Department and the Public Relations Department, being the most tiring departments in the entire company, were all held up by her.

She had the ability and resoluteness when it came to work, which made her respected by everyone.

When the sound of the rhythm of Shen Fanxing’s heels reached everyone, they seemed to get busier.

There were calls from different countries and hasty workers who hurried to report their work.

From the most basic process of production, to the manufacturing process, packaging, modes of advertising, making appointments for talks on collaboration and officially selling the products.

Shen Fanxing walked towards the office without a change in expression, her back straight, footsteps respectful and she even managed to answer a few questions on the way.

This was what she used to go through on a daily basis, which she was long used to.

When she walked into the office, she realized she had already circled her desk once, and with loads of files in her arms.

She took a deep breath, threw the files on the desk and shook her head resignedly.

Her intention was to resign, not to work!

What was she doing?

After sighing once more, she pulled the chair out and turned on the computer before crafting a simple resignation letter.

The procedure was still needed. If problems could be solved by the HR Department, there was no need for her to meet Su Heng.

Shen Fanxing went to the HR Department after placing her printed resignation letter in an envelope.

When she knocked on the door of the HR Department, she was invited in by the hurried voice of the Manager, who seemed to stand right next to the door.

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