Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: She Would Understand Us

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Shen Fanxing did not speak as she stood there unmovingly, seemingly unaffected by Shen Qianrou’s words.

That was how Shen Fanxing was like, tarnished even by staying silent.

The humiliation of being ignored angered Shen Qianrou but Su Heng was right beside her.

It was not long before the lift reached their level, Shen Fanxing went in with her bag.

Su Heng and Shen Qianrou followed after.

Shen Fanxing pressed the button for the 21st level, which was the R&D Department.

As for the two people behind her, she did not bother to ask, neither was it her obligation.

She had wanted to tell Su Heng her resignation directly, but the sight of Shen Qianrou made her not want to say anything.

This kind of person knew how to make herself noticed too well.

If she told Su Heng about her resignation now, Shen Qianrou might dramatize it.

Why would she give herself this chance to be disgusted?

Noticing that Shen Fanxing only pressed the button for her level, Shen Qianrou’s eyes darkened before her lips turned upwards.

She pressed the button for the highest level which was level 36.

Then, she smiled at Shen Fanxing and her eyes seemed to challenge her.

The 36th floor was Su Heng’s private spot. Nobody could enter without his permission.

Yet, it was a place that Shen Qianrou could enter freely now.

She thought Shen Fanxing would mind, but after staring at her for long, she did not detect any trace of emotions on Shen Fanxing’s face.

Infuriated, Shen Qianrou ground her teeth and told Su Heng in a soft voice,

“Brother Heng, isn’t there an internal conference later? Since Sister is here…”

Su Heng tensed. He looked at Shen Fanxing’s back and contemplated before saying slowly,

“Since she’s here, there’s no reason why she shouldn’t attend.”

The lift did not stop at any floor. Just before Su Heng finished his sentence, they had reached the 21st level, Shen Fanxing walked out without any delay.

Shen Fanxing’s coldness made Shen Qianrou boil with anger, as if each verbal attack was made on a cotton wool, one that absorbed the toxicity without any revenge.

Viewing Shen Fanxing’s back, Su Heng understood everything.

She seemed to have let go completely, without forgiving him or retaining him, determined not to have anything to do with him.

His heart seemed to sink. This feeling was similar to what he felt in the hospital, where he seemed to have lost something forever.

“Brother Heng, what should I do to make her feel better… Seeing her in this state makes me really sad…”

Shen Qianrou’s gentle voice shook as she put on a brave front. Yet, resignation made Su Heng pity her.

He pulled Shen Qianrou into an embrace as his finger lifted her fair chin up, wiping the tear away from her eyes.

Shen Qianrou’s expression was more sorrowful.

“Since Sister came back from abroad three years ago, she had only visited Grandpa three to four times. I fear that she can’t cope now that she doesn’t have anyone to take care of her…”

Shen Qianrou’s kindness made Su Heng pity her. These words reflected his thoughts as well.

Her relationship with her family was already deplorable and now she did not even want to face him.

Could she really… manage alone?

“Let’s give it more time. Wait till her anger has ceased then I’ll talk to her. Don’t worry, Fanxing has always been a rational person. I’m sure she will understand us.”

Shen Qianrou took a deep breath and nodded her head lightly, her voice reflecting melancholy as she said,”

“I really hope she does.”

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