Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 250 - Return Every cent to Me!

Chapter 250: Return Every cent to Me!

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At that moment, another person rushed in, and his face was full of anxiety.

“Director Liang, why are you here as well? Look, it’s such a coincidence that General Manager Qi is here too.”

The store manager hurried forward with a sweet smile and a warm attitude.

Director Liang was the overall sales director of their brand and he rarely came here.

But Director Liang glowered at her and chided angrily, “What happened?!”

The store manager was shocked. Glancing around at the crowd, she explained,

“I just met a troublesome customer… It’s just unnecessary trouble…”

“Unnecessary trouble? Director Liang, this is not unnecessary trouble!”

General Manager Qi Qi, who looked solemn and glum the whole time, spoke coldly.

Just as he finished speaking, his assistant stepped up and handed a document to Director Liang.

“Director Liang, the service attitude of your sales staff is extremely bad. They humiliate the customers, treat them with contempt and unfairness. This severely affects the reputation of our mall. Please leave the mall with your employees immediately. We will invite a new company to take over your store!”

“Wh… What?!”

Director Liang was stunned. He had rushed over the moment he received General Manager Qi’s call. He had yet to ask what was going on when he was suddenly informed of such a shocking decision!

General Manager Qi ignored him and hurried towards Shen Fanxing. His attitude was especially respectful.

“Miss Shen, my apologies for everything you have suffered.”

Shen Fanxing nodded at him slightly.

The store manager’s face paled.

Her legs turned wobbly and she nearly lost her balance.

Noticing and hearing General Manager Qi’s respectful compliment and attitude, Shen Qianrou frowned.

At the same time, Lin Feifei’s sharp voice sounded from the cashier, “What?! It’s done? What do you mean?!”

Everyone looked towards the counter.

The cashier was still excited. “That’s right! I’ve successfully swiped the lady’s card. So it means that everything in the store now belongs to the lady.”

“What?! Success?!” Lin Feifei’s voice became sharper and her face darkened.

The store manager’s heart skipped a beat and she staggered to the counter.

“Oh god, she actually bought the whole store!”

“Oh my god, I’ve indeed lived long enough!”

“Are you serious?”

“This store has hit its peak today!”

When Director Liang heard that, he was delighted.

She bought all the items in the store?

What a windfall!

Yet, the store manager’s face paled when she saw the card.

Her legs gave way and she collapsed to the floor!

“What happened?”

“What happened?”

“She must have gone crazy from the happiness, right?”

Everyone at the entrance craned their necks to catch a better view of the situation in the store.

Lin Feifei glanced at the card.

It was an ordinary green card. It wasn’t a gold card, nor was it a platinum or a black card!

It was a success?

How was that possible?

How could that b*tch have that much money?!

The store manager regained her balance and sat up with much difficulty.

Her lips were pale and she trembled badly as she said, “Miss… Shen…”

Shen Fanxing shot a cold stare at her and said, “Please shut up. I don’t want to hear a single word from you…”

Shen Fanxing looked down at the manager who was sitting on the floor. Her lips formed a cruel smile.

“Did you feel that you were going to get a generous bonus from making 20 million yuan for your company today? A promotion and salary increase would be guaranteed?”

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