Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 249 - From This Moment, Everything in This Store is Mine!

Chapter 249: From This Moment, Everything in This Store is Mine!

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“Yeah! How can she afford everything? Think about it, she’s Miss Shen Qianrou’s sister. How can Miss Qianrou not know if she has money or not?”

“Yes, don’t forget that Miss Lin even increased the stakes to make the loser kneel. If it wasn’t for the fact that they are sure that she doesn’t have the money nor ability, would she have done this?”

“Miss Shen Qianrou bought so many of our products. Isn’t that the same as advertising for us? Unless the company is stupid enough to pursue this matter!”

Upon hearing them, the manager regained her composure gradually.

What they said sounded reasonable.

Moreover, one was notorious while the other was gentle and generous. She was also a popular celebrity now. Even if the top management came, they wouldn’t choose to side with the older Miss Shen.

At that moment, Lin Feifei’s impatient and disdainful voice sounded from the cashier.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and swipe her car! Let me see how much her mysterious sugar daddy can give her.”

The manager looked over and saw the shop assistant looking at her hesitantly. “Manager… do… I swipe the card?”

Contempt flashed across the store manager’s face when she glimpsed the calmness on her opponent’s face.

“Go ahead.”

“Are we… going to swipe the card to pay for everything in the store?”

Lin Feifei gave a derisive laugh and said, “You think too highly of her. Just a few million will blow up her card’s limit!”

Shen Fanxing said coldly, “Tch! Calculate the amount. I already said I wanted to buy everything in this shop!”

“Remember what your manager said before. I’ve questioned her twice if there is no first come first served policy for the customers. And whoever has the ability to buy your things, she can reserve it for her even if she doesn’t pay first, right?’ And the answer you gave me was a resounding yes! So from the moment I announced that I wanted to buy everything in your store, everything here is mine!”

The manager frowned, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to afford everything. She looked at the cashier and said, “Swipe it!”

The cashier gulped. It was at least 70 million yuan, just like that…

In her excitement, the card in her hand fell to the ground.

Lin Feifei grinned smugly again and said, “Shen Fanxing, I really can’t wait… No, I can’t wait any longer! I really want to see you kneeling in front of me like that…”

Just then, three people entered.

The man in front was a tall man in his forties.

Behind him was a secretary and an assistant.

“General Manager Qi, why are you here?”

The manager’s face changed and she scurried towards the entrance.

Everyone in the mall knew that General Manager Qi was in charge of the entire mall.

He rarely appeared here. In their eyes, CEO Qi was an unapproachable figure. Being able to see him was a great blessing and honor.

What a coincidence to see such a figure today.

In view of the manager’s friendliness and politeness, General Manager Qi’s face remained cold.

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