Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo!

Chapter 1820 - Showdown

Chapter 1820: Showdown

“Something happened to Mo Xiaona. I have to go and take a look. Wait for me at home.”

Xu Qingzhi didn’t say anything. Li Mo took a tissue from the bedside to clean himself up. Then, he got up and picked out another set of clothes from the wardrobe.

The shirt, sweater, and suit were neat and tidy.

Xu Qingzhi lay on the bed and watched silently as he got dressed. Her lips twitched and she closed her eyes slowly.

After closing the wardrobe, the room was silent for a while before the door opened and closed.

Xu Qingzhi opened her eyes slowly and stared at the ceiling. No one knew what she was thinking.

After a few seconds, she slowly sat up and prepared to take a shower.

Before she could even lift the blanket, the door was opened forcefully.

Xu Qingzhi turned her head and saw the man who had left walking back.

Their eyes met and Xu Qingzhi was the first to look away.

“Why are you back again?”

Li Mo took a few steps closer and said, “I forgot to bring something.”

As he spoke, he walked to the bedside table and took out a box of items from the drawer.

Without any hesitation, she opened the box and stuffed the bags into her pocket.

Xu Qingzhi bit her lips tightly and averted her gaze. She lowered her head and her hands trembled slightly.

Then, a few footsteps sounded. Without even raising her head, she was suddenly lifted up from the blanket.

Caught off guard, she looked up abruptly. Li Mo had already placed her on the bed.

“What are you doing?”

Li Mo didn’t say anything and turned around. What followed was a commotion.

A few minutes later, Xu Qingzhi was wearing a loose sweater, a loose jacket, and loose pants. The man carried her and strode out.

Xu Qingzhi frowned and asked, “What are you doing?”

“You’re too disobedient. Don’t run away again when I’m back.”

Li Mo said honestly. Before leaving, he wrapped his clothes tightly around him and carried her to the car.

When Li Mo got into the car, Xu Qingzhi said coldly,

“Why did you bring me along to visit Mo Xiaona?”

Li Mo glanced at her and smiled before starting the car.

“Of course I’m afraid that you’ll run away.”

Xu Qingzhi was speechless.

Seeing that the woman was indeed in a bad mood, Li Mo said,

“I left just now. I felt that something was wrong. When I saw you after I went back, it was indeed wrong.”

“It’s said that a woman’s thoughts are too hard to guess. You’re even more of a headache. I don’t want you to let your imagination run wild. If you continue to torment me, I think I should bring you along so that I can stop your thoughts completely.”

Xu Qingzhi frowned. What did he want?

The moment she heard that Mo Xiaona was in trouble, she could pull away from her at any time. This was enough to cut off all thoughts of her.

Why did he have to stab her heart again?

“There’s nothing to miss.”

She said casually. It was good that she could go to the hospital to visit Chu Yi.

Half an hour later, Li Mo carried Xu Qingzhi into the hospital.

“I can walk by myself. Put me down.”

Li Mo glanced at her and put her down after entering the elevator. However, he held her hand.

Even when he reached Mo Xiaona’s ward, he had no intention of letting go of her.

She looked at him in confusion. “What do you want?”

“You don’t think the question is stupid?”

Xu Qingzhi’s face darkened. “I don’t want to see her now.”

Li Mo pulled her in.

Xu Qingzhi stopped at the door of the inner room and emphasized,

“I don’t want to see her.”

Feng Geng walked out. When he saw Li Mo, he hurriedly called out, “CEO Li.”

Li Mo gave him a cold stare. “How is she?”

“I told her that you would be coming. She’s much better now.”

With that, Feng Geng glanced at the silent Xu Qingzhi and pursed his lips awkwardly.



“The two of you wait here,” instructed Limo as he walked in.

The doctors and nurses had surrounded the entire ward. When they saw Li Mo, they retreated to the side.

Mo Xiaona was sitting by the bed in her hospital gown. Her hair was messy and she looked dazed.

Raising her head to look at Li Mo, she suddenly stood up and rushed to him. After hesitating for a while, she finally mustered the courage to hold his hand tightly, her face full of tears as she pleaded.

“Limo! I was wrong, I was really wrong. I admit that I was too selfish back then, but I did this because I wanted to be with you and reduce the twists and turns… Because… Because I really have nothing and I’m not worthy of you. I don’t dare to face your family at all. Limo… Do you understand? I don’t have any other thoughts. I really don’t…”

“Calm down.”

Li Mo’s voice sounded through the door.

Xu Qingzhi pursed her lips and curled her hands under her long sleeves. Her eyes flickered and she took two steps back.

Right now, the only thought in her mind was to escape.

Knowing Mo Xiaona’s position in Limo’s heart, how could Limo’s heart not ache when Mo Xiaona suddenly let go of her pride and behaved like this with Limo?

She didn’t want to hear how gently Limo would comfort her.

Lowering her gaze, she stared at the door for a few seconds before turning around.


Seeing this, Feng Geng hurriedly called out softly.

In the ward, Li Mo retracted his hand from Mo Xiaona’s.

Mo Xiaona teared up and shook her head. “Limo, Qingzhi wants to divorce you, right? This time, I won’t run away anymore. As long as you’re not angry with me anymore, I’ll definitely face your family well and do my best to get them to agree to us being together… alright…”

She had had enough of wandering around alone.

Without anyone to rely on, without money, her dreams and her life were all dark.

She wanted someone to rely on. Only Li Mo could give her a stable life and everything she wanted.

She had had enough of those days of having nothing.

She was a woman with no family background. She couldn’t live the life she wanted alone.

“Limo, I was wrong. Please forgive me…”


Compared to Mo Xiaona’s agitation, Li Mo’s voice was too cold and calm.

The room fell silent for a few seconds before Li Mo continued,

“I told you very clearly last time… From the beginning to the end, I was the one who made a mistake. The person I love isn’t you, and I won’t divorce Xu Qingzhi.”

“You know this very well.”

Mo Xiaona bit her lips and looked at him in despair.

“But what about me? Limo, have you ever thought about your decision back then and what I’ve become?”

“Who am I? Why must it be me? Why must I prove that the person you love is Xu Qingzhi?”

Li Mo said in a low voice, “If you insist on pursuing the past, I can only apologize. If you want anything, just tell me. I’ll try my best to satisfy you. But it’s impossible for me to divorce and be with you.”

Mo Xiaona smiled coldly. “What else do you think I want?”

Limo was silent for a few seconds before looking at her coldly.

“What else could it be? You know that I love her and won’t divorce her, but you chose to jump today. Feng Geng didn’t only go out to buy fruits for a few minutes. If you really wanted to jump, why did you wait until he came back and opened the door?”

“Do you think I’m the kind of person who will compromise if you threaten me with your life?”

Mo Xiaona clenched her fists tightly, her eyes evasive.

“Everyone is young and ignorant. When you’re confused about your feelings, you’re aggrieved in front of me. You clearly know that it’s impossible for me to get a divorce. Do you really have no other motives?”

Mo Xiaona tensed up and didn’t say anything.

After a long while—

“How much is it?”

Mo Xiaona froze and looked up at Li Mo, her eyes filled with shock.

“What did you say?”

“I don’t mean to insult you. Whether it’s self-esteem or personality, it’s dispensable in the face of money. Don’t talk to me about being noble and arrogant. These will be defeated by reality and money.”

“Money is the most direct and useful thing. Whether it’s your future life or your own career, you need to use it. But…”

Li Mo paused. “Take the money and leave immediately. Try not to appear in front of me.”

Mo Xiaona’s eyes flashed. “Are you the one asking me to leave now? Limo, you once said that it’s my freedom to go wherever I want…”

“Yes, I don’t care, but the problem is that someone doesn’t want to see you now.”

Mo Xiaona gritted her teeth and trembled.

“Is it Xu Qingzhi?”

Li Mo’s expression was cold. “She didn’t say anything. I’m the one who’s annoyed. She’s been putting you between me and her all day long. She won’t stop causing trouble. If I don’t let you leave, she probably won’t let me live my life peacefully.”

Mo Xiaona sneered, “Can the two of you really be together with a clear conscience?”

“What have I done? Xiaona, enough is enough. Don’t exhaust my patience.”

“Limo, if I really jumped down from there today, would you still dare to say such things?”

Limo was silent for a while before nodding. “Fortunately, you didn’t. If something really happened to you, I would indeed have a headache.”

“Yes! So, you rushed over so quickly today. How much are you really worried about me?”

Li Mo remained silent for a while.

Mo Xiaona continued, “Or are you afraid that something will really happen to me and someone will die? And between you and Xu Qingzhi, there’s a human life between you, so you won’t be able to be together with peace of mind?”

Li Mo stared at her coldly and did not deny it.

Mo Xiaona sneered and nodded. “I did think that way back then. Limo, I really thought that I would end everything once and for all and let you feel guilty towards me for the rest of your life! You will never be able to be with Xu Qingzhi calmly, and she will never believe that the person you love has always been her! The two of you will never be able to be honest with each other…”

Her gaze was filled with madness, as if just thinking about it gave her the pleasure of revenge.

After a long silence, Li Mo’s calm voice sounded again.

“Do you need me to tell you the answer myself?”

All the expressions on Mo Xiaona’s face froze.

Li Mo nodded. “That’s right. You’re right. If anything happens to you now, it’ll be fine if it causes other negative effects.”

“However, Xu Qingzhi is causing a ruckus with me now. She has to go against me no matter what I do. She won’t believe me easily. If you really die today… I haven’t told her that I like her. Even if I tell her, she probably won’t believe me. This won’t do…”

“She loves me, so there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her minding your existence.”

“So you have to leave, Mo Xiaona. Even if you want to die, you have to die quietly outside!”

Mo Xiaona’s body trembled violently.

Li Mo’s voice was calm, but his words were as cruel as the most lethal invisible blade.

“Are you satisfied?”

Li Mo looked at Mo Xiaona coldly. “Do you think I’m a good-tempered and kind person?”


“Ten million. I’ll transfer it to your account immediately.”

As she spoke, she had already walked to the door and grabbed the handle. “Take the money and leave. If you don’t listen, don’t blame me for being rude.”

With that, he opened the door.

Feng Geng was the only one at the door. When he saw him, he hurried over.

“President Li.”

Limo scanned his surroundings. “Where is she?”

“Madam said… to check on Mr. Chu.”

Her face darkened. “Get someone to watch him closely. If anything happens, you’ll be buried with him.”

Feng Geng’s expression turned serious.


However, the only response he received was a gust of cold wind.

Li Mo had already walked out.

After checking Chu Yi’s ward, Xu Qingzhi knocked and entered.

Fortunately, he had just finished his checkup and his wound had been treated. He had yet to sleep.

Upon seeing her, Chu Yi raised an eyebrow in surprise. “He’s willing to let you out?”

Or had the two of them really broken up?

If that was the case, Limo might really be hopeless. She had provoked him time and time again, and he already knew about it. Why was it so difficult to tell him?

“Mo Xiaona just committed suicide. He came to the hospital to visit her.”

Chu Yi placed his hand on his forehead, feeling a headache.

“Forget it, forget it. The two of you should get a divorce. The two of you are so difficult to deal with! I’ve never met a man as awkward as him!”

Xu Qingzhi pursed her lips and said, “So, all these years, you didn’t mean what you said and did, right?”

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow and asked, “Do you want those to be true?”

Xu Qingzhi was a little disappointed. “I’m naturally happy that you’re thinking about me. Of course, I hope what you said is true. I’m afraid you don’t understand how vain women are.”

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